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  1. Its nice you'll be sticking around and glad you're mum is okay. Honestly I've not really been around here much myself lately, I occasionally appear and lurk and maybe post in the gaming section. Been out of touch with the furrydom in general really.
  2. A yellow spearow means you've found a Shiny version of it :3
  3. Treasure it forever and ever and call it your precious, or troll someone on wondertrade by putting a yungoose in it and give them that brief glimmer of hope they got an awesome pokemon before its face flashes on screen.
  4. Only if the pokemon it was transforming into one was Shiny itself I would imagine. It transformed into my Decidueye before I caught it and it matched the normal palette colours.
  5. So I just got my first ever shiny and I feel like there is some irony in that it happened to be a Ditto, master breeding machine.
  6. On a plus side you do get the IV training which you can use on a level 100 pokemon, so at least you can make something worthwhile out of the originals...if you can be arsed.
  7. I just ended up settling for a Naive Rowlett with a hp characteristic and so far its working relatively well. My speed is keeping up and his attack and special values are still quite decent and he can soak a bit of damage.
  8. 5300-8568-5128 and here ya go =p will add you momentarily
  9. @DrDingo @Alexxx-Returns We could always share friend codes down the line, trading is fun and battles too I guess also that weird moment DrDingo, when you have the exact same monitor and speakers as I do.... das is spoopy
  10. T____T *cries in the corner* :L
  11. I ordered it from the Nintendo UK online store, it got shipped Monday and arrived around midday Tuesday.
  12. Am I allowed to like all three equally?
  13. Finally got my copy today <3 really loving it so far. My current team at the moment is Dartrix Butterfree Trumbeak Pichu Growlithe Abra I really want to try and find a cutiefly if i can though
  14. I've always had a bit of an obsession with Bears, Wolves and Owls. Bears, I've always loved stuffed animals. Teddy Bears being the favourite, still have one I got as a present from my grandmother. I identify as a bear build / lgbt wise, so that probably counts somewhere... :L Wolves I've just always found really fascinating and interesting animals.I'm a natural dog person as well so that kind of connects. As for Owls, I got that obsession from my mum >__> The amount of figurines and owl plushes she owns is mind boggling
  15. I didn't think there was anyone else out there who likes Coke Zero #CokeZeroFan ....granted I like Pepsi Max as well >__> <__< I've always been curious as to what mexican coke is like but I don't believe thats something you can get in the UK
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