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  1. Inktober #26, the end is in sight!I'm also not the best at drawing bones just yet, but I still like how this one turned out. Very spoopy, much skeleton.
  2. I get where you're coming from. It's especially disheartening when you do try to advertise as much as you can, put your art out there and create a steady stream of art.... only to get feedback only when you're offering freebies. Like. Hell, I know my commissions may not be the cheapest ones around, but even when I offer tiered auctions, I don't get many replies either. And if you ask for feedback, you either get replies that say "Do it for free", or you get a deafening silence. And it's discouraging. So, tl;dr: I get it and wish I knew a solution.
  3. The same thing happened to me. I found the perfect shade of burgundy-red that was affordable. Right when I was close to finishing it, I wanted to buy a back-up. mfw I saw it got discontinued. Same goes for this perfume they sold at The Body Shop, which was a summer LE-scent and smelled amazing. I should've bought more of it. All of it, really. :cc
  4. Also, have a quick pixel-gecko. c:
  5. "Hi, I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?" Inktober #18! The hand could definitely have gone better, but such is life with ink-drawings. If it's on the paper, it's there to stay.
  6. Yesterday's Inktober was small and not that good because I was busy, tired and sick-ish, so while it's up on Instagram, I don't really feel like posting it here. Today's Inktober, however...
  7. "Blessed art thou amongst drinks, and blessed is the fruit of thy tree, the coffeebean." Inktober #15!
  8. I started inktober and I ain't quitting! And thank you, Hewge! You're a Hewge motivation!
  9. Eep, thank you so much Moogle! <3 And no worries! I used a regular white pencil for these because I stil haven't found a good, portable white ink that isn't gouache or requires a dip-pen, haha. And I have been considering it, yep! Especially because I'm starting to like my traditional inks more than my digital ones.
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