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  1. i'm aware of using padding, but when you've got super large feet and you want to try achieving a proper small paw look, it's pretty impossible without the high heel method... personally i just don't like the way "foot paws" look cuz its more essentially a human foot with paw toes
  2. 97% turbulent identity and 94% introverted mind lmfao.......
  3. i dont understand political terms @_@
  4. i dont understand how fursuiters can go whole cons wearing digitigrade feet based on high heels... that would HURT! i used to wear heels at high school for certain spirit days but even so i was sitting most the time, and i still came home to sore feet. someone teach me in your ways lol (on the other hand tho i reaaaally love digitigrade fursuit feet and my feet are huge so i wouldnt want them to look goofy and big in a fursuit so if i ever suit one day... ill probably give in lol ;;)
  5. no no no, not live music. i'm talking about love live which is a rhythm game phone app
  6. unpopular opinion love live music is actually good even tho its the devils game
  7. ........im gonna be predictable and say pokemon i just wanna travel the world with my best pokepals!!!
  8. im the same, op, if i even bump into people it just feels like sensory overload to me i dont go to cons for this reason (and cuz of money :'3c...) but if i ever did, i think id probably take a permanent sign that says "dont touch me" along LOL...
  9. i chose red panda/genet mix cuz theyre two of my favourite animals... when i first found out genets existed i was like 6 or 7 and ive loved em ever since and always wanted one as a pet (tho i dont think thats realistic lol). red pandas are so silly and cute and i love em too!
  10. this suit is by yui-chan on twitter. i love their suiting style~!
  11. depending on the content you want, i may be able to draw you a piece! my commissions page is here with pricing and examples http://quagmath.tumblr.com/commissions if you're interested, you can shoot me an e-mail at quagmath (at) gmail.com and i can show you some of my past nsfw artwork
  12. quagmath


    remaking from my old furaffinity forums account loll wassupp.... i draw mostly u can see my art in my sig
  13. ill draw anything you want, any number of characters, any backdrop, for a fixed price of $15usd! do note that the more detail you add the lower quality it will be, however. if you want r-18 works, please expect a negotiation and possible denial of your request as i only do certain themes i'm comfortable with! don't be afraid to ask, though my style consists of sketchy lines, flat colours, and painterly shading. these examples don't show landscape backgrounds, but if you want one, be sure to include that in your request since they're covered by the price! if you're interested, e-mail me at quagmath@gmail.com, or drop me a note at mqqm.deviantart.com . i check my e-mail more frequently, however. my paypal account is quagmath@gmail.com. any questions, you can e-mail me or reply to the thread here! ^__^
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