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  1. They've said before that if you don't get the skins you want, they're unlocked for you to try again next year. So I expect in a month or so we'll be able to try to get Summer Games skins again, and I'll get another crack at Mercy's Swiss flag skin.
  2. Anyone here have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? I want to hit the mean streets of the Mushroom Kingdom for my next big score, but I need to get a crew together.
  3. I finally got a frickin' bitchin' Switch. It's coming in tomorrow. Just in time for finals! But I will show restraint. ...Hopefully.
  4. SWAT 4 is a really good game. I can excuse the AI considering the game's over 10 years now and the premise was something really cool (and when they do what you tell them to, it works out fine). I wish I knew of another game like it. The music is really good. I always love games with dynamic soundtracks.
  5. I played a bit of Final Fantasy XV over Spring Break. I love this theme so much. I share Prompto's enthusiasm for chocobos.
  6. From now on, I'm only smiling for pictures if someone buys me ice cream beforehand. I'll surely get more ice cream that way. i
  7. That video made me actually, physically cringe. I've never seen a strawman beaten so mercilessly- the comic, ironically, made less of a deal about Tracer being gay than this video or the fanbase in general did. But hey, it's "comedy" so it's untouchable by criticism, right?
  8. ^exactly this, pronouns can't give consent. treat the parts of speech like the lovely little things they/he/she are/is
  9. Teachers erasing the board before you're done writing.
  10. I remember this! Makes me want to play more Symmetra.
  11. Yeah, I got diamond last season and this season it placed me in high plat-- within 100 points of diamond. I can confirm that the placement matches are pretty much just a tradition rather than something that achieves a purpose.
  12. He got the special edition. It has a lot of things in there that are not game cartridges. On another note, I'm surprised nobody seems to be complaining about the Joy-Cons-- I have huge hands and it looks like it would give me pain to hold one on its own. They must be more comfortable than they look. I can't wait to see for myself.
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