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  1. I'm still baffled this site is still even up to be honest, I guess whoever's hosting just forgot they were paying for the site or something.
  2. Every time I go on Twitter I want to slam my head into my desk repeatedly, but it also has good memes on occasion so...
  3. Dab Double posting cuz haha fuck you forum is dead but I think Rassah got the last laugh on all of us as far as bitcoins go, dude was advocating for them for years. He must be in the money at this point.
  4. I dont really speak to anyone from this forum anymore, hell I wasnt massively involved in the community when it was alive, but I get a lot of nostalgia coming back to this place. I remember the late nights back in like 2015 just spending hours lurking through some of the stupid ass conversations going on or reading through the comic thread and trying to contribute despite my god awful drawing skills which have still not improved
  5. Started university which was good and discovered I love whisky more than I reasonably should along with a brief DnD addiction which I quickly got over after I realised most the DMs at my university are kind of dicks so I've got a more casual game going on online with some of my friends from college. After that point the plague started so I've been stuck inside for the past year or so- on and off fitness shit, still got my job and my desire to drink whisky has only grown as the world seems to be somehow getting stupider. So all in all not as bad as it could be Also I'm taking after Rassah (was that his name I cant even remember) and started investing some cash into stocks 'n shit.
  6. Yeah I'd kind of like a link to any discord people moved to instead of using Phoenix if there actually is one.
  7. CrazyTundraWolf


    I'm pretty sure most of FAF left because Dragoneer was/is a garbage site host and he'd started messing with the Forums not over some fascist garbage. Like genuinely I'm pretty sure the furthest right any body on that play got was some bitcoin libertarian unless I'm forgetting somebody. Which I probably am because I wasnt super active on FAF. Actually I wasnt really that active here but I kind of have nostalgia for this community so I pop back in occassionally.
  8. CrazyTundraWolf


    To be fair what else do you expect from furries :V
  9. CrazyTundraWolf


    It's pretty dead here tbh, most people left to use discord communities or twitters from what I know dont ask me what servers or for their Twitters I dont know myself but theres still a little bit of activity here occasionally in the general chat thread. Also yeah anybody that said their were Nazis here is a fucking moron but yeah welcome hope you enjoy your stay regardless of how brief it is.
  10. As a Brit I fully endorse America having a weak president who struggles to remember what they had for breakfast yesterday so we may begin our long prepared for plan to retake the colonies.
  11. Honestly if I was an America I'd probably be planning to start a shotgun tasting business around now.
  12. Lol London protests been going for like two days and fightings already started fml https://twitter.com/JohnRule18/status/1268256594665648129
  13. So how about those riots? Anyone got any hot takes?
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