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  1. Big old F for this place, pop back in occasionally out of nostalgia in the vain hope it returns. I could migrate to twitter like everyone else apparently did but fuck that.
  2. I will praise any brave soul that tries to get this thread back on it's feet.
  3. Just got my GCSE results and turns out I managed to pass everything! Somehow got an A in chemistry which has baffled me but I'm not gonna complain.
  4. The fact I'm sitting here at 2am listening to random songs on YouTube. I'm not sure if this is a habit I want to pick up because on one hand I love me some random music but on the other I need sleep.
  5. Walking over 3 drains is bad luck, I believed this thing for years when I was younger and even nowadays I feel uncomfortable walking over them. Favourite subject in school (and why maybe?)
  6. Out comes a mountain flower and some dragonthorn (hope I got the right game) In goes a fancy tophat
  7. Addicted to Elder Scrolls Online at the present moment. I don't care that everyone I know seems to think this game is trash, the PvP is the most fun I've had in an MMO since..well the only other MMO I've played was WoW on the free month but still, game's a ton of fun.
  8. Burning magnesium on a Bunsen burner. Not a complicated experiment or anything, I just like the light it makes. What's your favourite way to kill time?
  9. Granted, every night you are chased through the woods by a person in a full fur suit wielding a baseball bat. I wish I could fly at will
  10. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=EoFl5IYJOzc
  11. I'm finally on study leave so I'm not being drowned in revision homework anymore so I can revise in my own time, I might actually use these forums again! For a few months until I start my A-levels and I lose the will to do anything again.
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