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  1. Shower Thoughts

    Same reason that the words 'Awful' and 'Awesome' are opposites, even though they have the same linguistic root.
  2. The statement was a hypothetical and therefore cannot be rendered false.
  3. Incidentally, THIS is the operative phrase. Note that it implies that there are not enough people. Yes, I suppose the other phrase might be considered tautologous as a result, however I think this is allowable as stylistic.
  4. And I'll leave the ad hominem attacks to you, since you're so fond of them
  5. You Americans have some funny regulations. I don't have a university degree and I'm a full-time software engineer working with big multinational companies. What people need in this industry isn't a fancy piece of paper, it's experience. That's the golden ticket over here. I got my job based on a silly little application I built for my own amusement. That, and specialisation. Find an area of the market you want to work in that's currently understaffed and make yourself competent enough to pass muster. If there aren't enough experienced uni graduates to go around, sooner or later someone will take a chance on a talented amateur. It was mobile phone programming that did it for me. Two years after the iPhone launched, everybody wanted one but there weren't any to be found. ...and statistics can be very hard if you're doing it right. It's easy to make statistics dance to a tune you have in your head, you can make them say anything. What's difficult is finding out what they really mean, and that means not only putting aside unconscious bias but also taking into account the environment in which they exist, all the potential contributory factors, all the data that might be missing... and that's before you've even pick up a calculator. - F
  6. Yeah, that's totally true, sadly That's kinda why I love KickStarter. Won't help this situation, but it's great in others..
  7. Yeah you're right, Apple and Samsung don't have enough money or reputation compared to the commercial might and far-reaching insight of Texas Instruments
  8. Permit the phone app outside of the exams, distribute standardised calculators to all desks during the examination so that all participants have a level playing field.
  9. As a professional iPhone developer, I can categorically state that yes, it definitely could, and probably to a greater degree of accuracy if necessary. - F
  10. Nah, it's just a self-fulfilling prophecy isn't it? You need a TI calculator for the course, therefore everyone on the course has to buy a TI calculator. No matter how old the design gets, and no matter how many better calculators there are, there will always be a market for TI calculators. This will continue until someone breaks the cycle by changing the course requirements, and since that probably requires action at the top of the pile, in the policy setting department, it ain't likely to happen quick. TI aren't going to stop making a model that sells. In the UK, the specification is usually for a 'scientific calculator with a graphing function' - Texas Instruments make most of the recommended models, but you're not restricted to that model and there are lots of cheaper variations. I fondly remember teaching mine to play noughts and crosses when I was bored waiting for the end of a mathematics exam. - F
  11. Shower Thoughts

    Spiderman, spiderman, Does whatever a spider can, Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves, just like flies... ...injects them with a digestive enzyme that turns their insides to soup, then sucks out their guts.
  12. Things That You Don't Understand!

    Ok guys, so... Cultural Appropriation. I mean yes, I get it, this can be bad - like if Martin Luther was depicted as a white guy in a movie, and I get that it's bad taste these days to put on blackface makeup. But there again.... I see comments about young white girls dressing up as Moana being 'racist' because of cultural appropriation - I mean they're SIX for goodness' sake. On odd occasions, I'm accused of being racist for wearing an African Dashiki (which my Ghanaian girlfriend bought for me!) And there again, isn't segregation and apartheid a bad thing? Al Jolson put on blackface makeup to show solidarity with black performers who were marginalised on the stage, and was an active campaigner for inclusionism. It's not something you'd do today, but in context it makes sense. I'd have thought that honest emulation would be a sign of respect, if it's not done in a spirit of mockery. The more different cultures understand each other, the better they'll get along, so why must we be discouraged from getting involved in cultural exchange? It's not enough to invoke the word 'Colonialism' for me. I'm a xenophile, I love foreign cultures, customs and legends. I'd just like to know that I could, for example, learn to perform a Maori-style Haka without being accused of a hate crime.
  13. Shower Thoughts

    I just got an email with the title 'Trump Talks Interest', and I thought: 'Oh no they don't!' -F
  14. RIP Steven Hawking

    Stephen Hawking died today, more than 50 years after his doctor said he would, on Pi Day (3.14) 2018, Einstein's Birthday, having increased the sum total of human knowledge by an extraordinary amount despite massive personal difficulties. I'd call that dialing up the difficulty on the Game of Life to 'Extreme' and winning in spectacular fashion. Spectacular work, that man.
  15. Dude, calm down, you're going over the top and it's damaging your argument.