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  1. Ahh, alas I do not have a video of my own favourite WTF Monster Hunter moment, but I can describe it. I was facing off against a Tobi-Kadachi, fairly early in the game, using the lance. I'd whittled its health down and was facing off against it in its nest. I reckoned I'd finish it off with the cool spear charge attack, so I ran at it from one side of the nest to the other. Would have been great, if it hadn't dodged. I go barrelling straight past it... and without me quite knowing how I did it, my character runs straight up the side of a tree, kicks off, lands on the monster's back and stabs it to death.
  2. I usually call then Basil Juice, and picture in my mind Basil Fawlty thrashing his car. It helps deal with the P-A-N-I-C
  3. Looks a bit like a Bazelgeuse...
  4. Nope, they won't tell me what the associated email account is and I can't remember what it is, assuming the account hasn't been hacked, but they WILL tell me that someone logged into it recently - which wasn't me, and another reason I think it's been hacked. It could just be that it was against a very, very old email account that I simply don't use any more, but I've tried all the ones I can remember.
  5. Think yourself lucky, I think someone's stolen my FA account. I've tried resetting with every email address I can ever remember using in my life, and not one of them matches it.
  6. I take the general view that something that would be disturbing in real life should look disturbing on paper.
  7. Faust


    I've played a few, started around Yakuza 3 but skipped the remakes and that awful one with the zombies in. Haven't played Song of Life, mostly because you only get one character to play with and I play the games more for their variety than anything else. I think my favourite was Yakuza 5? I think that was the right one, the stories all blend into one in my memory and I mostly remember them by which ones had the most interesting mini games. Anyway, it was the one where you get two main characters, one of whom is the manager of one of those weird cabaret bars. I loved the fact they'd managed to turn the really creepy hostess-bar mini game from the previous game into something marginally less creepy, and infinitely more playable. I loved that mini game more than the main game I think! -F
  8. What a terrible night to have a curse... Whatever you do, don't let him kneel down in the corner for too long!
  9. When you say "I drink like a fish", shouldn't that mean "I suck it in through my mouth then blow it out again through a hole in my neck"
  10. Video games. At the moment, No Man's Sky. I know the storyline is arthouse-weird-sci-fi, the game is buggy, a lot of the concepts make no sense at all, the big reveal is a massive cop-out and the combat system is vestigial at best, but there's something about the game that just relaxes me. I don't feel under any pressure to get anything done at all, I can just explore the galaxy on my own terms. Other past favourites of a similar nature have included Minecraft and its various clones, and Elite. What's your favourite pattern?
  11. Doing stuff is how we learn to do it better. Write the story anyway, but start small - share it only with people you can trust to be a) interested and b) constructive in their criticism. And be resigned to the fact that some people will always think it's cringeworthy to write fan-fiction, especially with OCs. Side-thought: does she even need to be an insert for the Tekken universe? It's not like Tekken has a sane and rational plot. You could make your own universe.
  12. Faust

    Work Woes

    Sounds like you have a lot of spiteful dicks around there. Maybe there's a missing book of the bible going around.... "Dickteronomy 4:28 - 'and lo, god didst see a lot of people doing things that made him bumhurt, and yeah, though it didst haveth not a bushel of pilchards to do with him, and neither nor didst it harm him nor his faithful, yet he did wax wroth most full mightily, and told all his people to act like they had brooms up their arses in revenge. And there was a groaning and a gnashing of teeth and people rent their clothes, only not so much as they'd show their nipples or god would be bumhurt again.'"
  13. I really need to play that again. Last time I tried, my PC was so crap it couldn't take the graphics.
  14. Why buy anything? To support the creators! Tiddies need support! Of course some deserve support more than others.
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