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  1. What about cats? They hide under a bush for two hours carefully watching the road, then suddenly dash straight across it as fast as they can whether anything is coming or not!
  2. In games that permit you to customise your character, I always play a female character first. If possible they will also be non-human. I tend to pick the options that give me the prettiest armour set. I always feel like being a bad guy would be the most fun, but I end up being the nice guy anyway. If I'm told by an NPC that a mission is really important, and has to be done RIGHT AWAY or someone might DIE, I generally procrastinate over starting that quest as much as possible to see if they're telling the truth. I rarely play online multiplayer, but when I do, I refuse to talk to other players with VOIP. There is a small reason for this in that US games tend to group players based on whether they are in America (80% English, 15% Spanish, 5% other) or Europe (13% English, 18% German, 12% French, 57% some other language I don't even speak a single word of). Honestly, wouldn't it make more sense to segregate your servers by dominant language? Yes, I KNOW closer servers are going to be faster but surely they could be sectioned?
  3. "The only time a man should be inside an animal is when he has failed to eat it first!" - Fangbone
  4. Especially since the hero image for that video featured an enormous horse willy.
  5. I believe the term is 'Imago' Also welcome. I likee da insects.
  6. 'You're So Cute I Wanna Wear You Like a Suit' suddenly becomes a very creepy song when it's being sung by Buffalo Bill.
  7. Granted, but the definition of 'better' is given by a super-strict Islamic Imam, so the Internet now contains nothing but a plain text version of the Koran and a recording of a Muezzin calling the faithful to prayer goes off very loudly in your earhole every morning at daybreak. (If this offends any super-strict Muslims, I can only say: what are you doing looking at this sinful page in the first place?!) I wish I was immune to fatwahs.
  8. Granted! It is, however, entirely unwarranted. I wish to be the most awesomest player on Destiny 2
  9. Always good to have more artists around! ...except I can never afford to commission anything
  10. Sorry but I'm not into big or pronounced fonts.
  11. Totally agree there, I like a little chub sometimes, it's good to have variety. This comment though did just prompt me to look up the origin of 'Bara' and I was quite charmed to discover that, although it derives from a contraction of 'Barazoku', a Japanese gay comic company, the contracted form actually means 'Rose'. Isn't that lovely?
  12. Disclaimer: I will probably never, ever get around to this, but that said... I've been pondering the process for making a fursuit head, specifically one with a rigid or semi-rigid frame to support articulated jaws, but I have no idea how one would go about such a thing, what materials you'd need, or even where you'd get them from in the UK (a country that seems to be irritatingly short of places selling raw materials for hobby crafts beyond paper and glitter.) Anyone got any thoughts, tutorials or suchlike on the subject?
  13. Hope you didn't cover it in rainbow-coloured fur!
  14. I think chunkier folks can be attractive, but there's a limit. For me, that limit is a long time before the point where they start needing a belly wheel.