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  1. Artist gripes

    Just say "Of course, Comrade! It is so good to be living in this communist utopia, so far away from those bourgeois capitalists and their 'money'. Why, I am so glad that I do not have to worry about paying 'bills' and eating 'food' and can just sit here all day, drawing pictures for whiny, talentless idiots." Or there's always "Tell you what, I'll draw your pictures free for you the next time I polish my helicopter!" Or "I'm sorry I don't have time, but the butler's on holiday and I have to open my own champagne!" Or just "Suck it up Poindexter, I ain't yo' slave."
  2. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    Assume? I'm going by pretty solid evidence
  3. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    Zara, your arguments will carry more weight if you stop throwing around Ad Hominem attacks.
  4. Thoughts on gay cake case in front of SCOTUS

    He minced - geddit?
  5. Thoughts on gay cake case in front of SCOTUS

    I've got a better idea, let's just get the entirety of Leviticus declared non-canonical. It causes way too many problems. Most of the other commandments in that particular book are ignored anyway. Perhaps we should demand that if anyone wants to deny rights to homosexuals on religious grounds, then they must also: 1) Offer burnt sacrifices, wine and drink sacrifices and additional sacrifices as and when required - twice daily in several cases. 2) Pour blood over their altars (YES, that's a commandment). 3) Stop eating pork (and all the other 'unclean' meats) 4) Menstrual women should purify themselves afterwards with the ashes of a red heifer. 5) Offer regular tithes to the church. 6) Physically destroy rival religions and the nations that practice them and wipe them from the record of history. 7) Let homeless people eat from your vineyards and drink from your water barrels. 8) Be circumcised (if male) 9) Refrain from tattoos, destroying fruit trees, and swearing. 10) All the other 600+ commandments. ... I am not making these up, though yes - as with any religious text - they are open to interpretation.
  6. Shower Thoughts

    Hitler's first book was called 'Mein Kampf', which is 'My Struggle' in German. If he'd lived to write another one, maybe it would be called 'Mein Kraft', which is 'My Strength' in German. But then Mojang might have sued him.

    Merry Christmas! Pretty average Crimbo here, mostly got clothes and sweets, but I generally judge a successful christmas based on how much other people like what I get for them, and they seemed to be fairly happy this year... kinda hard to tell if they're just being polite though! And thanks, @Fossa, Merry Christmas to you too!
  8. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    That happened to a friend of mine once, at a university meet-up in Cambridge. I said I'd help sort it out, so we were walking up and down the student accommodation campus looking for a piece of wire or a wire coat hanger to jimmy the door with. Completely randomly we met a young couple, apparently totally naked, sitting under a duvet on a public bench at the side of the road. So, naturally, we asked them 'Do you have a coat hanger?' - feeling a bit daft because why would naked people have clothes hangers? They said 'There's one.' My friend thought they were pulling our legs, but no. Completely, bizarrely and randomly there was an old-fashioned wire coat hanger just lying there on the pavement not five metres away. So we said thanks and went and broke into his car. It is possibly the most surreal experience I have ever had.
  9. guise i want a pet

    No, but BIRDS are! Get a budgie! Certain species are so incredibly hardy and can regenerate right the way back up to a full worm from only 1/256th part!
  10. guise i want a pet

    Not actually such a bad idea. My father kept Giant African Land Snails for many years. They have a good, long lifespan, are fairly easy and cheap to keep, and are pretty interesting too. Ok you don't want to stroke or cuddle them much, but all you really need is a fair-sized aquarium, some soil and non-toxic foliage, a heating pad if you live somewhere cold (though they can hibernate) and lots of sweet, sweet lettuce. And if you have two, you can breed them and you don't even need to get them sexed first as they're hermaphrodite. Alternatively, get a tiger. Your granny won't like it, but it'll soon eat her so... problem solved!
  11. I'm literally fucking depressed right now...

    Your fingers are going to wear out with the typing if you keep on visiting Furry forums then I don't think any of those things are a direct result of Net Neutrality.
  12. I'm literally fucking depressed right now...

    In defence of the OP, just because worse things are happening doesn't mean that bad things should be overlooked. For example, there are wars all over the world, so let's not arrest any burglars eh? Worse things happen!
  13. I'm literally fucking depressed right now...

    And soon, you probably won't even be allowed to know about it either. Yay, freedom!
  14. What crazy job would you rather do?

    Ruling out anything filthy and not-work-safe, I reckon I'd like to make sculptures for public displays. I'd make weird moving ones like the Strandebeeste, I reckon.
  15. My Favorite!

    I'm not a big fan of any form of dance, so I'd have to go with the Haka. Not specifically 'Kama Te' as performed by the New Zealand All Blacks, but Haka in general, as performed by many different Polynesian peoples. There's just so much passion in it. What's your favourite cloud formation? If you're not sure, check out the International Cloud Atlas: https://cloudatlas.wmo.int/home.html