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  1. Artist gripes

    It might deter some of them at least. *shrug* it's worth a shot.
  2. Artist gripes

    Usually I just block them. I used to reply to them directly but I no longer have the interest in starting an argument with these entitled shits or the people who come to their defense. if it gets particularly bad I turn anon off for awhile. That usually stops it. The hilarious part is that these messages started appearing after I told another Anon that won't do ships involving real people. I had just posted a list of art I won't make and apparently some people found it to be an unreasonable list and a few of them pointed out specifically "Celebs/real people" and "Shipping minors with adults." "Hardcore NSFW is out. I try to keep the content on this blog pg-pg13ish Anything related to an anime is out. Ships featuring underage characters with adult characters. Out Ships I don’t care for like “Kylo Ren x Rey” are out. I will let you know if your suggestion falls into that category. Anything that sexualizes minors. Out Ships involving celebrities or any real people. Out Art that involves an excessive amount of teal. I know that one is weird but I find teal to be not just an unpleasant color, but an unpleasant experience. " Everyone is strangely ok with teal being on the list tho. That's the one I would totally give them for finding unreasonable but no. Adults with minors and real people, that's what they're dying to get art of. I got an anon trying to tell me why student age Harry Potter x Snape isn't unhealthy and should be considered an exception.
  3. Artist gripes

    Just blowing off some steam, not anything major. As a hobby I make art and while it's not amazing art, I do get requests and have watchers on Deviant Art, Tumblr, and FA. Things usually go pretty smoothly but every now and then I'll get messages demanding certain types of content. When these messages come in the form of a legitimate request I don't find them too troublesome, I tend to just politely decline and go about my business. But then there's this: Among other messages off the same type. "Please, sir, I'm but a poor, broke, mentally ill person and I want to see art of my m/m Harry Potter ocs. I want it a lot and it would be really nice of you to just give it too me!" "Artists should make things for free because art should be available to everyone!!!" "Gimme free shit because that's what Jesus would do!" Gets on my damn nerves >8[
  4. Thoughts on gay cake case in front of SCOTUS

    I think this is a case where the context really matters. The entire United States is covered by the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination by privately owned places of public accommodation on the basis of ethnicity, nationality or religion and I think sexual orientation and gender expression need to be added to this list. However, there is a difference between a bakery saying "We don't sell to gays at all" vs "We don't make x kind of wedding cake here." if someone owns a private business I think they should maintain the right to say the latter, but not the former. Which is to say that they should maintain the right to decide specifically what products and themes they choose to make/sell. I don't see the benefit in forcing a Christian establishment to make a wedding cake for non-Christian weddings. I would also say that if the establishment were Jewish, Muslim, or otherwise then it would be unethical to force them to make cakes for Christian weddings. If an establishment specifically made LG wedding cakes I would not want a law forcing them to cater to straight weddings. Their business, their money. Realistically speaking, I don't see why you would refuse to make anybody a wedding cake. You could make a very generic cake and have the couple buy their own topper separately, but allowing businesses to have some level of freedom means that a few of them will use that freedom to be assholes. As long as they can only be assholes on a private level I don't really care too much.
  5. Toxic Victim Mentalities

    Yes, I wasn't trying to imply that they can't. Though I don't always require romance in a partnership. To clarify, most of my het relationships have treated the two like they were separate entities. Friendship is what you have with your buddies and romance is what you have with your SO. My queer relationships have been a lot more chill though they felt less conventionally "romantic". There was no emphasis on anniversaries, dating norms, gender roles and other things I had assumed didn't actually matter but mattered a lot to my straight partners.
  6. Toxic Victim Mentalities

    I 100% agree with all of this. Tbh I don't really do monogamy anymore, it hasn't really worked for me in years. I've never cheated on anyone but every serious monogamous relationship I was in seemed to have these ridiculous rules. No porn, no looking at other people, I'm pansexual so every friend of any gender was treated like a potential threat. It never lasted long because I put no value on sex beyond being a basic need like food. It's completely separate from my emotional or romantic interests and I don't even feel sexual attraction in a conventional kind of way. It's more, meet someone, really get to know and like them, attraction blooms. But my partners always seemed obsessed with sex, not so much in having it, but in sexual availability and sexual attraction. Like their whole sense of value revolved around how bangable they were. And if I'm totally honest I value friendship over romance. I would rather spend the rest of my life with my best friend than any romantic partner I've ever had. I mean, the initial romantic feelings tend to die off with time and if you're not left with a deep bond after that what do you have? Most of my life takes place outside of the bedroom and I don't like a relationship to revolve around sex and attraction. I feel like those two elements are always over emphasized in conventional romance. Romantic love in general is hyped as the ultimate life goal and I think that perception has legitimately wrecked some people of their ability to function without a partner.
  7. Toxic Victim Mentalities

    One I see a lot and have even been on the receiving end of a couple of time is the "testing your partner" thing that some people, usually women, like to do. Specifically, they send you a pic, ask if x is attractive, and you just KNOW it's a trap. On the surface this seems kind of trival, even something to joke about or dismiss as a dumb girlfriend thing. But honestly, it sends off a red flag for me. Because it's always a symptom of a much bigger issue. For one, you're being set up to fail. You can say "sure, that person is attractive" and this leads to yelling, crushed feelings and jealousy. If you go the other way and deny that X is attractive you're just going to get called a liar. From some types of people "Is this person attractive" is not a real question, it's a way to instigate drama. It's a way to manufacture a situation that lets them be the victim while you are the victimizer. They are looking to be upset and they are hoping that they'll get reassurances and apologies. In my experience giving in to that and giving them what they want always leads to them doing it more often, until they're asking more than you can ever give them. Because it's never enough, it never ends and ultimately you're just feeding a monster. I find the general desire to be a victim in any scenario kind of unhealthy. Because to make that a reality you have to make someone else an abuser. Even if the other party did nothing unreasonable, these people find ways to spin a situation so that they always come out as the hurt party. One ex managed to try and turn my breaking up with them into an abuser/victim scenario. She always made me feel like she was settling, like she thought she was too unattractive to get the kind of person she really wanted so being with me was a better alternative than being alone. I heard "I'm terrified of being alone" way more often than "I love you" or "I like being with you." So after being in that dynamic started killing my confidence and straining my ability to find any kind of joy in the relationship I called it quits. She tried to guilt me into staying, implying that it was morally irresponsible of me to leave. When I wasn't swayed she switched tactics and got mean, accusing me of forcing her to repress her emotions and pretend to be something she wasn't to win my affection. It almost worked to, she had me wondering if I was the toxic person in this relationship. But feeling guilty and questioning myself isn't something that will ever motivate me to stay with someone. I always assumed that with time and new relationships I'd eventually forget about all the past bullshit but I can't help feeling wary whenever anyone tells me they're afraid of being alone. Fear of loneliness is valid. I don't think it's inherently an unreasonable fear, but now I find myself wondering, when people say that they are afraid to be alone, if it's an admission that their fear outweighs their genuine desire to be with me and I find myself feeling the urge to start running before I end up trapped. I expect everyone to have insecurities but some people like to have those insecurities fed and it doesn't take long before they start to leech you of all your time, energy and mental wellness. Idk what the real point of this thread is, just to vent I guess? Anyway, feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts.
  8. guise i want a pet

    Skink is cooler IMO.
  9. guise i want a pet

    I'd go with a blue tongued skink or a leopard gecko. Crested gecko is also a reasonable option.
  10. Things That You Don't Understand!

    In the same vein, how someone who is not dysphoric, has no desire to transition and is comfortable using the pronoun assigned to their birth sex feel like they belong in the transgender community because they "reject gender roles". Do they not realize that's a little insulting? Gender identity isn't about roles. You're not trans because you're a girl who hates wearing dresses.
  11. I don't think it's a bad idea. Idk how much I'd use it since I don't really "Dislike" so much as "Disagree" with posts. If I'm not feeling what someone is saying I'll either stay out of the thread or post an argument. But even if I don't use it, it still seems like a feature that might be nice to have.
  12. Things That You Don't Understand!

    Parents who brush off their child's swearing as "He doesn't understand what it means," Like, you told him that grownups don't have to follow rules and he just looked you dead in the eye, with all the spite he could muster on his tiny child face, and said "That's bullshit!" I think he understands what he said pretty perfectly.
  13. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    And honestly, I've met plenty of autistic spectrum people who were no problem to work with. Maybe every now and then they got anxious or felt overwhelmed, maybe they didn't always pick up when someone was being sarcastic or they had trouble doing something without someone to walk them through it. None of that is a big deal, none of it ever got in the way, and the people were always self-aware enough to know that they needed some help and they weren't jackasses to the people giving them a hand. Those people are 100% ok. I've never considered them to be a burden and it didn't kill me to give them a little more of my time and attention. Basically. People handle him with kid gloves and praise him for being able to do mundane shit. Soon as he drops the A word everyone's attitude towards him changes to be more accommodating. That's how he even ended up at this job in the first place, someone did him a favor and got him in. He is universally resented, even by people who started off trying to help him out.
  14. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    Meh, I'm not too proud to do this job, in this town work is work and there are way worse places to end up. The environment is nice, it's busy so I'm never stuck doing nothing and since I'm an administrative assistant I spend most of my time on the computer, behind the counter in front, or in the back office. I never have to bust my ass in the warehouse unless we're short staffed. Unfortunately I end up having to drop what I'm doing to help this guy out when they pull him out of the warehouse and try to put him at the register.
  15. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    Right now he's employed part time at a small business that sells seasonal decorations. He typically works in the warehouse moving boxes and unloading trucks but sometimes they try to get him to work the phones and the storefront. Before working here he worked at Subway that let him go after his trial period was up. Yup. He's that type who equates autism with eccentricity and genius. He flat refuses to consider that it's a disorder that affects his ability to function on a normal level. He can't keep track of orders or organize the inventory. He thought this job was going to be more creative but a lot of it is just cataloging and record keeping. Customer A ordered 5 packs of velvet bows, check the back to see if we have any in stock, if not, have one of the owners order more shipped to the store. Have a basic idea of how popular an item is and try to keep track of what we run out of and what we tend to have left over. Occasionally when a customer buys an item tell them about certain deals or show them related items. Basic stuff, most of which, he cannot do without being overwhelmed and needing someone else to come and help him figure out how to get from step one to step two. He resents working stock but it's all he can handle.