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  1. Things That You Don't Understand!

    Parents who brush off their child's swearing as "He doesn't understand what it means," Like, you told him that grownups don't have to follow rules and he just looked you dead in the eye, with all the spite he could muster on his tiny child face, and said "That's bullshit!" I think he understands what he said pretty perfectly.
  2. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    And honestly, I've met plenty of autistic spectrum people who were no problem to work with. Maybe every now and then they got anxious or felt overwhelmed, maybe they didn't always pick up when someone was being sarcastic or they had trouble doing something without someone to walk them through it. None of that is a big deal, none of it ever got in the way, and the people were always self-aware enough to know that they needed some help and they weren't jackasses to the people giving them a hand. Those people are 100% ok. I've never considered them to be a burden and it didn't kill me to give them a little more of my time and attention. Basically. People handle him with kid gloves and praise him for being able to do mundane shit. Soon as he drops the A word everyone's attitude towards him changes to be more accommodating. That's how he even ended up at this job in the first place, someone did him a favor and got him in. He is universally resented, even by people who started off trying to help him out.
  3. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    Meh, I'm not too proud to do this job, in this town work is work and there are way worse places to end up. The environment is nice, it's busy so I'm never stuck doing nothing and since I'm an administrative assistant I spend most of my time on the computer, behind the counter in front, or in the back office. I never have to bust my ass in the warehouse unless we're short staffed. Unfortunately I end up having to drop what I'm doing to help this guy out when they pull him out of the warehouse and try to put him at the register.
  4. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    Right now he's employed part time at a small business that sells seasonal decorations. He typically works in the warehouse moving boxes and unloading trucks but sometimes they try to get him to work the phones and the storefront. Before working here he worked at Subway that let him go after his trial period was up. Yup. He's that type who equates autism with eccentricity and genius. He flat refuses to consider that it's a disorder that affects his ability to function on a normal level. He can't keep track of orders or organize the inventory. He thought this job was going to be more creative but a lot of it is just cataloging and record keeping. Customer A ordered 5 packs of velvet bows, check the back to see if we have any in stock, if not, have one of the owners order more shipped to the store. Have a basic idea of how popular an item is and try to keep track of what we run out of and what we tend to have left over. Occasionally when a customer buys an item tell them about certain deals or show them related items. Basic stuff, most of which, he cannot do without being overwhelmed and needing someone else to come and help him figure out how to get from step one to step two. He resents working stock but it's all he can handle.
  5. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    He is allegedly a gifted writer (he's never published anything and never shown anyone any writing he's done.) and he's good at memorizing random trivia. Also when anyone brings up any kind of video game he likes to chime in with how he only plays on hard mode because it's the only thing that comes close to challenging his skills. He occasionally tries to make deductions about people but he's not good at it. I had absently put one of my sister's toys in my coat pocket on my way out the door one morning and he "brilliantly" deduced from that that I have a child who is female and that she leaves her toys lying around. The toy was a plastic Belle figurine. Anyone with eyes would have concluded the same thing. But he tends to make obvious observations and educated guesses like they're stunning revelations.
  6. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    From what other people on staff have said, they've tried but he's not been open to it. Honestly though these are nice people, they're mostly older ladies who have grandmotherly dispositions, I doubt they were really blunt or harsh with him. Which makes it even more infuriating to see him treat them like they're beneath him. They've been nothing but nice and helpful to me and to him and he doesn't show them an inch of gratitude. He thinks people are nice because they're simple or naive.
  7. Just fear and sense of loss

    I think we all have our moments where we get lost in a sense of despair. I don't know a person who's lived and hasn't had some kind of harrowing experiences or lost someone who mattered to them. Really all we can do is carry on and try to be good to the people who are still here for us. It won't always keep us from being sad or fearful, it can't make our roads though life smooth and clear but sometimes it's just enough to make things a little easier along the way.
  8. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    ehh you guys may have a point. Unfortunately. DX Though the title wasn't really meant to be a threat. More of a, "This guy doesn't manage to make the genius/asshole thing work for him." Idk maybe I should have made that more clear This dude's attitude has gained him no friends. No one likes him and at best some people on the staff are resigned to "he's got a disability, he can't help it" he usually ends up being sent to the back of the building to load and unload trucks behind the warehouse or doing other supervised manual labor after he fails at basic customer service. He bitches about it and as time goes on people are less and less willing to actually help him out or do him favors. Does this mean it's only a matter of time before he gets fired? I have no idea.
  9. I'll preface this by saying: If you need to rely on other people to help you write a check, cook a meal, do your laundry, or order a damn pizza then you have zero room to act like you're too good for everyone around you. I'm talking about certain high functioning autistic spectrum people who believe autism is synonymous with genius. Escalate that to them thinking that their genius/disorder means that they are exempt from having any kind of manners or common courtesy and now you've got a douchecanoe who's seen too much House M.D. and thinks he's a Sherlockian anti-hero who can get away with treating other people like garbage. Yeah, some of these guys show some talent in their specific areas of interest, but I'd hardly call them experts and not a single one of them is irreplaceable. I've had to tutor people like this off and on since I started college and one of them is my co-worker at my current job. He's got aspergers, you wouldn't really know it if he didn't make a point of telling everyone and using it as an excuse not to interact with customers, answer phones or take regular showers. But he still likes to make out like he's too smart for the rest of us regular blue-collar people to comprehend him. We are but simple plebs and his genius is too complex. In spite of him bragging about his creativity and intelligence I've seen no evidence of it. He's not artistic, he does some writing but it's just another thing in a long list of stuff he claims is brilliant but won't show anyone. He sometimes tries to make witty comments but he doesn't have enough charm or confidence to really make them stick. Lack of social graces isn't a cardinal sin, needing to be shown how to do things doesn't make you worthless, but when you combine those things with being an asshole to everyone around you, acting like they need you more than you need them, all you really deserve to get is resentment. Sure, this dude is a self-proclaimed genius savant, blah blah blah, but at the end of the day, it's the rest of us who have to make up for his shortcomings. Every phone he can't answer, every order he can't take and every failure to communicate falls to someone else. Someone else who doesn't get paid to pick up his slack on top of their own work load. But I guess saying "please" and "thank you" takes too much humility and of course, when you're a genius, a little grace and humility is just asking far too much.
  10. Things that you hate! v2

    Sausage gravy. More than that, people who decide that I don't know what I'm talking about when I say I don't like gravy, so of course I need a big old jiggly dollop of that crap all over my biscuits. I would sooner set my biscuits on fire than drench them in nasty, white, booger-looking gravy with little sad little flecks of sausage trash in it. I was just gonna use butter but no Brenda be like "Here you go, sweetie, have some of this southern goodness <3 <3 <3" Splat. NO FUCKING THANKS, BRENDA. Your gravy isn't fucking magical gravy that makes my biscuits any less soggy gross. >8[
  11. Why I'm misanthropic and why I hate hunters.

    They never are. Whenever I see people like this, who are self-labled misanthropes, they always talk from a level of superiority. Like they're some super woke observer who sees the world "as it really is." There's something really narcissistic in the way they view themselves compared to humanity. It's always OUR job to prove that we're worthy of love, respect, empathy or compassion. It's never THEIR job to prove to us that they have the same worth and value they're demanding of us. We're just supposed to be immediately open and sympathetic. And some of them will pull out the whole "I don't value myself," or "I think I'm worthless" but it's all bullshit. They might have low self esteem but no matter how "worthless" they think they are, they still view everyone else around them with contempt. Their friendship has to be earned. Others have to prove worthy of their compassion. You can't claim worthlessness and then turn around and impose a value standard on the rest of the planet. I can never fully buy that these "misanthropes" really believe their own bullshit. I can only really view it as trolling, total narcissism or attention seeking. Either way, I don't fully buy that they actually hate humanity as much as they claim, because they keep seeking validation.
  12. Why I'm misanthropic and why I hate hunters.

    He has to be doing this shit on purpose. No one is that willfully oblivious right? Right????? ;n;
  13. Why I'm misanthropic and why I hate hunters.

    You came into the thread calling us filth and scum and talking about how much you hate us. Us. Human beings. You made it abundantly clear we mean nothing to you but you want US to put out an effort to change your mind? I genuinely do not understand your logic. Do you help? Do you try to understand others? Hard to believe you do when you admit you're happy to hear people died. People on this site are always willing to help each other, there are always people here who are kind and sympathetic. I've never been treated badly on this forum and I am far from being a nice person. You have to be really truly awful for people around here to legitimately resent you. You hate us. You made it abundantly clear coming in that you have nothing but the utmost contempt for us. Why would we give you anything but the same in return? You expect people to be better to you than you are to them, and that's not how it works. Lemme break it down for you. You: Humans are scum! I hate everyone! I'm glad people are dead!!! RAAAAAAA Us: You're a shitbag You: Why won't you make an effort to understand why I'm a shitbaaag???? Can you seriously not follow how it's your own fault people don't want to go out of their way to help you? I mean if all we're going to get is insults and abuse then where's our motivation to help? You complain that we refuse to show you the good in humanity but you're the one who absolutely refuses to prove that our kindness wouldn't just be wasted. If people who have been nice to you in the past haven't made you a better person then nothing we do is going to help. Take everyone's advice and go see a therapist.
  14. Well...shit.

    Thank you, I appreciate all of the support I've gotten in this thread. It does help to know people care, even a little. I do feel a little better now. At the very least things have stabilized. I don't know, the initial rounds of being sad and angry have subsided and I feel like I'm back on track. I'm not 100% ok and I still dread the inevitable bills, doctor visits and potential for things to go really bad. But for right now I'm alright.
  15. Why I'm misanthropic and why I hate hunters.

    Oh shut up. If you can't see why calling people filth then turning around and asking them for sympathy isn't going to work then you have a problem, and it ain't mankind. Most of the people I've encountered in my life are good hearted people, even if they're flawed. You literally said you're happy to hear that people died. People you don't know were good or bad, some of which were most definitely children. What reaction did you think that was going to get? If you want to see good out of the world you have to put out good yourself. You have to be compassionate, understanding and tolerant first. You think you're the only person who's been dealt a shitty hand? You think you're the only one who has shitty thoughts and feelings? No one here judged you right off, we looked at what YOU presented to us and it was reprehensible. You want people to care about you? Don't be reprehensible.