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  1. So anyone still using high output (+100, +120) halogen lights as opposed to the trend to put LED, HID, angel eyes and projector headlamps in their cars? I have a 1997 Ford F250 4X4 that I've just put German Vosla +120 halogen bulbs (9007/HB5) in it. It's stupidly bright and I can aim them. I had tried Morimoto LED bulbs but they just sent light everywhere. What are you using? How do you like them? Inquiring minds are curious.
  2. Um, don't say that to anyone that's been in or still in the military - those are fighting words. While it may technically be seed water (coffee beans are actually seeds), it is coffee. And, it is an art form. Badly made coffee is the same as badly made anything. If it's not palatable, why drink it? I can't embrace poorly made coffee because it insults my taste buds. How about badly made tea? Yeah, not good. Badly made cocoa? That even pisses me off. I grumble all day long when I'm forced to buy brewed coffee at StarShmucks. That stuff is an insult to Juan Valdez! (inside joke). I've had instant coffee that was better. Or, "Magic Cocoa". (google it) When I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, England, I really got into loose leaf tea. Came back to the states, found very few good shops near Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada. This was before the internet so everything was advertised in a magazine or catalog. Had to give up my tea habit although I still make Irish Breakfast Tea on occasion and I do appreciate properly made cocoa. And don't you dare put flavored coffee in my cup - if I want that, I'll break out the Cafe Vienna.
  3. That is my consensus, the travesty of allowing a "Barrista", basically an underpaid college kid, to brew your coffee for you. What do they know about coffee? They are too young and inexperienced to have mad coffee brewing skills. I would suspect they have no idea light roast has more caffeine than dark roast. The roasting process burns out the caffeine so ergo, the darker the roast, the lighter the caffeine load. Also, StarShmucks always uses too much grounds when they brew. Just because the filter holds twenty scoops, that doesn't mean you have to use twenty scoops. Once it's brewed, there is no 'fixing' it. If you can't drink it black, toss it out and try again. If you really want to know how to brew coffee, find someone that has served in the military. We have the knowledge.
  4. Why yes, yes I am. *sips on my fourth coffee of the day* *bounces off the ceiling*
  5. Gah, coffee is so easy! Five(!) scoops, lightly rounded, of light roast beans (Starbucks Veranda or Willow whole bean) med-fine ground in a burr mill. A Mr. Coffee coffee maker, paper filter with twelve cups of water, essentially a full water dispenser. Flip switch, wait for the brew to finish. This combination is so repeatable and it works every time. Nobody, my family or friends, has complained about my coffee, ever and we come from a coffee drinking family. The scooper in question is the one that comes with the coffee maker. It's the perfect size. Anybody that gets grounds in the coffee is doing it wrong. Too much coffee grounds in the basket causing an overflow (my brother) or sloppy with the grounds (my first wife). If it's weak and full of grounds, that's sloppy with the grounds, plain and simple. Further, being former military, you do not put anything in your coffee. Just plain bad form. Drink it black or not at all.
  6. I took the time to read this entire thread and I realize why our rights to keep and bear arms are being trampled. Wholesale. Those that are not in the know, see an "Assault Rifle" or "Assault Weapon", not knowing they were terms manufactured by the media to use as a blanket statement. No such thing as an Assault Rifle. Never was. When I carried one in service to Uncle Sam, it was a rifle, designated as an M16 or a short barreled carbine, designated GAU-5 A/A. It was not an assault rifle. I can still tear one down and reassemble one blindfolded. I'm just one of many that has put my life in the line of fire for Freedom so you can have this forum. I still carry the physical scars, thank you. Now, let's say we do a full-on firearms ban like Australia enacted. This is what Senator Dianne Feinstein and her cronies want to enact. Do you really think the criminal element will just line up with the rest of the legal firearms owners to turn in their weapons? Sorry, not going to happen. I would be willing to bet the flow of illegal firearms and ammunition from Canada, Mexico and other points would be high. If there is one thing about gangs and the random totally deranged wanna-be serial killer, they will find a way to get hold of the tools they need to do their dirty work. That particular ban, in the good ol' US of A, would just be a feel good measure. So, with the general populace disarmed, who's going to stop the gangs from going door to door, taking what they want? Will you wait patiently for the Police to show up (at some undetermined time) while Joe Serial Killer is kicking your front door down? See my point? Will your cast-iron frying pan save you from a small gang of armed hoods? And, let's take this farther. The Gov't declares all firearms to be relinquished post-haste. I wouldn't do it, to tell you the truth. So, do you think the Gov't will get the US Armed Forces to go 'collect' the now-illegal firearms? I don't think it would happen. If I were still serving, I know I would rather be cooling my heels in the brig than to be facing off with a civilian that hunts for subsistence, who just happens to have a .460 Weatherby or some other large caliber hunting piece. My body armor, back then and what's available today, won't stop that type of a round. No Sir, not at all. Well, you might say, 'Let's get NATO to supply the muscle!" Do you honestly think a NATO soldier would have the cajones (big brass ones) to try a door to door search? I'm thinking they wouldn't dare step foot on US soil. They aren't stupid. Get my drift? The dreaded "LIST" of who shouldn't have a firearm should not be pulled verbatim from some other list. Did you know Senators, Assemblymen, Governors, Mayors and Police Chiefs have inadvertently been put on that "No Fly" list? Because of their position, their names can be removed pretty easily. Not so for the common Joe Serial Killer. I had trouble recently because a distant relative, who had my first name as his middle name, was on death row for a murder. My wife and I had to cancel our vacation while I took tons of documentation to my friendly neighborhood consulate to prove I was not the d00d on death row. We did get to take a trip the next year, thankfully. This list, if we make one, should be built carefully. Not taken wholesale from some other list. There is too much to lose if this list is just jammed together to satisfy some Senator's "Feel Good" bill requirements. Or better yet, let's enforce the existing laws. Isn't that a novel idea? It won't happen, because the Police will be busy kicking down Fred Law Abiding Firearms Owner's front door, trying to take away his firearms because his neurotic neighbor doesn't like them to be so close to their home. Honestly, the only law we should entertain is a background check that really is a background check. You know, actually check to see that Joe Serial Killer was doing B&E as a minor and preventing his arse from obtaining a firearm. Big deal if it takes a few classes, an in-depth written test, a practical with pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, followed by what might end up being as much as a six month wait while they check you out. Better this than infringing on the Second Amendment. Our Second Amendment. My brethren and I fought to keep it tangible so don't give it away. /rant
  7. It's not a refuge. I guess y'all would have to be Southern to truly understand but I will take your comment under advisement.
  8. You know, I'll say this; Y'all don't seem to think much of the Moderation Team here. So why is it y'all still hang out here? You can always vote with your feet. This isn't the only furry board out there in Cyber-land. It's probably the only one that allows so much sh!t-posting and all y'all should be happy with that. Y'all know the TOS or you should have read the TOS at some point in time. If you violated it, got warned, did it again, maybe in the same thread, knowing the ban-hammer will drop, you should expect to be banned. A public forum like you're suggesting is just a way to shame the Mod that banned you into letting you back in to continue violating the TOS. Banning a member is not something done by one Mod. That ban has been looked at and discussed by the Moderation Team. There should be nothing personal about a ban so that's why there is a team. Come on, what do all y'all really want? An unmoderated board full of spam and shit-posts? Bless your hearts. Gah . . .
  9. Ya know, we have a lot of strange foxes around here. Welcome to our little corner of the Intarwebs. We have cookies.
  10. You know, I think this thread seems to say; "We don't trust the Moderation Team to do their job properly." I'm an Admin on several furry boards and believe me, it's not something you take lightly when you drop the PermaBan hammer on a member. The member is usually asked to back off a bit several times and the issue is discussed between Mods/Admins. Sometimes a thread is locked and a temp ban is issued. A PermaBan is only a last resort, when some member thinks they run the board and the rules don't apply to them. so far I haven't observed unjust moderation or bans on this board. One the posters in this thread said that their ban was just and deserving. If you're not comfortable with the current Moderation team, say so. A public forum to try to overturn a ban that was probably just in happening is just a place for excess drama to be aired to the public. I don't see that as a viable option. Sorry for the rant.
  11. Did you not consult the Acceptable Substitutes list? Apple Strudel is the only substitute listed for plushies. Sheesh . . .
  12. *music from "Stairway To Heaven* "Ooh, I makes me wonder, Ooh, it really makes me wonder . . ." Good detective work. I wasn't sure but I thought the tiger might be by Lance. Kind of had his early style to it. I just wasn't lucky on my searches of old pics posted here and there. I think that suit is in one of the first FC archive pic sets. *tips hat to Rabbit Head*
  13. Two Sticker class 8 truck operation; Put the main box in second, brownie in second. Clutch out, start rolling. Floating the gears, brownie to third, then brownie to fourth. Now, Main box to third, brownie to second, At the same time, if you're brave. This is when you have to put your left(!) arm through the steering wheel spokes to shift that brownie. This guy does it right, reaching through the wheel to shift the Brownie (Auxiliary) box. The main box is the long (right) shifter. I guess I should day that the Brownlipe (Brownie) is a splitter for the main box, to give ratios in between the main gears. this was before the integral boxes such as the Fuller Road Rangers and Spicers. As you might guess, I have a Class A license although I do not drive for a living at the moment. The last one I drove with my uncle was a Pete Cabover with a Cummins 400 Big Cam Three tweaked up hard to 550 hp and a Road Ranger 13 speed.
  14. Not enough shifters! Where's the shifter for your Brownie! You're not doing it right unless you're reaching through the steering wheel to pull that Brownie back into second gear while you're shifting your main box. Two-stickers rule!
  15. Oh Hell NO! I'll kick his mangy addled arse out of the theatre myself. That is just so squicky . . . *shudders*
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