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  1. As someone who is getting ready to launch a game on Steam, I disagree with you. There should be more quality control than "is this actually a virus pretending to be a product?" I'm stuck competing with a ton of shitass asset flips, single-level games hoping for a quick buck, and buggy nonsense because Steam has no quality control. Niche market or not, you can tell when a team/person put work into something and when a team/person bought assets, stuck them together with some public-domain sound loops, and then put it up on the store. Because there's a middle ground between quality control and "that niche shoot-em-up is going to get rejected because it's niche." I'm already unlikely to make money, but that would cripple me. It also greatly benefits asset flippers and people with no quality control standards. Guy buys a brick-break pack, posts it as game one, changes the background, posts it as game two, changes the background, posts it as game three, etc. That's actually happened. Before Digital Homicide killed themselves by being absolutely insane, they were doing that exact practice.
  2. I like how you didn't link them.
  3. Congrats. I've always played with the notion of doing stuff like that at gatherings, singing or dancing, but unless I'm fed a ton of alcohol, I always back out. Just don't have the confidence or whatever.
  4. Been mad addicted to this song lately
  5. Figured I'd bebop over to check this place out, and man, it hasn't changed much since I last did that like two or three months ago. Hope everyone here is still doing well.
  6. Every time I go and read the news I come away feeling like shit. "He did what?" "They're killing what?" I don't know what to do. It's irresponsible for me to just ignore what is going on. I'm not a child. I should be informed. But reading this shit and knowing how corrupt and awful the people in power are just makes me feel like shit, like I need to fuck off and sleep for a few years. Alcohol is a good middleman.
  7. Conker


    Glad you're okay, which is maybe a strange thing to say, but any time I hear a story about a guy driving like that, I assume a gun is going to be involved. Dunno what I'd do in that situation :\
  8. How people are so fine to praise mediocrity. I read a lot of comics. I write reviews for them. Most comics are bad or just okay. Everyone loses their shit because Batman is Batman apparently, even though there hasn't been a good Batman book in like a year. New Wolfenstein game is fine. The gunplay is kind of boring, but it's at least competent. It's fine. Everyone loses their shit because HOLY FUCK I KILL NAZIS IT IS FUN BEST GAME! Not everyone is either A+ or F-. Things can be in the goddamn middle. Most things are. It's why it's average.
  9. Fucking Bella Swan. Meanwhile everyone she meets goes out of their way to be her best friend forever.
  10. Typically more a metal dude, but I loves me some Taylor Swift and the new Kesha album is rock fuckin' solid.
  11. I think you're on the right track. The easiest way to avoid a gary/mary stu is to write a character who is defined by his/her flaws first. It can be hard though. I'm shopping around this pirate story inside my head and it seems like every time I start in on the main character, she becomes too badass or too author inserty. One of the bigger gary stus I can think of is Richard Rahl from A Wizard's First Rule. He's this big, bold, badass with a big sword and libertarian viewpoints that everyone will get to listen to or else, and the thing is, he's a huge fucking douchebag/cunt. But no one looks at him that way. So really, the guy has a big character flaw, but the book goes out of its way to ignore that. Part of it all comes down to context and how you treat the character/how other characters treat the character. You can have a pretty powerful character with a minor flaw, but if all of that character's obstacles involve that flaw, it's still interesting, or can be. Like, there's this Top Cow book called Romulus and the main character is named Ashlar. She's kind of a mary su but she gets her ass beat often enough. It's just that it never seems to really bother her, or if it does, ti's so she can be the perfect YA version of angst. It's frustrating because it doesn't feel real, just stupid. When she needs to win a fight though, the book will give her the W pretty easily. It's like she never has to work for anything despite losing just as much as she wins. Very strange. Not interesting, even though it should be.
  12. This mentality explains why every few months I have to buy a new Predator or Alien figure. I didn't get carded at a bar the other day, so I should probably grab me a Hudson or Ripley or something to compensate.
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