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  1. Well fellow furs, it's official. Aeroxwolf finally has a driving licence. Even though it took me till the fine age of 21, I have one now Just thinking of the possibilities and freedom of being able to drive makes me both very happy and excited. I'm no longer confined to the same monotonous routines I have been going through for over a year. Because it takes me an hour bus ride to visit my friends, I would only visit them once -maybe twice - a week. Not being limited to the time constraints of public transport, I can visit them whenever I please. Same goes for my family. Since most of them live within 10 miles, I can see them more often. But now I can also visit my family who live further away. Like my aunt for instance. We get along really well because we are so alike. But I only get to visit her when I take a train down to London. You could argue that a train from Liverpool to London would be faster and less of a headache, but just having the alternative option to drive down there gives me more ambition to visit her. (here's my little baby. Not fancy, but practical) I can already tell this will have a huge positive impact on my wellbeing!
  2. I spent my entire summer break of 2008 on fallout 3 and it's expansion packs. History is about to repeat itself
  3. It's official http://venturebeat.com/2015/11/13/pornhubs-traffic-dipped-significantly-the-day-fallout-4-came-out/
  4. I typically wear a t-shirt that is either band related or has a unique design or pattern on it. My personal favourite and most worn, is a white T-shirt with a black tribal wolf head. For legwear, I always go with blue jeans. Just regular levi jeans, nothing too fancy. I just don't think I'd suit skinny jeans. I always wear a short leather jacket, unless it's hot or indoors. It's my favourite piece of clothing because it keeps me from getting wet, cold and just looks cool. For footwear I wear either my light brown casual boots or my black french combat boots. I don't know why, but I have a thing for boots recently. I prefer them to trainers (sneakers) because I find them more comfortable and they can take more of a beating. I think I'll get myself a pair of cowboy boots come next payday. I can totally see myself wearing them.
  5. this just made my day X'D
  6. I like the theory that Squall is dead. Everything after disc 1 is simply squalls dying dream. After all, the game is call FINAL Fantasy. But its just a theory
  7. My party consisted of Squall, Zell and Irvine throughout my 100 hours of FF8 (yes really). Selphie is just annoying with a stupid name that has now become a trend, quistis or cliterous or whatever the hell her was, is a blue mage, so instantly useless and rinoa is random, so not very reliable Zell just walks around, beating the shit out of monsters, squall is squall, but Irvine has the best limit ever: quick shot, dark shot and AP shot. Irvine made Seifer his bitch countless times because of that limit. Aura and meltdown did make the game a broken mess, but it's a beautiful mess.
  8. This is all i have at the moment. His name is Aeroxwolf. Because I love the way I look, i based his design off myself. A lot of people say we actually look alike. He wears the same clothes as me and has the same earing as me to. Since blue is my favourite colour - and i find it to be calming / relaxing - I made him blue, with a white forehead, muzzle and chest.
  9. Sometimes I wonder if WolfNights father is trying to breed a human with a dog to create a living breathing anthropomorphic dog for his own sexual fantasy. Then I look at what I have just written and wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life.
  10. Silent hill 2 Resident Evil 1 Alien: Isolation Condemned: Criminal origins Penumbra
  11. Personally, I would choose the regular sphere grid over the expert sphere grid. Your characters level up in a more natural manner and learn spells and techniques suitable for that character. There's still the option to customize. For example: Tidus will reach a point in the sphere grid where he can go down the white mage path, by unlocking it with a lvl 2 sphere. during my first playthrough on ps3, because i didn't know what i was doing with the sphere grid, kimhari and Wakka where useless, while the rest of the party where insanely overpowered.
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