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  1. Tyranno

    3rd night

    The killer from the movie "3rd night" wears a cat costume A pre-made cat bought of the internet costume; they needed to spice up as it "looked homemade" and "offered a poor field of vision" ...draw whatever conclusions you will But on the upside i was given a promotional "3rd Night" t-shirt for saying their final twist was kinda silly.
  2. i like to pretend SJW stands for Special Jew you know just because it would piss off SJWs
  3. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21892114/ top (right) one if you're stiil doing it
  4. even if people think you're too hot, don't use it to start dating fifty people at once
  5. hop things work out for the better, depression is terrifiying
  6. That argument... just... i don't even... Matthew was all but dragged in, and very certainly forced to have sex with her, you know the "very blatantly didn't want to" and the fact that if he didn't, she would be killed and there's something else i'm forgetting. "didn't want to" very much means "did not consent", by the way - if you're going to go over how important these issues are, you should know that. By your logic, people given date-rape drugs aren't subject to violence, so they aren't rape victims. If it's all relative, then I can use your logic too - sex slavery exists in the film canon, Jenni .... Mary-Sue was not made a sex slave, so since other rape victims had it worse. See how goofy your argument is? If they "wanted [Matthew] to rape her," why did they, I don't know, rape her? If he was so "willing", why did they need to threaten to kill her before he did it? Also, these are stereotypical rednecks; matthew's brother made the move on Mary-Sue at first, his friends teased him over her kissing matthew; he very much intended to humiliate both of them, because, this is a steroeotpyical and drunk redneck who's retarded brother just "bested" him in his eyes. "You are supposed to remember her crying, her screaming, her begging, her sweating her wailing, her fighting, her gasping, her tensing, her bleeding. You are supposed to remember all of her pain, agony, and sadness. You are supposed to remember her anger." Know what I remember? The sheriff about to rape her (what do you know - someone besides matthew; guess it wasn't "for him" after all), the screen cutting to black, and then Jennifer stumbling away after having been brutalized and raped offscreen. Don't remember depth in Sasquatch Mountain? Must've missed the head of the criminal gang saving the sheriff after the sheriff gave him a warning hot, then had a heat attack. Funny, you don't mention Wyvern - in which the protagonist feels responsible for his brother's death, and frequently stops the others from putting their lives in danger, ultimately is only being "brave" and risking his own life because of cowardice - he's scared of causing more deaths by his own action (or inaction). Yes, that is "more depth than most movies". In the average wide theatrical release, the protagonist's main character trait is looking like an actor/actress that he/she is played by. The love interest - who many of these try to portray as being the second most important character is capable of being replaced; instead of the protagonist trying to get a guy/girl, trying to get a sport medal or limited edition action figure.
  7. okay, this has been gradually annoying me further. first of all, in the late sixties, night of living dead was made, and this depiction of violence onscreen made people see what else they could get away with, like depicting rape (which the movies i'm ranting about were missed by several years). so, depicting rape in a movie nowadays, forty-five years after their first depiction is nothing special, and thus movies invented solely to depict rape are not "special", meaning remakes of this and last house on the left (which itself has two remakes, more or less) removing any justification to remake them to begin with. so going back a while, even the original i spit on your grave was a bearer of obvious problems, even the tagline "this woman has killed [number] men, but no jury would convict her" - this is obvious bs. someone who went back and murdered people who did some wrong weeks or months ago is clearly guilty of pre-meditated murder. even if she killed them in self-defense, some juries would question how she needed to kill a group she overpowered all by herself, or how she would've know they intended to rape her, but besides noting the movie's mindset was very goofy from the time it started. but the issue is with these clearly pointless remakes and how they manage to be even more ridiculous than you'd expect in the 80's, there wasn't as much political correctness so portraying a retard as an evil person was accepted, the remake changes this with ridiculous results. in the remake, the retard member of the group is literally forced to have sex with the female victim who gets treated as a victim - the others would've slit her throat otherwise -and is shown to be absolutely devastated afterwards. somehow, being forced with have sex with doesn't seem to make him a rape victim since the movie reverts to following its predecessor and she murders him along with the guys who are actual rapists. it should be noted, the director, even in the syfy movies he made, did include much more character depth and such than you'd normally find in a modern movie, so that he intended to portraying a rape victim (woman, not retard) as becoming a villain. i wasn't convinced, but it was possible note: despite the first director being a massive feminist, he knew that to get the audience to empathise with someone who commits horrific murders. the remake? near everything happens to the protagonist offscreen. then there's the second movie in the series, which iirc shares a director with the remake, isn't so much a problem - the rape victim from this movie is't unsympathetic, except for a bit when she reports her rape but doesn't even her mention her friend who was murdered trying to protect her. i'd even ignored that a female leader of a human trafficking ring (the franchise's one female villain) gets to live and get off scott-free, until now, but- i recently the promotions for the third movie airing on tv firstly, the detestable protagonist from the remake is back, still going on about the group she killed deserved it (even the retard who was forced to have sex with her it seems) second, there's a cop saying about how it has to proved that perpetrators are guilty of rape before being punished, and brace yourselves i'm not making this up the cop has Hitler's hair HITLER'S HAIR what a brilliant, mature statement about those who argue people accused of rape aren't automatically guilty. and yes, this retroactively makes it much more likely for the remake's attitude the man forced to have to sex with was commiting rape by being forced to have sex was exactly as it appears on the surface. can't wait until i spit on your grave movie 4, where i'd assume they have the protaginist rape a man, then kidnap and torture him for months for being raped.
  8. also, one time i made a thread on that power rangers forum, stating that western super sentai fans (the show power rangers gets much of footage from) should appreciate power rangers, as without it, they would not know super sentai existed and thus couldn't enjoy it (and similarly, anime .fans who learned of a show's existence from the western version should appreciate the dub for leading them to something they enjoyed). cue one particular guy going off on a tirade about "if you love america so much" (i'm not even american, and perferences on kids shows are a ridiculous reason for a viewpoint on a country... and yes, the myth of shonen anime, etc. being for mature audiences was long dead at the time). note: this "power rangers bashing" was more notable than even extreme anime fandoms - e.g., super sentai uses a gecko monster, fine, said episod gets adapted by power rangers, sentai fans are like, bring on the geico jokes, because a gecko monster is so funny it takes a year to mock it, apparently; or.... things disappear between shots in sentai, fine, power rangers uses that exact same footage, "this sucks, where'd those things go?"
  9. on hearing some power rangers seasons declared non-canon, a grown man asked if we - meaning himself and other grown men - had wasted the money they spent on merchandise from those seasons i would've suspected if grown men wanted to spend money on power rangers toys, pedantic stuff like canon wouldn't make a difference, but...
  10. i'd just eat the gun, just to point out how its a stupid threat (this happens often when me or those around me get threatened with weapons)
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