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  1. Howdy there! Welcome! So what all do you like to do? Play any games?
  2. This is the last time I'm ever gonna try to make Jurassic Park and watch somebody on LSD.
  3. I know I can be pushy some times and I appreciate your even temper in addressing it here. That said, nothing motivates like a ticking clock! 8D I really feel that the staff would do well to publish a timeline of milestones for whatever goals they ultimately choose to purse. I would recommend involving the rest of this community as best they can. If you guys want to really see change, I fully believe that's the only way it's going to happen.
  4. This is all of our website, not just the mods. That is the primary take away of this thread, is it not? We all need to make an effort. We all need to contribute content, we all need to make decisions. It's not the mods faults, its not the people's faults, it's all of us. Treating this as a "Staff-only decision" is exactly the opposite of the conclusion we need to reach here. I'll back down on the whole "few months" ultimatum, but I saying here and now that we absolutely need to do something. This is not just a staff decision here, this needs to be a community decision. I appreciate you pointing this out and agree.
  5. I don't care about the mod elections, I don't care whether the mods want to follow me on this. I care about this website. The mods put forth this idea and I'm trying to help make it happen in a way that I think best helps this website. If they don't want to meet my half way, then that's there business. When I say "if I'm going to contribute money" I mean that literally as "this is the way I want to see it happen if I'm going help" If they want to make ads without me and not do a community contest, that's fine too. But frankly I think that's a poor decision.
  6. Lemon's the one who brought the idea of advertising up in the first place. If I need to seek Carenath's permission first then I hope I can count on the mods support. But, if I'm going to be contributing money towards this, then I'm going to have a say in it and I am absolutely certain that it needs to be community driven. Lemon can compile it into a nice little banner or whatever, but this is the perfect sort of thing for a community event so I want there to at least be a slogan contest.
  7. I agree, we need to work towards improving how we are we treat new folks. We can't win them all but we can be doing better. That said, I don't feel I need permission to buy ads myself, either. So I'll wait a few months, but if I don't feel we've progressed towards these goals, I'm going to start a ad-banner contest myself.
  8. Advertising and community participation events
  9. Work out my "big story idea" and stuff. Hopefully start a family someday. Lose weight, maybe look into a tummy-tuck again. Be more ambitious.
  10. I just have to say again, this pixel space thingy is spectacular! *Boops with extendopole*
  11. red tag!

    Animatronic chess piece
  12. Pink noooooooooooose!!! *bipply bup*
  13. Doesn't matter how good your estimates are, I'm still going to burn down my kitchen and/or create an abomination. Fire away!