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  1. Vacation part one purchased book talley: 12. ._.'
  2. Again, this intended to be my offer and my opinion on how that offer could move forward. Not even how it must or should. Even if the site owner(s) haven't decided whether they want to do this or how they want to do this, what could possibly be wrong with knowing more about one possible way it could be done? Is there some concern about getting people thinking about ads in a concrete manner? Are they concerned about fallout if the decision is to not go with this offer or even not have ads at all?
  3. Regarding advertising, I don't really like the idea of supporting advertising on Inkbunny. I can't find any info on community advertising for Furry Network, we've established that Weasyl doesn't have any, and I can't think of any other sites in particular. That leaves FA and SoFurry. Conveniently, two users have volunteered financial support for ads, @GarthTheWereWolfand (conditionally) I. So, I think the simplest thing to do is for him to take FA and I'll take SoFurry. Since I have additional conditions, it would allow us to get ads under way in at least one location while the details are worked out and a user event implemented for the second. This could also reduce the impact a surge of users from two sites might have (assuming FA gets the ads out in a timely manner :Y) Money wise, I would be willing to match what Garth contributes to FA ads, for the SoFurry ads upon meeting the conditions we'll agree on, up to a maximum of ~$125 (Which I think is what FA's page said 6-months of a 300x90 ad costs.) I am also fine with doing less than that maximum. As I recall, SoFurry's rates were a bit lower so I'll probably round up on the number of months though this means a "matching" amount will result in ads that last a little longer on SoFurry than FA, if Garth doesn't contribute over this maximum.
  4. Car's 11 years old (Saturn Ion2) but has been very reliable up until the last year or two. I was planning on a new one later this year or next, so it's not too big of an issue to get a replacement. Still, we're thinking it might just be a sensor or computer malfunction. There's no puddle of transmission fluid. When I pushed the gas it would very slowly build momentum. But, it works just fine in reverse! I just hope they can get it fixed before my vacation starts on Friday D:
  5. Car broke down yesterday. I think it's the transmission.
  6. I'm only familiar with FA history. I know a couple people who regard SoFurry favorably, so I tossed it out there.
  7. Weasyl doesn't do community ads just yet; I checked earlier. It was actually my first thought along with SoFurry
  8. oh boy!

    *Inhales deeply* Diet V8 V-Fusion + Energy Cranberry-Raspberry flavored Juice Drink containing a cup of coffee-worth of natural caffeine derived from natural green tea with the all-natural, all-singing all-dancing, teeth whitening, cleaning power of organic USDA-certified grade A artificially-colored orange juice substitute concentrate and the refreshing scent of pine in a distinctive, tall can, with complimentary abandoned Discord server! *gasping* Who is your favorite 80s action movie hero?
  9. experimental

    Well, I missed my targets rather badly towards the end here. But, I finally managed to get back to this. @WolfNightV4X1 Sorry again for the delay, but I'm quite happy with how this one turned out at least! The wings only added about a day or so to final total. I had significantly more trouble with the body than expected, the model wasn't looking too good. But, once the fur was on, most of the parts I was disappointed in were fluffed out. The wings were colored using scatter shaders used to simulate how light interacts with skin. I tweaked the parameters to treat it as a coloring agent. The fur was fairly simple, as usual with my dynamic fur formulas in XGen. There was a slight difficulty when I decided to add a fourth color of fur. I could have skipped the black fur and just merged it with the body color, but I decided that if I couldn't do proper hair then I would at least try 4 colors. The maps were easy, updating the skin shader was easy, but updating the fur color choice formula turned into a pain. This is largely due to the terrible integration of XGen in Maya 2015 and its obscure error feedback. I didn't notice a function I was using didn't support the syntax I provided until well after trying numerous other things, thinking there was a problem with my complex logic. Unfortunately, this complexity is a necessity, coding around some pretty serious holes in the XGen script's feature set. But, my logic was correct and extended to four colors just as expected. The only issue was the one function that didn't support an arbitrary number of arguments. The actual map painting process continues to be very difficult for me and the clumping results aren't as nice as I wish they could be.
  10. Artist: Scifer Artist: Neltruin Artist: Ti-R
  11. Welcome back! How's the 3D been?
  12. You know, I can't seem to figure that out myself either. I don't recall any problem I had with their policies and after reviewing them, I'm not sure what it could have been. I was interrupted by a discussion with a coworker while I was typing things out, so it was probably a word choice I changed and forgot to take out. I agree that FA has a very wide reach that could draw in more people. However, I felt it was important to give an opportunity to those who might be against involving FA, a chance to show support against the idea. If there's no significant opposition to advertising with FA, I would be open to that as well. If we have multiple financial supports, one approach could be to split up support by site. Alternatively, a pooled fund could be established. But, again, I am only interested in contributing to those ads stemming from a community event. We'd have to work out how that would work (acceptance criteria, judges, what exactly people would be developing, period of submission, etc.) But I'm open to suggestions on those.
  13. I will reiterate my support for advertising. If we developed a community contest (slogans only or full image) around it, I would be willing to give financial support. We could also do multiple sets, some community-driven and some sourced entirely from mod-driven artists, and I would be willing to chip in some funds for the community-driven side of things. I still support the idea of advertising even without the community-involvement activities, but would not be interested in supporting it financially then. Personally, I believe SoFurry would make a good advertising target, but also believe we should avoid targeting only one site. My initial feeling is that we should avoid advertising on Fur Affinity, considering our history and their recent policy, but I am open to reconsideration. While taking suggestions is a good idea, I believe that the ultimate decision of where to advertise should be left to the site owner, and (if applicable) ad-financers. The specifics on how that decision making would be made, terms of financing (how long it's for, possibility of renewal, amounts, what-have-you), and any other conditions/processes would all be potential sticking points that would need to be worked out. These would undoubtedly take a lot of time.
  14. Out comes DEA and ATF in an APC with an arrest warrant. In goes an exploration drone with a live camera feed.