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  1. Passed my way by Dev. I love everything about this one And these two from Feelwell!
  2. DrGravitas

    Boop the Snoot

    Upside-down 360 twist-boop!
  3. The eye thing didn't really lead to shadows, but it did result in a new eye lens material. In addition to the new script I spoke of in my nsfw thread, I produced another script that will be very helpful for my development. Whereas the other script was an extension of automatic skin-weight painting script to target specific parts of a model, this script alters the shape of the model itself. Specifically, I can take a model that resulted from lattice deformers applied to a base model, and replicate all or part of that deformation. In effect, I can precisely recreate the alterations that generated my other characters from the base models. So, when I go to update topology on a model, I can quickly recreate my other characters with that new topology as well. I could also use it in combination with other scripts to mix and match pieces of models and potentially create a new way of developing characters. This script will be very important as continue forward with model development! As a demonstration, I've used it to create sfw versions of my Kean and Yeltsin models, both of which previously only had nsfw versison! I'm really extremely happy to see this work out so well. I was able to recreate both characters in little more than a day's worth of work. Kean only took a couple hours, even. But most of all, I'm happy to see these characters finally starting to come into their own. Having sfw versions of them makes them feel more like real characters than ever before, rather the one-off joke design that Yeltsin started off as.
  4. I hate how long it took to get my transmission replaced due to slow diagnostic procedures coupled with my own absences. I will credit Aamco for looking after my costs and having veeeery good customer service, but it could have been done so much faster if they'd just done the procedure recommend by the other place, or tested the outcome of the first fix better. Also: My home AC broke down the same week I got my car back and needed replacement. Blarg. EDIT: Oh, and my car's battery died on the weekend after I got it back too.
  5. Your mother is going to worry no matter what you tell them. The most reassuring thing you can do is remind them that you are the person most responsible for your own safety. They trust you, right? That, and keep in contact with them a lot when you start. Lots of regular contact, even just for simple chit-chat that has nothing to do with the job, will help them get used to the idea of you working there and show them that you are staying safe. Over time, they'll worry less about it. Mostly as the gain other things in your life to worry about A mama will always worry about her babies!
  6. It wasn't bad on the trip (the local driving I had to do after the trip was far, far more annoying) but it had been so many years since I last had done it (and I only had a day and a half to practice before it) that it felt like an accomplishment. That said, I will say that the manual transmission on this thing was nothing like the one used to drive. I had all sorts of problems with shifting and it was very finicky. I virtually never stalled out of first in my old vehicle, but I did it at least once or twice every day I drove this one. My dad said he has problems with it too, so I suspect it's a characteristic of the vehicle or maybe the model.
  7. Traits: Workaholic, Computer Whiz, Insane, Frugal, Loner Favorites: Green, Tri-Tip Steak, Classical Lifetime Wish: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder Lifetime Reward: Professional Slacker First Thing I'd Do: Start looking for a job
  8. Hey there, welcome back! Sounds like quite an interesting summer! Congrats on passing your classes and finding somebody!
  9. Howdy there! Congrats on finishing University! What'd you major in?
  10. Heya, welcome to Phoenixed! So what style of drawing do you lean towards? Realistic, toony, abstract, or something else?
  11. They signed it for me 8D Final vacation purchased books tally: 15
  12. I survived driving 540 miles with manual transmission! Anthrocon was tons of fun, too; so many wonderful people!
  13. My badge made it in for AC \o/ Looks like all that walking today left me a bit tired when I took this pic XP I couldn't come up with anything designs I liked that featured my model, so I went with my sigil instead.
  14. DrGravitas


    Oh, writing? What sort of writing? What games are you playing lately?
  15. DrGravitas


    Hey there, welcome Phoenixed! We have a few technical folks around, myself included (though web dev is definitely my weakest area). What sort of hobbies do you have?
  16. Vacation part one purchased book talley: 12. ._.'
  17. Again, this intended to be my offer and my opinion on how that offer could move forward. Not even how it must or should. Even if the site owner(s) haven't decided whether they want to do this or how they want to do this, what could possibly be wrong with knowing more about one possible way it could be done? Is there some concern about getting people thinking about ads in a concrete manner? Are they concerned about fallout if the decision is to not go with this offer or even not have ads at all?
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