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  1. If I recall he has an open-secret alt account with a bunch of macro and crushing fetish art on it.
  2. Dude always seemed nice but I've heard he's got a bit of a shady side to him. How true that is and how much of it is rumor-mongering since he's a well known figure, I have no idea. Also I'll pass on the murrsuiting. I don't wanna get cum stains on my several hundred to a thousand dollar costume. Plus, it doesn't seem like it would be that fun :V
  3. Only if you're a goblin mercenary company trying to make money off of the horde/alliance conflict.
  4. I mean my FA has the same avatar and name as I do here, so if I wasn't in it then you didn't see me :C Not that I post anything super weird or gross, just "I like this!" type stuff :V
  5. I bring them up because I'm irritated with how people are quick to talk down to the mod team here, myself included, instead of voicing their opinions in a polite fashion. That doesn't mean their complaints are invalid of course.
  6. No we never had, and never will, have an election for new mods. That would turn into a popularity contest and this place would go deeper into hell than it already is :V I think before when this place first got put together we had a "are you ok with the old mods returning?" question or something? Maybe? My memory is shit.
  7. Well, there is a group of rather vocal, sometimes toxic users who stir up trouble. We can tell the difference between them and people actually voicing concerns. Just because we defend ourselves from some of the accusations made against us doesn't mean we completely brush them off as a result of the mentioned group.
  8. I mean I just said that we're most likely going to bring more people in to replace the person lost. We can't bring anyone in at the moment since one of the mods is on vacation and can't give their input. What more do you want?
  9. The user who was accused of making a troll report came forward and the person who sent the chat log recanted his statement and said it was a misunderstanding. I apologized to the person for the misunderstanding. Also we most likely will add more mods since ley got run off the forum by a bunch of angry people. Also, at least some of the people were making at least somewhat personal attacks at willow for not immediately taking care of things when she was at work.
  10. If people were that upset with it, why didn't they let us know? The thread got I think two reports? One of which was confirmed as a troll report by another user who sent me a chatlog to prove it. If that many people, including yourself, were that uncomfortable you guys need to let us know. We can't read minds. I locked the thread anyways, so its not even a problem anymore. No more "thirst outlet" for me, as you said.
  11. Pretty sure one of em is on vacation at the moment to be honest.
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