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  1. I would be putting a boot up the spammer's rear off of the site.... Nuff said. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-H448_uw0YTU/TlRJqJqhfQI/AAAAAAAAL5Y/k6CmMCgLq9c/s1600/kick+obama+out%2C+totus.gif
  2. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    And the End result of playing with dragons? Burp!
  3. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Well a certain fox said that even being covered with Chocolate sauce would not get him eaten and that he had a gun! Dragons can handle guns "Snickers"
  4. Cons gone crazy...

    Having helped run a con I have seen way worse and the hotel was begging us to come back. when you have thousands of attendees there will always be some issues and trouble makers it cant be helped and if the Hilton drops the con another place better and cheaper may plead for you to be there.
  5. Something I Don't Understand...

    Fk myself? Prob get into trouble that would get me fked but do me? Na, I want a cute Fennec male
  6. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    The Very beginning of the Miss Adventures of Mentova! Mentova had begun to brag about dragons and such along what foxes didn't taste good... Seems a certain large Dragon took notice and this was the result... Smiles this will soon turn into the Adventures of Beer Fox!
  7. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Ah the good old days! Buwhahaha!
  8. Collars do you wear them?

    I guess its more of a fashion statement for some also. I remember having dresses that had collars with them and I sometimes do wear one out in public.
  9. Collars do you wear them?

    Well, I was digging for some of the beginning art from the old Comic thread when I came across this picture and it made me wonder how many of the menbers actually wear collars. Daily or just for Con's? P.S Its still waiting for your address for me to send it to you Mentova....
  10. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Giggles I wonder if people remember when members decided to make the perfect woman.
  11. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Giggles well.... Minty is very hard to catch!
  12. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    I still have all of the Beer fox art. Give me a bit of time to re-post it.
  13. Location thread v7

    Giddings Texas That other country You'all
  14. My fursona is the real me without the prejudices and limitations that society has put on us. I've always been a fun loving helpful person. With that Mischievous fox added in.
  15. I guess I raise from the dead as well?

    Welcome to the forums!