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  1. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18385075/ Thank you for the opportunity <333 *fangirl scream @ steampunk* o3o
  2. Welcome back, although I'm kind of a ghost around these forums o3o
  3. Birthday present to my BF and I finally made a ref sheet >~>
  4. My first con badge!!! Art by Cyndybell @ FA, character/concept by me ^-^
  5. I've found an artist, thank you for your replies <3
  6. By Chakisuu @ FA. My fav of me so far!!!
  7. I always need a big, thick stick in my hands (or mouth)...
  8. Manual. I like having full control over the engine. I learned on an old Civic which drove like a go-kart x3 im stuck with an automatic atm because the price was right from my brother in law. Im not going to lie... at times it is nice being able to eat and drive without having to hold it in my mouth to shift suddenly ^u^ i prefer my bf's sport bike. As soon as i get a better job i am going to get one of my own.
  9. I need to wear panties that say "entry in rear"
  10. I do love your colors though!
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