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  1. Interactions with customers in any retail job go 10 times smoother if you introduce yourself and then immediately let them talk to a manager. Godspeed.
  2. And remember, by law we cannot give medical advice through the forums.
  3. Solace: She can be rash and hotheaded, and her patience is situational at best. Willful ignorance and being difficult for the sake of being difficult frustrate her to no end. This can make her rather hypocritical at times, as she tends to run away with her stubbornness if she doesn't personally see a benefit to a belief or solution to a problem. Despite this, she feels as though she doesn't deserve her position in her career, feeling as though she was a minority promotion. Knowing that she can face criticism for showing weakness, she keeps quiet and rarely confides in anyone for fear of her insecurities being used against her. Instead, she copes with bourbon and a brash, abrasive outward appearance. One could argue that she only cares about her crew and ship. Casualties happen, and while she allows her crew to mourn, she will refuse to allow it for herself. She is well aware that she's a ticking time bomb for burnout or a mental breakdown, but asking her to express her thoughts and emotions might as well be asking her to translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Sabata: A viper in tall grass. Greed drove his ascent and fear keeps him there. He uses intimidation, charm, and money to maintain a group of loyal underlings within his company. Failure is not tolerated, and those without a purpose are cast aside. If an underling can prove their worth, they are allowed to remain. He is careful not to flaunt his wealth; "A fool and his money are soon parted" is a phrase he'd taken to heart since he was young. Meditation, music, and driving keep his nerves cool. A good book and glass of gin provide optimal relaxation. I'll probably add more later.
  4. I would be forever disappointed if you couldn't guess who it is :v
  5. Not a fursona, but it'll work for one of my main characters.
  6. So, in the medical field, there's this thing called "lung butter". It's thick, nasty mucus that patients with tracheotomies have to deal with, and it's the worst thing ever. Luckily most patients I encounter who have buttery lungs are on a ventilator, so I don't have to deal with it too much except when it needs suctioned out. Imagine, if you will, the sound of someone trying to suck out the last few drops of a particularly thick milkshake through a straw. That's the sound this shit makes. Very few things gross me out anymore, and lung butter is definitely one of them.
  7. We've got old-style wall radiators for heat in our apartment. Bo will lay on them in the winter when they turn the boiler on, fall asleep, then roll off and fall onto the floor. Photographic evidence, and also bonus bow tie.
  8. I'm sure they're fine. They just have to take cover until their wounds disappear.
  9. We've got a black cat. He's afraid of everything and wears a bow tie collar most of the year. We make him wear a sweater in the winter though and he hates it.
  10. I despise ketchup, but it's pretty great in potato soup.
  11. "Gunshots or fireworks" is one of my favorite games to play.
  12. So, this is a really weirdly specific one. But there's a UDF near where we live. It sits on the side of a four-lane road. If you're driving away from the freeway, the two lanes on your side of the road alternate between a "Left Turn Only" lane and a "Right Turn Only" lane at two intersections. This UDF sits right the fuck between them. The problem is when people, after the first intersection when the left lane becomes the through-traffic lane, they will sit and wait to turn left into the UDF while traffic builds up behind them. What makes it worse is that everyone in the left lane is trying to go straight through the next intersection, so a backup will occur in a couple minutes as people try to move over into that lane after the first intersection. Worst of it is that there's a Speedway in a much less inconvenient location just a block down the road in the opposite direction, and three other gas stations at the end of the road just a few more blocks away. When one person's laziness makes life worse for everyone else, that is what makes me a rage.
  13. My pilot's license. I really, really wanna learn to fly a plane. Also, I'd kill to fly a helicopter for just an hour or so.
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