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  1. Maybe you're right, it's just with the current situation over here I'm not in the most stable state emotionally, seeing pictures of this horrible events and worrying about people close to you blurs your mind. So I'll be leaving, I'm too close to this to have a decent conversation, because everything that can be interpreted as bad talking about this event gets me on edge.
  2. It's not my view, I'm just quoting Saxon. My idea on this if we see Muslims or people from whatever religion misbehaving or opposing a threat we can take actions against them, just as we would against our own ... Some people may shout racism, just because it's foreigners, but in my opinion it's equality
  3. I'm not saying you are blaming the victims, but blaming the government for this happening is just as bad. You really think they wanted this to happen? You also really contradict yourself, we should not treat Muslims differently, but again you also say that we should take actions to keep them from doing stuff like this. And I have just as many rights as the person who created this thread to point out your behavior. You do fail to show them respect in my opinion, blaming their own country for their deaths that has in no way invoked this does not seem like paying respect to me...
  4. Alright, let me try to phrase this in a kind manner. If you are only here to keep going on about how this could have been avoided and why it is our own fault, I'm asking you kindly to just leave this thread. You are not in any way helping, let alone paying respect to the people who lost their lives by what you are saying. And I'm not saying I'm not in the mood for this problem, I'm not in the mood to listen to someone blabbering from their safe spot about how they know it all. If you are so wise and know the solution, please go ahead and free the world of terrorism, hatred and all other things like that ... If not, at least show some damn RESPECT to the people who have died
  5. No but you ar basically saying that this is a logical event because our gouvernment has "fuelled" this. Maybe you should stop and think for a minute, if it was your friends in danger you wouldn't be making comments like those. It's lost and endangered lives we are talking about, so I just wanted to emphasise that you should consider your words more carefully. I for one am not in the mood for comments like that ...
  6. Tell me if I'm getting this wrong, but basically you blame us for the attack? We try our best to welcome everyone, my neighbours are Muslim, they are some of the kindest people around. Also about your view on Molenbeek, we didn't do any thing special to get such a high concentration of people who like the ideas of IS there. All you need is 1 good speaker/leader and others will follow, that's what happened there. So please stop your contemplating, no one has the right to kill others just for their own sake. Even if the attitude of Europe hasn't been the best, that doesn't rectify killing innocents to get your point across.
  7. I hope the same, the biggest thing that worries me is that they suspect another attack around the VUB university in Brussels, I have quite a few friends that go to school there. Just hoping everyone is ok over there.
  8. I just can't grasp it, I really can't ... the whole country is a mess, we watched the live feed from the news with out teachers during class, also saw some pictures on twitter from how the station and airport look. It's just chocking, Paris was close already but now in my own country ... it's unbelievable, honestly don't know how to react or what to feel anymore. Just hope everyone I know is safe
  9. Ah I remember buster from that digital watercolor drawing, boy have I improved over this year, and I'd love to I'll pm you the details
  10. more examples of adoptables I can make : (full res. file can be found here http://hellcharm.deviantart.com/art/Zodiac-themed-adopts-13-13-OPEN-588104741 and here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18968463/) All of these are for sale! $10 per adopt, $2 discount if you buy both gemini adopts! REMINDER! I also accept deviantart points for payment $1 = 100 points
  11. This sounds great Thanks a lot for offering, I'm very interested to see my sona incorporated in a logo so I could use it on my future art as a signature. Of course, anything else would be great as well, I'll just link you my list of current characters, if any of them can help you out just go ahead and help yourself Hell Charm (snow leopard - fursona) Rook (demonic canine) Blue (yohkanu - closed species) Cagn (wolf)
  12. Still working on these :'( I planned on getting all my stuff ready before the end of the year but I've been so busy working on my exams my exams end in 3 weeks, hope to catch up on all art I had om my to-do list by the end of this month, so I'll be postponing uploading art until that date, my room is a mess and there is paper everywhere. But I haven't forgotten about you guys actually have 2 out of 3 finished just 1 more to go and watercolor addition to the drawing with the original character I picked. If you'd like to stay up to date you can always follow me on dA or FA, I'm a bit less active here now because of my exams.
  13. :3 sooooo cute, I love how you drew Rook. Would you mind if I were to base a chibi of him on your drawing? You just made his face so ridiculously cute ^-^
  14. Nothing particular, although I like him being his usual creepy self. Anything you would like in particular? I'm working on another trade now and I almost have it done so I'll be starting your drawing pretty soon.
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