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  1. Plants with one S wasn't taken, so it's now yours.
  2. If well cared for by a mechanically inclined owner and the Haynes book, pretty much. I wasn't as kind as I needed to be to the transmission, treating it like a closed system when it isn't. Also, in my stupider youth, I burned out enough clutches to make my family a bit skittish with me near a stick, which is why I have an auto while the rest of my family's Subies are sticks. That said, it's still possible for them to fail in catastrophic ways. At 195,000 miles, the water pump seized, and the symptom of its immanent failure was misdiagnosed. On Outbacks, it's driven by the back side of the timing belt, and when it seized, it got the belt so hot it melted the bearing cover of one of the idler pulleys. The bearings fell out, slacking the belt, and yet it still kept the crank and cams timed well enough to just walk off and melt a hole right through the front of the timing belt housing cover. The engine didn't quit until it came completely off a pulley and halfway out of the entire housing. The belt replacement was fine, but the replacement pulleys and and housing cover were a bit of a pain in the wallet. Also, unbelievably thankfully, the engine was designed to make it impossible for a piston to hit a fully open valve.
  3. At the moment, an ancient Mazda B2200 pick-up. My hailstorm-surviving '96 Subaru Legacy Outback may have driven its last. After 350,000 miles, the automatic transmission started acting up, and the torque converter clutch is telling the computer something's wrong with the solenoid.
  4. Am I just imagining things, or are blog notifications finally working?
  5. That sucks, man. Admittedly, I haven't seen many SSD failures, but none of the ones I have died as slowly as a spinning-platter HDD. Even my old workstation's IBM Deathstar had more time (1-3 hours) between "something seems off" and total beyond-readable failure.
  6. I'm really sorry it took so long, but it has now been done.
  7. Out comes the vending machine itself as the old one collapses into a singularity and vanishes. In goes an Internet of Things light bulb.
  8. Phoenfeld.
  9. She made the decision on her own to resign and leave our community in order to focus on real life personal business, and she has followed through on it so completely that she left our mod chat. The kind of granular access she had to the admin panel (the theming section, specifically) requires permissions that only @Carenath has. That access, along with her moderator status, will be was revoked, but it's something I can't do myself.
  10. Out comes Bob the Builder. In goes a fraggle.
  11. Out comes a cabinet, two out of three drawers stuffed full of shadows. In goes Gordon Ramsey.