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  1. Out comes the vending machine itself as the old one collapses into a singularity and vanishes. In goes an Internet of Things light bulb.
  2. Phoenfeld.
  3. Lemon made the decision on her own to resign and leave our community in order to focus on real life personal business, and she has followed through on it so completely that she left our mod chat. The kind of granular access she had to the admin panel (the theming section, specifically) requires permissions that only @Carenath has. That access, along with her moderator status, will be revoked, but it's something I can't do myself.
  4. Out comes Bob the Builder. In goes a fraggle.
  5. Out comes a cabinet, two out of three drawers stuffed full of shadows. In goes Gordon Ramsey.
  6. I went into the Walmart here on Tuesday, and the electronics department was playing Alpha and Omega 8 on all the TVs for sale.
  7. That's a "so much for the tolerant left" hook. Seriously, though, this train wreck is starting to fall onto the side track of Punchable Face magazine subscriptions.
  8. Done. Done. Done. Yes, that's better. Done.
  9. Thus shall you be known. :3
  10. Still running Unix as my main OS. (FreeBSD, specifically.) Still running Window Maker as my desktop environment-free window manager. Still got a thing for the NeXT computers look. Still way behind on some of my spam folders. Wallpaper is Chakats at the Onsen by A_Blue_Deer.
  11. I caught a cold on Wednesday morning. The last three days were not fun. That sounds illegal as hell.
  12. I'm sorry for going inactive here in my own thread, folks, but I have personally been trying to take all of your comments constructively. I have to acknowledge this interesting point. While our plan was firmly on 30, it's not inflexible, especially now that we're receiving public comments on it.
  13. Folks, we are at an interesting point in the evolution of Phoenixed Forums. We have two problems to contain, spammers and ban evaders, and this is how we intend to solve them both. We intend to leave registration completely open, but new members will be moderated for a while after signing up, allowing us to spot forbidden sign-ups before they become visible to members and guest visitors. Lurkers, if you decide to sign up after we do this, I promise that we the moderators will make every reasonable effort to approve your otherwise-allowed content as quickly as we can during the short time your posts are moderated. The time period new members will be moderated is until one of these two happens: You give any of the moderators a means to verify your online identity, such as presence on a furry fandom or social media site. We need to stress that, unlike a certain other furry fandom site, we are not asking for any sort of sensitive personal information like government-issued ID cards. A reasonably active DeviantArt, Fur Affinity, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Weasyl, or similar online presence you can point to and say is yours on any other site is good enough for us. We approve 30 of your posts. When either one of these happens, you'll have fully unmoderated access. Now, here's where the accounts part of this update comes in. In order to make this happen, we have to change the group structure. As mentioned in the Great Red Update, access to the Red Lantern is by request only (after other conditions are met); those of you without access are in one group, and those of you with access are in another group. Right now, you can tell which is which by the color of the word "Members," but there's no way to tell them apart by color in the group settings. To make this change happen, we need a third group just for new sign-ups to be in temporarily. As you can imagine, it'll be very hard to manage three groups if they all have the same name and the same color in the management interface, so we need new group names. What we've come up with are these: New Members - The new default and moderated group. Members - The unmoderated group after 30 approved posts. Red Lantern - The group which has access to the Red Lantern. For those of you in this group, we're going to structure this so you're actually a member of two groups, Members and Red Lantern, and only "Members" will show publicly. Suggestions for alternate names are welcome. So that's it, simple and straightforward, but it will affect all of us. We need to rename the groups, add a new group, and temporarily moderate new users.
  14. I honestly don't know, but I would be shocked if it didn't. Discussions on the IPS forum itself basically say yes.