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  1. I remember long ago a user used to make furry porn of a sonic styled character that was wheelchair ridden. I kinda felt bad because people think that disabled people don't have sex or sexual urges? I felt less bad when he wanted the characters to be 7 or 9 years old......ummm?
  2. It's already been said pages ago multiple times. We were just asking for some parts of that specific condition be met as well to help prevent future incidents. None of the thread discounted the userbase accountability.
  3. I don't think *this* current discussion is much as a callout, I think the other occurrences were. Asking a moderator to just think twice is a far call from "I don't like you as a moderator" since at least I understand her points, I'm just concerned about how they're coming across to newer users. While the suggestion is specifically addressed to her, it's good advice overall. It was that event that made me participate in the thread to begin with. It would be advice I'd give to any moderator that made a similar post like that. I could care less if in a debate/rant thread you want to come off blunt or in a negative (so long as it isn't resorting to being insulting). I think in an intro thread, you should be a bit more reserved.
  4. Yeah guys, you keep falling back on the same argument, and don't see how that kind of attitude can have its negative effects. There's a difference between not being a hug box, and not being some echo chamber for your mentality though. Sometimes it's okay to not say things and leave it alone. Even if you feel it does need to be said, there's also nothing wrong at times with going to your other teammates and posting your message to them and letting them see if it could be said a better way. Sometimes you may find another's voice a big strength, and shows real teamwork. It's not like I haven't been in the same position or not been around to the mod thing. That's in fact the whole reason I said something. this is experience talking now.
  5. To be fair, I wasn't around at the beginning of threads I had just noticed the "Not my damn problem" rant when it was too late. That's what was a bit heartbreaking. No matter how you put it, it was very offputting to see. The user may have been gone by then, but when a moderator takes that stance in the thread, I think that's when you need to step back and really think if that's what need to be said. Don't get me wrong Vae, I really don't have some personal vendetta or anything, but seeing that recent thread did make me upset. It's not whether or not you were wrong, but saying that in a recent thread with that tone, did set things off. It also didn't help because other users who are newer will see that thread and probably not want to stay around. I'm also going to complain about the echo chamber going on right now. Yeah take the cynical approach of "oh here we go again, we'll just lock this thread and wait for another to pop up in a few months" or actually you know do something about it? It's really a shitty approach. I get it, it happens a lot, not naive, but at some point you may have to step back and think how that way of thinking is actually stagnating and stale. It's not like I like the side that wants to jump in and nitpick with no resolution either, to argue just because they dislike someone as a moderator. It's dumb too... I'm not thinking things will change on a grand scale either, but I agree with @Battlechili's "familiarity breeds contempt" that's going around.
  6. I have a good emotional one. I've been watching it multiple times now A Slient Voice, there was a manga but recently made a film This only really tugged at my emotion and I think many can relate to it. https://9anime.to/watch/koe-no-katachi.4wzo/w5l96k
  7. Well I may need to brush up on my forum history but there are still sites up that have them such as Sijun, Eatpoo (most had gone to CA.org till it just turned into a wasteland), and polycount. CG Plus which is new new "CGHub" that got shut down does have forums but I haven't been active in any of the mentioned ones, or active of late except here. While I don't mind some kind of competition like "theme/challenge of the month" or some kind of Thunderdome competition, the upkeep of those contests will be what matters most. But a "furry of the month" or character of the month could be fun. I remember early beginnings where there was a character of the month kind of thread in anime communities, where participants got to vote and winner picked the next theme. My main concern for the forum was the way people would flock on new users like some kind of pestilence killing off any new life the forum may get. .
  8. Did you want critiques on the draftmanship, or what you're trying to convey with your fursona. What kind of personality are you looking for, or habits your character has? I think maybe we can get somewhere in the discussion if you state goals?
  9. Mmm... I'd have to disagree with some of the forum moving around ideas. Dead Centre should just be subforumed under Watercooler as well as Lynx Paper Mill can be left alone imo, just helps the "furry open" theme. But I'm worried about combining Black Market and Art Exchange as one since already people wanting free stuff far dominates the few that can get paid work. Maybe tweaking rules on BM might help to generate traffic. It was mostly intended to get rid of spam and constant bumping but maybe more levity on the times may help.
  10. I think the theme is "casual furry" open furry more than "come in and act your fluffiest"
  11. Well I throw my hands up, on that front. Seriously, what the fuck guys. Feel like I have to put kids in their respective corners trying to get each other's side but they're busy calling each other a meanie poo poo head.
  12. Yes, I have RSI, it affects me the most when drawing, I had been trying to break drawing habits that are attributing to it but limited success. I have started working on 3D now and something about it feels less taxing. It helps my illustrations so it can't be all bad. I have other personal matters I attend to but I don't need to dump my sob story on your thread. I'm happy to see you posting again. If you're still having issues with color work, I did post a cgcookie post about color shifting that has been rather helpful. I believe in Toshabi's sketchbook.
  13. You'll always have "Art blocks" in terms of wanting to accomplish something or not drawing because you're afraid your idea was already done/uninspired/unoriginal or bigger scope than you imagined. You have to take it as a learning experience if it doesn't come out the way you want. Not drawing it isn't gonna keep the idea in your head forever till you can draw it, so may as well get it over with
  14. That's because PBS is set to be educational. Most networks with cartoons for young kids mostly hope to sell toys.
  15. Well, it's less that then coming to terms? I'm asking what they want because going in circles with arguing over whose viewpoint is correct, on their perception of how that moderator comes across...isn't really going anywhere. So what's the outcome, what's the purpose?