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  1. This thread is weird.
  2. So...umm this is what I come back to?
  3. I usually idle on CGPlus https://cgplus.com/ but there is Drawcrowd https://drawcrowd.com (looking at Drawcrowd's profile of some people not sure why I need to know someone's relationship status on an art site...but okay). There's also http://www.wysp.ws/
  4. Trying to get myself to play the other FF games since I got Zodiac Age in the mail, but FFXIV Stormblood has me sucked in....XD once I get my crafters and gatherers to 70 I'll chill a bit on leveling alts and work on playing FFXV Prompto and maybe get into 12
  5. I don't understand why we're arguing over the title that's first in the show. I mean it's not like people gave a flying fuck it wasn't called A Song of Fire and Ice and went with Game of Thrones. The timeline is completely irrelevant to the media short of being able to add titles to sequels or prequels. We don't need a Star Wars debacle here.
  6. Does anyone know what happened to them? I was clicking on a thread that had linked to them a while back and I'm getting a 404?
  7. Yeah Ori looked really pretty from what I've seen
  8. I tend to draw more humans than furry these days, but may be out of your budget (depending on what you want). If you are curious you can look at my weasyl page (in my footer) or commiss.io one was well.
  9. I'm envious of your line economy. GiB.
  10. Ok so similar to hamsters in that regard. http://a.co/66A9H7D So this is the list I came up with for the ratties. Let me know if I may be missing something important (other than fresh veggies since I cannot really mark those on Amazon). I'm also going to bookmark this site. http://www.ratropolis.com/Rat Tutorials/RatTutorials.htm So I can do bedding ideas.
  11. I actually stopped visiting the forums shortly after encouraging the move from FA (was a former admin of FA myself). Looking at what I've seen recently I'm quite sure recent events are a repeat of past behavior. It's unfortunate because while I do enjoy more frank conversations on the forum, there's a prevailing negative attitude that niggles at little things instead of letting them lie. That and the fact while people did migrate together, it didn't mean everyone got along, so much as just put up with each other. I left due to personal issues in my life and the forums just felt like Debate Club. When you've done it for a long number of years (my internet presence) can be dated back to mid to late 90's you do get tired of it. The debate, dogpile mentality reduces the number of "Safe" topics which is why General Time Waster and other such threads can keep going.
  12. I was worried at first, but knowing males are more of a sleeper and less active than females, good to know. I didn't want to get a double cuz that might be inviting an addiction to getting more. I want to keep it to 2. I used to have 3 hamsters at a time in separate cages and it got to be a bit more out of control with feeding and bedding. Rats seem to be easier in the sense they can live in the same habitat and I can wash their bedding, so less carefresh all over the damn place. Question for you @grassfed I know they urinate for territorial purposes...is it just a few drops?
  13. Considering most of us are on social media isn't spreading the word something that can be done vs advertisements that's more than likely to get adblocked?
  14. Very cute. I'm definitely going to invest in a good cage. I'm going to get a Critter nation cage. So saving up. I am only gonna stick with a single unit for now, since I'm just starting. Looking at some decorating ideas. Thinking of going with a Grand Company theme, like Maelstrom from FFXIV (cuz pirates ARRRR)
  15. Ok lots of "meh" I mean there aren't many games that are making me go OHGDI Some look neat and may check them out later... Lost Sphear looks cute, but it looks like Bravely Default. Agents of Mayhem is kinda fun looking if it has the same sillieness as Saint's Row 3rd. I know KH3 is next year and some of these other titles... As much as I hate sequels some part of me wants some of that fun I had in Infamous Second Son... and I'll be getting that Horizon Zero Dawn DLC soon as well. But overall...just..."meh"