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  1. Eh no joke for the most part this was the weakest of the Black Mirror seasons. However, Arkangel makes me think of this thread how people so intent on trying to censor an opinion, and trying their best to deflect things with stupid memes, makes me think they'd get an Arkangel chip just so they can put on that mosaic filter to reduce their cortisol levels.
  2. Sigh, still derailed with shit all over the tracks. Some people in this thread would probably vote for the Arkangel chip to be implanted with the way they're reacting.
  3. Star Wars the Last Jedi (Spoilers maybe)

    Lucas was never really good at writing, while the original Star Wars were fun keep in mind quite a few actors hated the dialog, I mean Harrison Ford changed lines. You had lines that were okay for their time...but it wasn't exactly the greatest thing...it was however a lot of fun it was "meme" worthy before memes were really a thing. We just used "quotable". Rey is an okay character, I don't hate her but I don't exactly like her because she doesn't follow the Monomyth (Hero's Journey) as much as Luke did which is why I have a problem with the ultimate portrayal of Luke in the Last Jedi (I find his greatest strength -[ not giving up] is also a weakness. They kinda spit on that to make way for this new story) Not feeling her Monomyth like I did with Luke. It's problematic on many levels because 1. You can't have her suffer as much or more than Luke, like say her losing or being injured like Luke (I mean Luke lost his hand to his dad). So okay, classic orphan story is what we get...which is almost like every Disney origin. meh. While I'm glad they didn't take a CW "Incestuous" ancestry route (tired of people having to be related to every established character prior in the franchise) they didn't make this angle interesting. So why can't she suffer? It would be seen as a mere repeat of what Luke went through in some people's minds It would have SJWs clamoring about the "Women in the fridge" analysis where women have to suffer more than men Hollywood would never go for it. We still value women's beauty above all else, (and to a degree men as well, which is why Luke's injury wasn't to his face). It would also go back to my point about "Women in the fridge" 2. This leaves a character that many have dismissed as a Mary Sue, she's naturally better at stuff, but there's no compelling connection with her. There's no underdog element. 3. Doesn't feel like there's a growth to her character, we had a guy like Luke who felt a bit goofy, grow into something. This is a girl with a natural talent that ran from place to place that her lack of growth makes the adventure feel like an observer role that we look and see what happened to more compelling characters like Luke and Kylo. While I get what they're doing - she needs to choose her own Destiny, it just lacks impact. This leaves me with Kylo who IS compelling. I mean there's more going with him than Rey, and I find that unfortunate. Yes, he's the villain, but it feels more like he's going through the journey more than Rey. I mean it's all possible that there's no saving him in the end, and he just becomes a villain through and through, but you feel more for him. You kinda understand what he's going through too. I'm sure many can relate to parents living vicariously through you. You feeling (whether real or perceived) that your parents have a certain destiny for you and want to rebel. Obviously he's making the worst decisions about it. To a certain point you can't blame him because I mean his Uncle (Luke) made it feel like you can't be believed in. That being said, I don't overly hate these new films (Force Awakens was fun, Last Jedi has its moments) I think people argue too much about their real expected headcanons for theories and expected backstories (c'mon guys not the first time we didn't get backstories in these villainous characters). But I will admit, I have problems with how Rey is in these films...and just feel like they did Luke injustice as well. I have no problems with him passing the torch to her or unable to conquer everything, but him just giving up just seems to be against his character trait.
  4. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    Mmm yeah no, it wasn't about them passing or changing the price structure of the net, and that's kinda hard to do in ways because there's always new sites coming up. However, it was about the companies shaking down other sites for more money to get priority on their network. That was already done with Netflix. The biggest reason for this of course wasn't just it taking up 70% of the bandwidth (though long ago the government funded these wonderful ISPs to build a better infrastructure since we still have one of the worst services compared to other countries...and they pissed that $$ away...on...fuckifIknow...maybe hookers and blow). It was pulling away from the other traditions of media service, ie cable tv and premium channels. So let's not kid ourselves into thinking these "poor ISPs are suffering bandwidth problems" it's more like their stubborn refusal to try to really change with the times and the only way to control that was to throttle it. The throttling will happen to make their preferred service get priority, they're not gonna give consumers some +5 buck plan a month to get CNN, they're more likely to slow down CNN until they (CNN) pay more while they pump out their preferred news service. Basically this is like another version of the mp3 fight that first broke out, big guys spending money to slow or try to control something that was out of their hands, now that it's late in the game of course they can't go with their original plan. It's not that I don't get that streaming services do take up resources, but they were given opportunity to have better internet long ago, which other countries do better even with metered plans. It's just if not for those hungry services that many people use today....they would have been fine with the old way of dealing entertainment though stupid package deals that most just kinda shrug at these days.
  5. So I'm thinking of getting a couple of ratties

    Got a new phone so figure it is a good time for new photos... guess sideways now because this forum still sucks at orienting photos
  6. No I get it, but at the same time its like everyone is pissing in their food lol.
  7. While one part of me is a bit amused from the clusterfuck of posts, there is another part a bit torn feeling that encouraging it as a moderator and letting it continue on is kinda fucked up. Even more so since the thread topic is actually a good suggestion...
  8. Well I understand the concerns for lack of discussion (or at least a response when one disagrees) the prime difference with Reddit, and having one here is that you can see who is clicking on reaction buttons, vs just being downvoted to hell and the post becoming less visible/hidden. So if you see who reacted you can challenge them with a "why do you disagree" as it won't be hidden.
  9. Well it's more like animals tend to check each other's junk out before trying to ascertain dominance. One person keeps flashing their junk that no one wants...
  10. The fuck is even happening other than some bizarre form of crotch sniffing?
  11. I'm pretty sure Discord will be replaced by another type of Discord because some company will probably buy them out since I'm sure there's some kind of unsustainable mass it will reach at some point even with their paid plans. I mean look how long it took IM to die out and things like Teamspeak/Mumble etc to really become overtaken due to Discord.
  12. Twitter being #better is #objective as @Tsuujou said. I find Twitter more chaotic than the forums due to the nature of how posting goes. It's just a medium that is more mobile accessible than the forums (the forums work like utter garbage on my mobile device). But, twitter is more like walking in a crowd of thought bubbles with some slight tie of being "organized" through the use of hashtags. The other thing going for it is its API where many other media can work with it, ie sending a tweet when you post on Instagram/Twitch/Tumblr etc... Anyways if people are afraid of being disliked, disagree may feel a bit more middle ground for folks? A torn sheet of paper would also be a great reaction post for posts where you see some people's POVs but torn on whether or not you're inclined to agree with everything stated.
  13. I'd like a wall icon please and make the people post essays pay for it.