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  1. I had a funny moment last year while playing with a friend on tempered Bagel. He basically rammed me into a corner, against some bombs. I expected to cart then, and was yelling in chat "Whoa I'm alive!!!" with a sliver of HP but I was stunned. I spun my camera to make sure I could get ready to dodge only to notice some Gastrodons headed towards my way. I need to upload the video of that.
  2. My favorite is when you flash a monster and a random Bagel drops from the sky. That and you putting down a trap and the monster you targeted escapes it, so you go into another zone, only to see a popup telling you that Bagel fell into that trap
  3. I'm no speedrunner by any means, I just do a lot of stun locking solo since Bow is second nature for me. But I am not sure if you're on PS4 because there is a PSN community I am on it, though I'm sure I have my PS4 Profile up somewhere (I need to set my permissions back now that they fixed that character bug that would crash systems)
  4. Protip on the Mosswine event. Flash the hell out of them and use stones. You can also use paralysis. Friend and I were vouchering ours solo so we could get that 108k per run. I need it less than him since I am over 10 mil in zenny. Dunno when it will be back up since I noticed it was a very short event. I guess it was their version of year of the Boar lol. A Shame. Sorry to hear that about the KT lobby, they may have accidentally created their group without the password at first, and had to be an asshole to you. In all honesty though if they want to do that they should just make their own session since my friends and I are pretty much able to single siege it, in about 2 runs. I know the meta is gathering all the tracks and stuff to up the pursuit level then breaking all her parts to get her to fury. Looks like KT will be done today though since it's that time...I'm sure the Admiral is reminded of it I have multiples of other decorations and can solo my hunts in about 5 minutes or less. If it's higher its because I'm usually messing around or making something to eat at that time. I was gonna elder melder it, but since G Rank is coming out ad the end of the year I may save it up for then.
  5. Yeah he goes by either B52, or Mad Bomber with some of my friends, but others call him Bagel Juice. I'm sitting about HR 395 was trying to get to 400 ...sadly not one other attack jewel and I'm pretty sure I clocked around 1500+ hrs in that game. I'm learning, hammer, glaive, and LBG in that game but still a Bow main. Arch Tempered "Katie" K.T. is fun. Not sure if anyone has tried the Mosswine event XD... I can't wait for the expansion, I haven't played MHW as much and actually went back to FFXIV and FFXV (that Garuda event), so my time has been a bit divided.
  6. Just finished binge watching Inuyashiki, guy certainly matured from his Gantz days. It's still got that sci fi weirdness and brutality, but better emotional investments in characters. Nice twist on the usual tropes too. I like Man with a Mission's OP song, but still my favorite is Database from Log Horizon.
  7. Still enjoying Monster Hunter World. I really enjoy how it feels like a living world. I tried Monster Hunter World 3 on my 3Ds and I can see how much more streamlined things are, and well...comfortable on 3Ds it's a painful experience, even if I went and got the extension for the other analog stick, it just doesn't feel comfortable to play.
  8. Be more witty foo' that's why I usually enjoy your rants.
  9. Ok, glad you were unconvinced and decided to be redundant. You done arm flailing?
  10. To which again he admits to not being impartial. Doesn't seem that hard. To that it's like so what. You can dismiss it because he is biased, read the other information he posted from people that are not biased. Move on. Since the discussion asked pretty much asked him to extrapolate, he did.
  11. Yeah where did he say he was exactly impartial because he mentions it in his paragraph... Good for you for pointing out something he already said? So since I already read that and knew he even conceded as much I thought you weren't being redundant and actually was trying to be witty and snarky on something else. My bad, I overestimated you then.
  12. Vested? He's discussing whether or not someone is an actual predator based off the cartoons. He admittedly stated he doesn't know enough about Zaush to make the call. The only "outcome" is if Zaush is an actual predator or not, or he should be banned off FA if he violates policy. Battle wouldn't be necessarily vested unless he's a big fan of Zaush and that's his only source of where he gets art?
  13. I'm glad you're Rei Ayanami's hero we definitely need to keep those drawings safe from harmful comments We should keep people from sexualizing cartoons, that's some creepy shit. Yeah, you go live in your bubble, and be as chickenshit as I've seen the rest of the community and not actually do the right thing and report actual child porn. Have to go through the apathy of people in the community that "well if I saw the actual porn I shouldn't report it because they may come down on me too". I already had to see it, have my heart broken seeing actual children being abused and report it instead of hiding and pretending not to have seen it. You people are something else.
  14. This is mainly because he has been sexually abusive to female members in the past. So it's a grudge match to get him nailed on something. Like I said before my main irritation is people hard up on nailing him for something they rather pass rumors as law or make assumption truth. It tends to impede on actual investigations that could have nailed him for some of the shit he's pulled.
  15. Eh in all fairness, he just sounds like a weeaboo meme. I mean so much of anime is lewd with characters that are really young teens or sometimes younger. Maybe Japan has a rampant pedophilia population so they stopped having kids to molest. *shrugs*
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