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  1. I missed this gem of a scapegoat. I don't think the entire state is at fault for poor decision making, especially on the part of the OP. Nor do I think the entire state is at fault that some individuals are not really out there for the well being of the Ring Tailed Lemurs. What's most unfortunate is that if we used social media bias, and just internet to make judgements on who would be best to take care of these lemurs, I'd feel the species would be doomed by the poor judgements reflected by the OP and the conservationists involved in this sad shitstorm perpetuated by the OP. Fortunately, I have a bit more faith in humanity and believe there are groups out there that are taking care of the animals, and any conflict they have has been handled in a much better manner than the selfishness shown by the parties in the thread.
  2. If you think Facebook is the first answer in resolving things, you might want to re-evaluate your life choices.
  3. Chartbling apparently.
  4. This isn't about facts so much is psychology. If the drive is "doesn't matter" people will go more wasteful than before and likely to do worse than before. It's not so much to do the reverse, but more to at least try to slow it down. I don't believe there will be a reversal. i also don't believe we're saving the world so much since the Earth will go on and exist with or without us. It is nicer to not have people just throw their shit where-ever the fuck they want because "fuck it, doesn't matter".
  5. Guess fuck the world, let's not have people drive towards something.
  6. It's on my to watch list so I will be soon. Ancient Magus Bride got a TV series (it had a prequel OAV prior) so I'm all kinds of happy. Elias is mah boi. So Meme worthy!
  7. What kind of person comes to a forum full of humans hoping to bond over hating their own kind? Last time there were chucklefucks like that, they called them cult members...the only "fortunate" thing is usually those people killed themselves. Welcome to the N H K?
  8. What in the ever living coconuts?!?!
  9. Still sounds like you didn't properly follow the chain of command. I don't understand how people think Facebook offers anonymity when you post. We give out way too much info on the platform willingly for this to ever be the case. You can't exactly consider it "stalking" if you give out this info. I can understand unwarranted harassment but if it's info on your profile you freely give... This is the whole problem I have with your "accident" This was in fact intentional. You decided not to follow the chain of command and ENCOURAGED a negative campaign against the group BEFORE seeking alternative means of resolution.
  10. Social Media is a great thing, however... It shouldn't be the first thing used to resolve a situation especially if you work there. I sympathize with the improper care of animals, but we also are supposedly a smarter reasoning species. It stands to reason that if we work with other human beings, we should be able to talk with them first. Not run over and cause more problems by not talking with our employers. If you're surprised they stalked your profile. If you said you work there, people outside the situation are going to do the research to validate the claims. The problem is after it is found out, you don't have much control what other people do with that situation. You should have figured out how to help in private, when you decided to make it a public spectacle first don't be surprised when the circus comes to you. Don't expect the results in a day either. They have to do their own investigation to see how deep it goes. You could impede on it by making them destroy evidence when they realize they're caught with bigger consequences.
  11. Shopping is so convenient, I even order my groceries off Amazon. I can't always travel to the store,and items are kinda heavy. It's worth getting Amazon Fresh for me.
  12. Cleanup and Adjustments. Now to get the skin tones right.. .
  13. So meant to post this a day ago but still working on that bard idea...I wanted her to play the flute via Peloton skill in FFXIV...I got this part of it but I want to work a bit further. Grabbed some reference of the concept art in game outfit to figure things out. The reason for the odd red paint in the background is me making sure the silhouette reads. I have a habit of getting far too involved into details and not making sure the character reads well enough. The other reason I do it is my linework is garbage, so I tend to paint in something to make it read right, then sketch over it. Also in Clip Studio, the C key has become my friend. For those that don't know C flips the Color you're currently picking and I tend to cycle it to "Paint with Transparency" so basically it becomes an eraser with the exact same properties of your current tool. It's a godsend when you have crappy line quality like I do. It also let's me sketch through and do easy cleanup after.
  14. I have both of those, still sometimes you get a site that has obnoxious shit on it, I also use multiple browsers.
  15. I didn't like the direction of where the colored pic was going, and while getting caught up in FFXIV Stormblood I took a step away as well. I had to think did I want to redo this or just remember the original idea I was going for. I wanted a kinda "babyface" look (not so much chibi) and had to redo the work. So I revamped some of what I was doing, making the ears more cute, and bringing back the babyface a bit more. Fixed some of the eyes, though to the end never quite got all the proportions correct. I realized the hair still was all over the place so did a new sketch for the viewing left to get something more dynamic. After that I felt I got somewhere and kept going. I am more of a fan of the "Korean" style of coloring where you introduce neutrals to make colors pop So you can see me adding it in the hair and ears especially. The cast shadows of her face have it as well. I tend to put some kind of "color" in greys to make them appear to look like the compliment. IE using a more greyish "brown" make it look a bit more purple (since the brown is actually orange) Also I took way too long on the phone and started using Clip Studio (which is now becoming a fast favorite program ...sorry Sai and Painter...but it's time to move on) So enjoy @Moogle's Leona. Now I want cookies. I had a light makeup version of her (put eyeshadow on her eyes...but I think that's a bit too much for her character) Here's a silly more chibi...(maybe I'll make her more babyface, but I wanted her to look more chibi-minion style) of a pic of my own character I'm working on. Gonna redo the arms her so she is playing the flute via "Peleton" skill for Bard. I'm also going to be working on more "conventional" (I mean in a less babyface kiddie/chibi style) piece as well as trying to get back into 3D work if time permits me. Yes I'm available for commissions just PM me if you're interested.