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  1. Dear God, this poor thread. Also that guy is me so Hiya. Nice to be remembered two years ago.
  2. I haven't been on here in years, is this place dead yet? Is there a telegram group or something?
  3. Im at community college for computer science or something like that. I deteste coding though. And i work at a car wash vacuuming out peoples cars. No sitting and only a 30 lunch break if you're scheduled for eight hours. Like your new username btw.
  4. I suppose I like to draw sometimes too, as bad as it is.
  5. Sleeping is nice, especially since most of the time i don't get enough of it.
  6. Welp, im currently attending a community college, and that sucks. And i have a job, which sucks, and other than that everything else pretty much sucks. Thanks for the complement. It popped into my head one day and it stuck.
  7. Mods, feel free to relocate if this is in the wrong spot. Hey there fuzzbutts, anybody want to chat or be pals or something? I would have worded this better, but my brain isn't running at peak performance currently.
  8. Jayke

    Sleep N Stuff

    My Dad woke me up today ten minutes before I needed to leave the house. I still have no idea how I got ready in time.
  9. Sleep. I need it. But I can't get it, cause I leave all the important stuff to do until right before bed. As a college student, this is probably normal. Still sucks though. Discuss this I guess.
  10. Jayke

    Hello There!

    It's great to see you too!
  11. You should focus on studying more. :V
  12. Jayke

    Hello There!

    It sure has. The IRC seems pretty dead. I'll try my best to last. Thanks. This reply merging feature sure is handy.
  13. Jayke

    Hello There!

    Hey, I'm back back. Looking for people to chat with, too. Inquire within.
  14. Poof

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    2. Jayke




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