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  1. Oh shoot, this'll help.
  2. I've been meaning to practice drawing daily, so I can improve my terrible art style. Although, I've been meaning to do this for a few months now... I've also been trying to create some new characters to work with, as I feel Jayke isn't enough.
  3. Okay, here goes. My character is an otter, and hes about four feet tall, and normally has a grin on his face. He's playful too, and loves to swim. Is that good enough?
  4. What If I don't have a ref?
  5. People in the sleep industry.
  6. Another bug then.
  7. Nothing. I get redirected to the main page, and also have to login again.
  8. Because some people believe that their ideas are brilliant and that they deserve to own them.
  9. Don't like squash either.
  10. Does a set containing all sets contain itself?
  11. Also, insects are super creepy looking as humanoids. Or thats just me...
  12. He's so cute, I'm jealous.
  13. Been playing alot of NHL 16 recently.
  14. Something's buggy.. where even is a calendar?