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  1. I'm in agreement with ashley fur sure. Solid advice. Being an adult means handling your shit so you can do whatever tickles your fancy afterwards. If being an adult is learning to become ultra-repressed and cram yourself into the little box society and culture have created for us then sign me up to be a kid forever please.
  2. Matt is my pseudonym, it's really mysterious, 0O0O0O0O0O0O0O
  3. Yo

    Goddamn you can always count on @Vae to tell it like it is. This thread has reminded me that you guys are all a bunch of fucking degenerates and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. I hate the drama and the infighting and the shit talk sometimes but I'll take it over the opposite extreme any day of the week.
  4. I think it's adorable, you nailed his muzz and floppy ears <33
  5. In my experience it's just as costly as tobacco with all the shit you have to buy to get started + coils, juice, etc. If you cheap out it'll just break right away and she'll just be right back to the cigs, especially if she's not interested in quitting
  6. it's okay I furgive you
  7. you guys are a bunch of druggo losers lel
  8. Definitely, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. The biggest and most easily addressed problem at the moment is your mother's enabling.
  9. Mr. Peanutbutter knows what's up
  10. I actually totally agree with this sentiment and it's one of the things that made this community so alluring to me in the first place. The people could be really cynical and negative but they were also down-to-earth and I felt like I could have a real-ass conversation where if somebody was being a shitter then they'd actually get checked, hard. I love how accepting the fandom is, but when you get too far into that territory it becomes equally as unbearable as the opposite extreme.
  11. They're a popufur with a fursuit that everybody likes
  12. I think banning 2 for his material and because he's a dick sets a bad precedent. If people really don't like his show then they should just boycott it. If his attendance is really low then they should have just given him a smaller stage. I'm not saying I like the guy, but this seems like it opens the door to censoring anybody that has an opinion people don't like. I dunno.
  13. I'm probably late to the party but I'll go ahead and throw my sona into the queue in case you want more, since your art is awesome <3
  14. Yeah, me too. I learned a big lesson about boundaries and being okay with sticking up for myself and cutting bad people out of my life.
  15. The craziest person I ever met online emotionally abused me for the better part of a year. I was young and naive and I didn't really know how to say no or recognize a toxic relationship, I guess I'm glad I learned the lesson with somebody online versus somebody I know and have to be around in person. The dude was a poor kid from Louisiana maybe a year older than me, he came from a bad home and was very mentally unstable and prone to anger. He also had a massive inferiority complex that caused him to believe that I inherently succeeded at everything in life better than him because I happened to be born into a slightly more well-off family. Any kind of positivity from me was immediately taken as gloating and met with hostility or attempts to one-up me. At the same time he constantly gloated about his sexcapades and other achievements, most of which were lies. He'd send me pictures of some trans chick's ass that he brought to his house and fucked without an invitation, get into huge arguments with me over seemingly nothing and hurl abuse at me until I was fed up with it, then he'd break down and apologize and tell me I'm his only friend and the only one who would put up with his shit (gee, I wonder why?). He also had a tendency to take huge cocktails of psychedelic drugs, inevitably have a huge mental breakdown, and I'd have to sit there over text or voice and babysit him while he thought hands were coming out of the walls to strangle him and shit. Oh yeah, he would also constantly point out how much more jacked he was than me and how much better at martial arts he was, and how he could/would beat me up if we ever met in person. It was a pretty stressful year, glad I finally wised up and stopped talking to him.