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  1. Howldy, It has certainly been an eventful few years. I don't think I actually keep up with anybody that still bothers to check here every now and again. So, while you're not dead and the forum still exists, why don't you tell me what you've been up to and how you're doing generally speaking? I'll start. I feel like this year has been pretty terrible, but my life has been on a general upward trend since I broke up with my girlfriend of four years and finished my psychology degree. I got physically fit and started engaging with my hobbies again, climbing, cycling, chess, music. This year I started teaching myself Python and Linux stuff with some guidance from my room mate. I dated a few people on and off, discovered I was polyamorous and maybe on the ace spectrum along the way. I saw some good shows and had a few good cons before the pandemic hit. My favorite was easily flying to California to see the Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution show with Vaer. My state was on fire to the point that I almost had to evacuate, I caught coronavirus, and recently moved to Seattle. Now I'm just keeping my nose to the grindstone till I find a big boi job and save up enough for a goddamn car. I reckon things could be a lot worse. How about you, internet animals? How the fuck you doin'?
  2. Surprisingly I feel like I'm bored enough to be interested in joining something like that, even though I know nothing good would come of it
  3. I miss forums too. that said, I'm much happier more OK with the person I am now than what I was a few years back. I did a lot of growing up and although I'm not as naive and blissfully ignorant of the world's problems as when I was a kid I think it's probably for the better. Also hello to everybody who still checks back here every once in a blue moon :>
  4. don't panic, I'm still here kinda :0
  5. I'm kinda 'trapped in Oregon' myself these days, but that's cuz I live in a puny college town with nothing to do in it but drink yourself silly. I'd feel a lot less isolated if I lived closer to a place with an actual night life like Portland or Eugene even.
  6. Look at all these hot takes! I'm glad I'm just a lurker now, it's way more fun this way :V
  7. I guess nobody here has the exact details but I would not be shocked if he got some heroin that was cut with fentanyl. That shit has been killing addicts like flies because it is much more potent than heroin, but cheaper and easier to obtain iirc. My friends got some bad Ketamine that was cut with the stuff. One of them was hospitalized for several days, one of them spent over a day in the hospital. The third died in my best friend's driveway before the ambulance could arrive. It was really fucked up.
  8. I mean I kind of agree with you but isn't this also just an opinion? :0
  9. I'm in agreement with ashley fur sure. Solid advice. Being an adult means handling your shit so you can do whatever tickles your fancy afterwards. If being an adult is learning to become ultra-repressed and cram yourself into the little box society and culture have created for us then sign me up to be a kid forever please.
  10. MuttButt

    Hello Fellas

    Matt is my pseudonym, it's really mysterious, 0O0O0O0O0O0O0O
  11. MuttButt


    Goddamn you can always count on @Vae to tell it like it is. This thread has reminded me that you guys are all a bunch of fucking degenerates and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. I hate the drama and the infighting and the shit talk sometimes but I'll take it over the opposite extreme any day of the week.
  12. I think it's adorable, you nailed his muzz and floppy ears <33
  13. In my experience it's just as costly as tobacco with all the shit you have to buy to get started + coils, juice, etc. If you cheap out it'll just break right away and she'll just be right back to the cigs, especially if she's not interested in quitting
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