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  1. Brass, message me

  2. Brass

    Do you have any power over resetting my email? I don't have access to it and technically don't know my password. 

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    2. Zeke


      I am not going to ban you.

    3. Brazen


      If you do I'm going to be right pissed.

    4. Zeke


      As long as you don't cut up, you're fine. 

  3. @Sir Gibby ask @Señor Sal for an invite if you want 

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    2. Brass


      Gibs is sad that I nuked the discord 

    3. Señor Sal
    4. Brass


      I can make a new one. Don't be babies 

  4. 7 warning points, 3 bans 840 posts


  5. Gib do you want an invite to my discord chat


    1. Dr. Doggo

      Dr. Doggo

      sure m80

      I don't get on all that often though, fair warning, but im on right now

    2. Brass




      shut up gibs and come make new friends. 

  6. @Revates You're a really neat and genuinely nice guy. @Gamedog You have interesting and truly creative passions. @Vaer You're silly.
  7. damn vae sometimes you're my favorite poster. It's 4 am I think I woke up my roomies laughing.
  8. I'm pretty sure when you feed a sexual desire it just becomes more ingrained into your sexuality. So much to the point that you will lie and defend it constantly. Like with what you're doing right now.
  9. yeah we don't mean to CLIMB DOWN YOUR THROAT (hehe vorefaggot joke)
  10. ITT OP climbs tallest mountain of salt
  11. Pft Flynn is into vore. Suddenly it all makes sense. If he thinks eating people is hot then I guess other fetishes don't seem like a big deal huh.
  12. Did you really need a thread for this. Did you really need a thread for you to jerk off to how ENLIGHTENED you are?
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