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  1. When I partake interest in a topic that people are discussing during a conversation but feels like no one else engages with me and continues to actively talk to other people about it almost ignoring me or not acknowledging that I'm in the conversation with them, but when I try to make my voice heard and finally get someone's attention before they continue "their" conversation it's brief and the tone toward me is less enthusiastic. It makes me feel unwanted, like I annoyed them or pissed on their parade just for trying to converse. If I change the topic to try to get conversation going between me and others I look like the retard who's derailing the current topic.
  2. "This band sucks, therefore it's not true metal".
  3. Some of my family members converted to Islam, so I didn't have a Christmas here, which fucking sucks, but I got $50 from my father since he still somewhat celebrates it.
  4. I was being hypothetical. Also, good luck being openly gay in a Muslim majority country, never mind wedding cakes.
  5. I bet if it were Muslims doing it, people wouldn't give a shit and say something along the lines of "it's their culture and religious beliefs, you're just an Islamophobe!", then proceed on calling the opposition bigots, because all minorities are just one big melting pot of victims who all deserve to be treated with respect and can never be assholes to other minority groups. Nobody is walking on anyone except the gay couples going into Christian bakeries knowing what their reaction is going to be are the ones looking for trouble and making a huge issue out of it. It's a shitty thing, but we don't live in a fully implemented socialist system yet, so not everything is a basic human right.
  6. Opened up my original PS1, found out it has the shitty KSM-AAM model laser in it, the one that wears out quickly. I took the laser assembly from the PSOne and switched the gray deck with the black one so it would fit into the molding where the disc goes. I love how simple it is to replace parts in older disc-based consoles.
  7. I hate how people like this are popular on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chelseahandler/status/938463066273878016
  8. When people ask me "what do you get out of listening to this?" when I enjoy a music genre that they don't, particularly metal.
  9. I'm so shitty at conversing, unless I'm complaining to people about something.
  10. Man, I'm so hyped for the Xbox One X!
  11. I'm aware, I'm just implying that because I use my PC more for gaming, my consoles are conveniently used as media centers for my TV.
  12. I'm talking about just having a box hooked up to my TV.
  13. I don't see much value in playing video game consoles anymore other than using them to stream shit.
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