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  1. We got a hardcore white supremacist over here, let's ban him on all media platforms in the name of human rights!
  2. As much as I can see why people are scared of neo-nazis and the KKK, I still don't see how that justifies groups like Antifa/#Resist bullying everyone into their echo chamber and acting a lot like how they perceive their enemy to be. The very fact that standing up for your first amendment rights, or simply pointing out how regressive these people are somehow makes you a "Nazi sympathizer" while the media is endorsing their narrative, and getting censored for not supporting their hysteria is pretty fucking scary for the future of the most basic human rights. The last thing I want to do is side with these people.
  3. I see myself as more of a white nationalist, not so much a supremacist. If Arabs are entitled to places like Saudi Arabia as are blacks in African countries, and the Japanese in Japan, etc, why can't we keep native European countries predominately white? I can't speak for the US, since it was always a melting pot and arouse from unfortunate circumstances, like colonialism, genocide and slavery. So, I think it's stupid to flaunt white nationalism in a faux "white" country that was never native white to begin with. However, I don't think Europeans should feel ashamed of their ancestry/culture as with every other race of people.
  4. Biggest lie in history.
  5. People immediately calling Republicans/Trump supporters and the alt-right Nazis is not far off from when average Obama voters were called commies. As the definition of words continue to grow, simply breathing will soon become a federal crime.
  6. Would you like your pizza boneless?
  7. Sucks I'll only be able to see the partial eclipse.
  8. You did Nazi this coming?
  9. I'm so fucking hyped for the solar eclipse! Where my brother is going in SC, he'll be able to witness the total eclipse; over here in Raleigh/Cary, we'll be getting a 0.94 magnitude.
  10. When serving, sometimes you don't really have a choice, so in a way, you are doing a deed for the government whatever their intentions may be whether you like it or not.
  11. Did you have spearmint or peppermint?