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  1. Man, I'm so hyped for the Xbox One X!
  2. I'm aware, I'm just implying that because I use my PC more for gaming, my consoles are conveniently used as media centers for my TV.
  3. I'm talking about just having a box hooked up to my TV.
  4. I don't see much value in playing video game consoles anymore other than using them to stream shit.
  5. Thank you as well! Also, I might've. I presume it's going to be back in stock eventually, since it's one of this year's line of TVs, and they recently refilled their stock for the next model up.
  6. Thanks man, appreciate it! If anyone's curious, this is the one I bought: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073JLZ262
  7. Bought a small Samsung 720p smart tv, you can say it was little Birthday gift for myself, since it arrived yesterday on my Birthday. Pretty good timing. Also, the cake sucked.
  8. Going downstairs to make a cup of tea at night barefoot and witnessing a huge cockroach crawl up from the kitchen sink out of nowhere onto my countertops as soon as I turn the faucet on, then I had to spend a good 10-20 minutes just to find the damn thing so I could vacuum it.
  9. http://nypost.com/2017/09/08/councilman-resigning-after-secret-furry-life-revealed/
  10. Irma's path is creeping more and more toward my state, and I'm getting concerned about how strong it will be once it gets here.
  11. I reverse image searched it and found this on youtube:
  12. Three active hurricanes, what in the honest fuck?
  13. I live in North Carolina, so I'm very worried. This state is literally in its line of sight.
  14. I finally got a psychiatrist appointment on the 12th, but now I probably can't go, on top of possibly losing my home. Fuck hurricanes.
  15. Wow, fucking white supremacist Asiaphobic bigot! But for real though, they are. I suppose it also depends on the type of food you're using them with.