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  1. *carefully boops the shark*
  2. I don't like fatfurs. The reason being that I'm fat and I'm not comfortable with seeing my daily struggles being fetishized.
  3. Nerf guns can be done quite well, ive seen some very convincing ones. Sonic screwdrivers I've never seen.... And that gameboy is.....special. More; With that colour? Cyberpunk at best. The pink plush isn't helping either. Those cameras are not very steam age at all? It's copper top hat and has a clockface. It isn't very steampunk still....hmmm
  4. That neck tho
  5. Quick picture to show I'm actually working on my bit for you I also see your queue is empty, would you mind if i tossed in one more request? I'll leave the choice of character up to you.. i have 3 I'd be equally happy with Also, I'm always open to draw something in return too.
  6. Welcome! I personally have found this forum by far more entertaining than the average furry forum
  7. But wait...There's more
  8. That's for sure! I wonder how this seller thinks they could get 40 dollar for that.
  9. I love it! For a steamy feel, i suggest using victorian britain as an inspiration ^^ that often works
  10. Last steampunk topic I'll make in a while i promise. This time it's more humorous. I found, amd keep finding, a lot of things tagged as steampunk that aren't. At all. I decided to share them here too, because the topic got really popular on the steampunk forum i frequent. Feel free too add to the collection.
  11. This is the most adorable thread...but it needs more goat And sheep
  12. Well then. I had no idea this was going on. An unexpected turn, but maybe I'm just blind for seeing some things coming