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  1. I have not been on here for a very long time. i wonder if anyone here still knows me. but, for those who do, I would like to announce that I'm officially moving to scotland! fucking finally
  2. thank you! sorry I haven't been around here much, I appreciate the advice still! I haven't gotten around to finishing the last, sadly, as I lost my save file :C but I have been working on other posters! they're too big to upload :C
  3. Caledonian


    showing off some i made this includes alternates of the same flag. some still need cleaning up
  4. hey faust no character? have this then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSaDPc1Cs5U
  5. I know it's a boy but shhhh https://youtu.be/-RP19fnff_c
  6. I'd never say no to free art and yours is really nice Can you do something of callum? Gura me ayd!
  7. i recently made a new dA ToyScoutNessie.deviantart.com
  8. I haz gun (Prop gun belongs to the steampunk objective)
  9. Recently i have been trying to get into poster making, to benefit a group i joined (the army of toy soldiers) but also because i found it to be good fun! I'd like feedback from you guys  And my most recent project (not yet finished)
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