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  1. hit paste

    I dare you to hit paste in a comment. I'll go first, but...it's boring and in dutch too, De meeste van deze adressen zijn eengezins koopwoningen met een bouwjaar voor 2000, slechts 11 % van de huizen is van later datum. Demografisch is Bunnik vrij gemiddeld, met een bevolkingsopbouw die grofweg overeenkomt met die van het hele land. -tabel- huishoudens hebben een gemiddelde grootte van 2,3 gezinsleden. 37% van de huishoudens hebben kinderen en 33% van de huishoudens hebben geen kinderen. De resterende 31% betreft 1-persoonshuishoudens. 45% van de bevolking is getrouwd en 34 % is ongehuwd. De overige 10 % is gescheiden of weduwe.
  2. I make posters

    thank you! sorry I haven't been around here much, I appreciate the advice still! I haven't gotten around to finishing the last, sadly, as I lost my save file :C but I have been working on other posters! they're too big to upload :C
  3. I make posters

    Recently i have been trying to get into poster making, to benefit a group i joined (the army of toy soldiers) but also because i found it to be good fun! I'd like feedback from you guys  And my most recent project (not yet finished)
  4. hit paste

  5. flags

  6. flags

    showing off some i made this includes alternates of the same flag. some still need cleaning up
  7. Boop the Snoot

  8. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    Im back with costume pictures
  9. Themes for Our Characters

    hey faust no character? have this then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSaDPc1Cs5U
  10. Themes for Our Characters

    I know it's a boy but shhhh https://youtu.be/-RP19fnff_c
  11. [Closed] I'll Draw People

    I'd never say no to free art and yours is really nice Can you do something of callum? Gura me ayd!
  12. Artists! Share where to find you!

    i recently made a new dA ToyScoutNessie.deviantart.com
  13. hiveswap

    who else is exited for this game? i am for sure! sadly i won't be able to play it myself :C but i watch 3 different youtubers play it so i guess that counts?
  14. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    I haz gun (Prop gun belongs to the steampunk objective)
  15. Boop the Snoot

  16. hiveswap

    Yeah, it is out, but I'm too broke so i have to wait for youtubers to pick up on it. It is kinda short, Expecially if you go straight through without clicking on absolutely everything. It is only act 1, after all. Hussie does that.
  17. Me IRL

  18. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    Asylum picture! May or may not post more...but i already feel like I'm hogging this thread
  19. Boop the Snoot

  20. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    Outfit for the Asylum! (Damn sideways photographs)
  21. Boop the Snoot

    *carefully boops the shark*
  22. Anyone like fatfurs? If so, why?

    I don't like fatfurs. The reason being that I'm fat and I'm not comfortable with seeing my daily struggles being fetishized.
  23. Things that are not steampunk

    Last steampunk topic I'll make in a while i promise. This time it's more humorous. I found, amd keep finding, a lot of things tagged as steampunk that aren't. At all. I decided to share them here too, because the topic got really popular on the steampunk forum i frequent. Feel free too add to the collection.
  24. Things that are not steampunk

    Nerf guns can be done quite well, ive seen some very convincing ones. Sonic screwdrivers I've never seen.... And that gameboy is.....special. More; With that colour? Cyberpunk at best. The pink plush isn't helping either. Those cameras are not very steam age at all? It's copper top hat and has a clockface. It isn't very steampunk still....hmmm