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  1. Videogame Creations

    FINISHED! *falls over* Holy crap, this was a big build. From the bottom of the moat to the top of the roof decorations, this castle is 70 blocks tall, almost 30 blocks taller than my pagoda and with a far larger footprint. I'd never built anything this huge before.
  2. Videogame Creations

    I definitely think I got in way over my head with this build... I found a tutorial video on how to build a Japanese castle in Minecraft. But I completely underestimated the sheer size of the thing. The moat itself is only 9 blocks deep, but it's 95 blocks long by 75 blocks wide, and clearing it out literally took me hours even though I'm in creative mode so I can break things with one punch (this is a creative building world. same world I built the Ferris wheel, Eiffel tower, and my fleet of hot air balloons in). There are no commands on the console version (not building in Bedrock because it is entirely too glitchy and I do not want to lose my worlds to the current world corruption bug) so I had to do it all the hard way. The main castle's exterior is done and I'm working on the interior. There's still a whole other building I need to build, plus the gatehouse and the bridge. Then I have to fill the moat. So this is still a massive WIP
  3. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    I have finally broken through the hunter rank cap at HR 29. Took on the two tempered bazelgeuse today, me and two squadmates plus a random. And we caught both of the damn things. I even got two bazelgeuse gems from the rewards!
  4. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    So, I've been participating in the Kulve Taroth siege event in Monster Hunter: World. For non-hunters, it's 4 teams of 4 players going up against a large elder dragon named Kulve Taroth in an area (Caverns of El Dorado) that are inaccessible except during this event. The point is to break off her crest, the crystallized gold that covers her back, and then her horns. At which point she runs away and the quest ends. Note that I said teams. I was up to pursuit level 6 (the highest level) and joined someone else's quest to go after her for the last time. They and me teleported to the area, with the expectation that other players would join us. It wasn't the first time just two have gone in to start and then others have joined in. So we got to the area, I jump down and start chasing Kulve Taroth... ...and it isn't until I'm already in combat with her that I realize the other guy had withdrawn immediately after the cutscene, leaving me alone against a boss that is not meant for solo fights. I was already in too deep to back out, and I didn't know if I would lose my chance at the top-tier rewards or not. So I continued. Two other players started to join, but then pulled out again, so it was just me and my palico against a boss meant for team fights. I chased Kulve Taroth through the tunnels to the first arena, ran in and shot at her until she chased me, then backed off while still shooting until she stopped and turned back. Continued until I wore her down enough that she went down to the second area, a room full of lava pools. Continued shooting and backing off, went through almost all my ammo till I got to the sleep ammo. Didn't even noticed I'd run out of piercing and started using sleep until the battle music stopped and she started stumbling. Ducked around her while she was staggering, planted two mega barrel bombs in her face when she collapsed, and blew her crest off. Got a 2% golden glimstone jewel from carving it. The fight continued. She finally fainted me for the first time (players get three faints. third faint is a fail) with her fire breath, so once I got back to base camp I restocked on ammo and headed back down. Was running through the shortcut to the first arena when I got the message that she escaped. Bitch dragon decided to run away. The part that pisses me off the most is the first guy withdrawing immediately, and then the other two starting to join but withdrawing. Kulve Taroth is meant to be fought in teams and she is damn hard to fight even with a team; there's no guarantee of success. But they left me alone to fight her. Screw online gaming. People are crap.
  5. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Got Monster Hunter World. Now going through the usual "clumsy as hell while figuring out the controls and game mechanics" phase. Also having fun with phase one of the Update Aquatic for Minecraft, and still plowing through Dead Island to get my Sam B up to lvl 50.
  6. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    I'm hoping to be able to get Monster Hunter: World next month... Two of my friends have it and I want to join in. Still playing Dead Island co-op, though going back to Terraria or doing Crawmerax kills/armory runs in Borderlands on occasion.
  7. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Alternating between Dead Island and Terraria. Finally got an expert mode Moon Lord kill done today. Had to call in reinforcements, though, since the tentacle-faced bastard wrecked me when I tried solo.
  8. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Dead Island: Definitive Edition for a change of pace. My co-player is lvl 40 while I'm only lvl 8, though, and I do not like how the zombies are scaling to them instead of to me. running into a lvl 16 thug zombie is So Not Good.
  9. toad affinity forums

    It's April 4th, people. ENough already!!!!
  10. Video game music

    I like the music from the Moss Blanket area in Slime Rancher The Glass Desert has nice music, too, normal and for when it's in superheat
  11. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Still Terraria. Though the Minecraft Bedrock Edition is finally getting the beta version of the Update Aquatic, and there's an update to Slime Rancher coming that adds a new area and a new slime.
  12. Videogame Creations

    Rainbow fountain in Terraria, with fireworks fountains. The water changes color as it flows over the rainbow brick half-slabs. And my trophy room build. I've since added the trophies for the lunatic cultist and the Moon Lord and the gladiator armor, as well as all four of the end-game lunar armors and the weapons for each set.
  13. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Terraria. Lots of Terraria. We FINALLY got the 1.3 update. Also hunting shiny blacephalon (UB Burst) #1 in Pokemon Ultra Sun.
  14. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Yeah, the ice queen is the worst XP She keeps darting away and hovering out of range to shoot crap at you I don't have the Solar Eruption. 1.3 still has not hit Xbox. I have to make do with 1.2.4 weapons, armor, and tactics. We have no mounts with infinite flight and the best melee weapon I have, a godly flairon, doesn't go through blocks. The legendary scythe I got in the underworld does, but it has a more limited range
  15. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Final wave of the Pumpkin Moon. It goes by points at that point and all that spawns is boss tier mobs... Pumpking, Mourning Wood, and the Headless Horseman. That's why you want an automated arena with as many traps as you can pack into it. If you managed to get a Horseman's Blade to drop from that chaos, reforge it to have a Legendary modifier and build an AFK room with slime, jellyfish, bat, and crab spawn statues in it, then weigh down your attack key and let it go. The sword summons pumpkins that home in on and attack enemies for you, the hits from the things spawning from the statues gives you that constant few seconds of invincibility, and the traps/lava layer take care of the Mourning Woods and Headless Horsemen. Your AFK room should also have honey in it to give you constant health regen. Once you reach the final wave, it doesn't end until the sun rises. Last time I farmed the Pumpkin Moon, myself and two other people in a special arena, I came out of it with 17 Mourning Wood trophies and 19 Pumpking trophies. We had two dozen Pumpkings on the screen at the same time at one point. If you have other people farming with you, you all want to have Paladin's Shields because it splits the damage between everybody. Therefore no one takes an ass-ton of damage at once. You also want to have every buff potion you can get (regen, ironskin, rage, etc). And turrets, like the Staff of the Frost Hydra, and minions. The sharknado from Duke Fishface, the deadly sphere staff from the solar eclipse (or was it the Blood Moon?) or the stardust dragon if you have it. You want to dish out as much DPS as quickly as possible while taking as little damage as you can. Get all the banners from everything that drops them to help with the dishing out of damage. If you go ranged, use the flying saucer mount since it can outrun the pumpkings. Then shoot the shit out of them with chlorophyte (homing) bullets and a rapid-fire gun. The chain gun or the SDMG if you've beaten the Moon Lord and gotten him to drop it. Be warned: the Frost Moon is worse. You really want an arena for that one. Trust me on that.