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  1. Devoted Whovians should recognize this voice... David Tennant as the voice of Sir Edmund Rockwell in the trailer for Ark's Genesis Part 2. He'll also be voicing Rockwell in next year's Ark animated series He does a really good psycopathic madman
  2. Mod the ever-loving snot out of Skyrim?
  4. Halo: Reach is also coming to Xbox One as part of the Master Chief Collection, and it's about fucking time
  5. I got the last achievement in Monster Hunter: World and am taking a break before arch tempered Kulve Taroth returns this Thursday. Playing some Darksiders Warmastered Edition
  6. I'm going to have to sit Gen 8 out, I think... I don't own a Switch and even the used ones are still too expensive
  7. One of those moments where all you can do is stare at the screen and wonder "...what the heck just happened??" with a side of "how the fuck did I just do that?!" Totally been there
  8. Got another one for the "...wtf, game??" files... When mounting a monster in-game, you're supposed to be thrown off when it falls. But apparently the game doesn't quite know what to do when something other than a mounted player topples the beast. I mounted this tempered barroth during a two-player hunt, gajalaka started firebombing it, it went down... and I stayed stuck on the side of its head, merrily stabbing away. You can see me leap onto its back and continue stabbing, entirely horizontal. Seriously, game.
  9. Is that that play-as-a-dinosaur game? If it's not on console, then no
  10. At least that's the least painful way to find out Bazel is on the map I don't leave traps lying around if my target avoids it... MHW won't let you place another trap if one is already down. Several times I've had to run halfway across the map to break a trap I'd placed that my target then avoided because it won't let me place another trap even in another zone. But that does sound hilarious This was pretty funny, too... Happened to me today:
  11. Bazel certainly keeps things interesting XP The Hunt From Hell, though, is when you're after something and both Bazelgeuse and Deviljho are on the map at the same time. They're both guaranteed to butt in. Bazel at least reacts properly to shit pods, but Jho is impossible to get rid of. At least Bazel and Jho have a turf war that damages both equally (only stalemate turf war in the series that I'm aware of) and one or both will scram afterward. Though I will say that it's hilarious watching Jho attempt to bite down on the equivalent of a live grenade with wings
  12. Beware of Bazelgeuse... This is a clip captured from one of my hunts.
  13. Nope, I'm on Xbox. I was hunting a tempered barroth for the weekly bounties (needed three brute wyverns, so two Deviljho and a Barroth) and had an uninvited Bagel butt in. I had to capture a video clip; so... many... explosions... In other news, Kirin is ruing the day I learned to solo her fuzzy ass
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