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  2. Halo: Reach is also coming to Xbox One as part of the Master Chief Collection, and it's about fucking time
  3. I got the last achievement in Monster Hunter: World and am taking a break before arch tempered Kulve Taroth returns this Thursday. Playing some Darksiders Warmastered Edition
  4. I'm going to have to sit Gen 8 out, I think... I don't own a Switch and even the used ones are still too expensive
  5. One of those moments where all you can do is stare at the screen and wonder "...what the heck just happened??" with a side of "how the fuck did I just do that?!" Totally been there
  6. Got another one for the "...wtf, game??" files... When mounting a monster in-game, you're supposed to be thrown off when it falls. But apparently the game doesn't quite know what to do when something other than a mounted player topples the beast. I mounted this tempered barroth during a two-player hunt, gajalaka started firebombing it, it went down... and I stayed stuck on the side of its head, merrily stabbing away. You can see me leap onto its back and continue stabbing, entirely horizontal. Seriously, game.
  7. Is that that play-as-a-dinosaur game? If it's not on console, then no
  8. At least that's the least painful way to find out Bazel is on the map I don't leave traps lying around if my target avoids it... MHW won't let you place another trap if one is already down. Several times I've had to run halfway across the map to break a trap I'd placed that my target then avoided because it won't let me place another trap even in another zone. But that does sound hilarious This was pretty funny, too... Happened to me today:
  9. Bazel certainly keeps things interesting XP The Hunt From Hell, though, is when you're after something and both Bazelgeuse and Deviljho are on the map at the same time. They're both guaranteed to butt in. Bazel at least reacts properly to shit pods, but Jho is impossible to get rid of. At least Bazel and Jho have a turf war that damages both equally (only stalemate turf war in the series that I'm aware of) and one or both will scram afterward. Though I will say that it's hilarious watching Jho attempt to bite down on the equivalent of a live grenade with wings
  10. Beware of Bazelgeuse... This is a clip captured from one of my hunts.
  11. Nope, I'm on Xbox. I was hunting a tempered barroth for the weekly bounties (needed three brute wyverns, so two Deviljho and a Barroth) and had an uninvited Bagel butt in. I had to capture a video clip; so... many... explosions... In other news, Kirin is ruing the day I learned to solo her fuzzy ass
  12. Yeah, flashing the pigs helps immensely. Just have to watch out for the blind charging. Maybe they'll bring it back for the next festival, but since it was for New Year's I'm not holding my breath. I kinda wonder what they would have used if it had been a different animal in the Chinese zodiac, though I'd seen that same group go into the siege several times without the passcode. It wasn't until someone else (i.e., me) tried to join that they locked it. Pure assholery. That person wanted only the same three people to go in with them and locked it to keep anyone from "intruding". I can't solo KT, and my friends aren't on enough to try doing it on our own. So I join random lobbies and grab tracks, then break all her shit. Better rewards for breaking all KT's shit. This is the first time that I've seen her shell broken off in phase 2 though. And yup, she's gone until probably the Appreciation Fest likely next month. It'll be ATKT again, though; the developer update implied that normal non-tempered KT is extinct and we'll only be getting the arch tempered version now. Not that she's much harder than the original. I'm not a speedrunner or any kind of gaming pro, so I'm not the fastest. I prefer it that way, though. My very first tempered kirin solo run took me just a hair over 11 minutes today.
  13. *posing with my third consecutive captured tempered Bazel, leaning on my Empress Shell 'Styx' LBG and with my armor smoking from all the explosions* I can play with dual blades and light bowguns, though I main the bowgun. I do want to learn insect glaive, tho... The Behemoth one is sweet. Currently I'm HR 270 and about to hit 271. I have three attack jewels, one from the storyline and two from RNG actually being nice during tempered hunts. My friends hate me for it XD;;; Also looking into learning hunting horn, since I have learned the hard way the value of a good HH support in hard quests. I could solo the mosswine event with only one faint. I was trying for a no-faint run, but at about quarter after 7 I got dragged outside to shovel 8 inches of snow (shoveling at night SUCKS, btw) and didn't get back inside until an hour later, when the event had already ended. Been doing AT Kulve Taroth runs, though today I ran into the asshole of assholes while doing so. Got into a session, tried to join a group... The group leader cancelled the quest to get me out, and then locked it with a frigging passcode so that only three specific people were able to join. That right there is an entire new low XP My night ended when I got an error code that not only kicked me out of the quest but right out of the session and into offline mode. With as much work as Capcom put into the game, you'd think they'd put more effort into making the servers stable XP
  14. He looks like a flying pinecone and he litters the ground with land mines. It's a very apt nickname. And yup, he tends to ruin a lot of quests; he's especially annoying when the quest is specifically a capture and he kills the target. I think his AI was programmed to deliberately come toward other monsters when they start bellowing, because that usually means "hunt in progress". Bazel, like Deviljho, exists entirely to fuck shit up His armor is pretty sweet, though, and all his weapons do blast damage. He's also quite a threat in early high rank, because for new players either he or jho is their first intro to high-rank beasts (usually run into while on the quest to find "??? rathian" tracks) and there is no way a player still in low rank gear can beat either of them. Their most basic attacks are one-shots. If not discovered on those expeditions, they'll be hunting something else and suddenly "ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR! *massive explosions*" People learn to duck and run at the first panicked shout of "Bagel!" Fortunately for me, my first Bazel encounter was on a hunt quest in the desert map (Wildspire Wastes) and I had help from friends who'd been playing for two months longer than I had. They found Bazel before it found me, so I was able to run over and get a look without being surprise-exploded (I first met Deviljho by chasing after a monster in the Coral Highlands, turning a corner and almost running smack into him. Thankfully I'd been warned about him and was able to nope out before he spotted me). Deviljho is this thing, btw. Meet the angriest pickle in all of gaming:
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