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  1. You could alternatively just burn down the house.
  2. roast him with lemon and onions
  3. Sounds like it. They have a crazed murderer president fighting militant groups right in the city. Sounds like it couldn't be much worse, sadly.
  4. Uhhh, dying in my sleep because that would be the best thing right now? Not like I haven't come close, which gives really really trippy dreams when your brain is starved of oxygen. I'm hoping by the end of the week, but I don't really have much control over it. I mean, tbh my only achieveable goal is probably to do the dishes today or talk with close friends more than once a month? So much for wanting to become a jagabaya in silat, living in a tiny house, furthering my now rusty skills as hypnotist extradinaire, getting in shape, finding decent employment, or programming an RTS engine / game maker in Java. Dreams are pretty great until their corpses rot and fill your lungs with the stench of utter failure.
  5. That is seriously awesome, fresh produce is like the best. Also I'm a heathen that eats raw rhubarb for yummy fun.
  6. Sounds like that day you played the trrrrrrrp-bone. You're welcome.
  7. I've magically found out that the crotch of my work pants tore at work before. The joys of installing internet
  8. Man some people here are dicks to the mods. Like fo real. I mean I've said this x10000, but damn.
  9. @FlynnCoyote You honestly just need to chill, you treat the mods like the FA Admins. They are doing all they can in the face of very unwarrented criticism.... just chill yo. Nobody is power trippin
  10. Kind of glad we are finally airing this can of worms out, there has been a kind of schism between users and mods since FaF went to hell.
  11. I don't see how it would matter, even if you mspaint the shit out of it as long as it is on topic it should be in the same basic threads. Besides, it can help people improve their art. Like I'll probably do poetry which will sound really good to me and be batshit to everyone else, but people don't have to read it.
  12. Yeah and it really would help with exposure... I mean all we have right now are the single-artist-doodle-threads but new people probably don't look at those that much. This would kind of be a very accesible thing even to outsiders to view and enjoy.
  13. Yeah, I was thinking that the top picks could just be put into a more prominent place in the thread but either works. It'd also create a hub of activity that's fairly untied to forum politics.
  14. Yeah, and it's not like Vae is a dick or anything, it's just ludwigkin doesn't have time for silly entitled internet people who think they run everything. Back OT: Perhaps the central idea of this forum could become a sort of creative showcase for it's members? What I mean is, have monthly contests in writing, music, and art that push it's user to perform on a theme or idea and showcase those that recieve the most votes in a showcase thread and all others in their respective categories? Because we have some really creative people who do awesome things, and that kind of ability to put your own work out there to others in the community would be pretty rad. I can see it drawing in the right crowd too. Just a megathread in each category and perhaps a tiny subforum for the showcases? I don't see many ways in which this could go wrong.
  15. I honestly laugh a little when users throw such a giant bitchfit about transparency.... You guys aren't really entitled to shit when it comes to this, you don't pay the rent and you don't volunteer your free time to keeping shitstorms from brewing. Now, the staff has decided what you are entitled to - a harassment freeish experience where you can be your weird and often rudes selves as much as you want as long as you follow some pretty basic rules. That sounds like you got a pretty good deal, tbh. Like stop making such a fuss when every little thing comes up. The staff are people, people that are volunteering their time and energy to help keep this place nice. Talk with them, no one is batshit and they are actually pretty cool people.