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  1. Foxxy

    Sick cat

    I got a adult cat who got a cold and she's been sick for three days. She got pain and trouble breathing, I don't know if she drink and eat since. I notice that she always have her mouth open to breath and she don't do anything, always in the bed. The vet can cost up to 250$ that I don't have. She's a bit more that a year old, black with long hair, yellow eyes. I have no job and the rent of the app plus the electric bill to pay, so I have little left for food for them for the month. If you can spare a bit so I can go to the vet with her, that would be great. Or if you want to adopt her and take care of her, I'm in Montreal, Quebec. my paypal is: foxsterfox@yahoo.ca Thanks
  2. Foxxy


    That Zootopia comic is so amazing ! I want to see more of this story !!! ^^
  3. Gone in 60 second (1974) I rewatch a old movie and its weird to see how it was back then ^^ But the cars back then where solid, they can take a lot ! But that make them also heavy.
  4. League of justice VS Teen Titan. its 2016. I love that movie, it was interesting to learn stuff that you did not know or did not remember about the Titan.
  5. I remember a song call "Manhattan" but I don,t remember who sing it. I check youtube, but can,t find it That song is from the 80's. I found it: G'Race Manhattan
  6. Hello furs I was wondering if anyone play Sid Meier's Railroads on its PC? I don't mean Steam I mean a PC version? I need help on adding maps and trains. The only two forum I know for the game refer me to wiki, but its not that simple to find answer
  7. This is what I have from the 80's and 90's. that should give you an idea of what I like Animotion Obsession Belle Stars Iko Iko Black Isle Tiax Rules! Bond Victory Dead Or Alive You Spin Me Round Elton John Sad Songs (Say So Much) Elvis Crespo Suavemente Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Footloose Kenny Loggins Genesis Mama Joan Jett I Hate Myself For Loving You Joan Jett I Love You Love Me Love JOAN JETT - I LOVE ROCK 'N' ROLL Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Love is pain Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Be Straight Les respectable amalgame Louise Tucker midnight blue 1982 Marc Anthony I Need To Know Marjo (Avec Corbeau) Ill├ęgal SILMARILS - IL VA Y AVOIR DU SPORT Tainted Love by Soft Cell Talking Heads 'Road To Nowhere' Tears for Fears Shout (live) Twisted Sister Be Cruel To Your School Twisted Sister The Price Twisted Sister We're Not Gonna Take It
  8. Not bad, I would say like them and maybe faster beat?
  9. I'm looking for music from the 80's and 90's. tell me what title you remember and I will check if I like it I don't look for a specific group/name, just anything that is kinda fast or good. I know Asia but its kinda too neutral, too soft. Si I would say mostly rock and pop.
  10. No there different function, like eBook, music tech stuff to read. But I don't use those.
  11. I got it, I got 5 application call "Google play ..." don't know why?
  12. The twitter app for a android, Motorola
  13. Hello I want to have Twitter on my phone but I don't know how to do that. I ask help from Twitter help on Twitter but no respond. So I check a bit by looking at Twitter and there is nothing, no help. I check with my phone, but its slow to load a page from the search and can't find anything. I do think you can have Twitter on a phone, but go no idea how. Thanks
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