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  1. Hiring artist for card game. $80-100 budget

    Thank you for the links and advice, I am always open to learning how to do things easier and more efficient. To answer some of your concerns: 1. Yes, it's $80 per image. However, an artist that will do it cheaper without losing much quality if any, will very likely have a spot and dips on my illustrations I need. If I can get $50+ quality by spending $40, I'll go with that artist first. I have 1000s of cards in my spreadsheet so this will be an ongoing project. But yes, I'll with the artists that I find are a good balance between cost and quality and speed, speed to a lesser degree. 2. I do like the idea of paying an artist the cost of my game. The game retail will be $20 a box. If I can get decent art for $20, I'll go for it haha. 3. I have a contract made for artists to read and sign before they create anything for the game or company. Basically saying how much they are getting paid, allows the company all uses of the art for the company and game, artist keeps ownership and can do what they want with the original, etc. 4. I feel it is a generous budget but I do expect quality for the price. Lower price I'd expect speed. Both is best haha! There are 100 cards per set but I need approx. 57 cards for the current set I'm working on. This project is on going and I see no end in sight for it right now. I hope this has clarified everything for you. Feel free to ask anything or if you're interested, PM me. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm making a trading card game (Two-Sided Mirror) and my budget is $80 per piece (might go up to $100 on very rare cases). The game will eventually be a commercial game but right now, it's just in the stages of playtesting and advertising the best I can until the release in 2017. I'm only looking for artists that are okay with their art being use for a commercial game and some of their art may be used for things like playmats, card sleeves, advertisement, and other things specific to the game or company (Lomber Games, LLC). I also need an artist that can work without being micromanaged but is also available to communicate and will contact me if any issues or delays arrive. You (the artist) will retain ownership of all art made and can do what you wish with the art. All cards you make the art for will have your name or alias and a link to one of your online galleries or link to your profile. Or you can choose to opt-out and be "Anonymous". You will also receive a digital copy of the card that you make the art for. You can do what you wish with your digital copy. I also offer physical "Artist Copy" of the card you work on, but that can be discussed at a later time. All submitted art needs to be 2316 x 1844 px, 300 DPI, and no watermarks/signatures on the art you submit to me. You can do what you like with the art you keep. There are various setting and scenery so don't let that stop you. I also need various subjects and objects from anthro and humans to feral creatures and monsters. You can check out the game at Lombergames.com
  3. Sexiest Marketing Mascot

    I like the dirt cheap chicken. She has those thighs! Mmm... Also I vote the sexy lactate cow.
  4. Dog owners

    yesterday at the pound, I was bringing a rather large dog to its owner and she spotted one of my co-workers. She howled like a blood hound and it felt like it could shake the building. She didnt bark or anything since we got her in but seeing that co-worker just set her off and she wanted him dead lol. Working at the pound, I see a lot of animals come and go (dead or alive). We gotten a very cute husky but sadly he's a bite case. And found a germin shepard but he was mean to everyone so he basically lived in the cage until his owner eventually came for him a week or two later. That dog hated me, damn cop dogs.
  5. Got a new job! wooo!

    So I applied for a government position in November and last week I got an interview. Today I got word that I'm hired! So I put my 2-week notice and now I just wait. The position is Animal Control Officer. My friend is an aco and she put in some good words which I'm sure helped a ton! She tells me these horror stories with her job (like the shotgun suicide incident I mentioned a while ago at the old FAF) and that if an animal has bitten someone, they check the animal for rabies by removing the animal's head and checking the brain matter. I am so excited for it and she will likely be my trainer or boss soon anyway so yeah, new job making 11/hr starting any moving to 24/hr and higher to a cap of $30-ish. Luckily I'm not afraid of blood, gore, or body fluids but...spiders....ugh... Any who, I'm happy and ready.
  6. Cool/Useful Websites

    Fetlife.com (nsfw) nice place to meet people all over the world http://taughtbyapro.com/courses/all/ (some quick lessons from disney artists and such)
  7. Attention sucker

    Or....go make a forum for your language like everyone else. Don't be mad just because English speakers made this one. Shoo shoo, go learn English. I hear Pimsleur is very helpful. If you're going to live in the US, you better learn the language! :V Kinda funny how this went from typical high school drama crap into language barrier crap. Both are kinda boring though.
  8. Rant: Y U NOT GAY, GAMES?!

    Just have to ignore Ashy Ashely. She usually shuts up when you throw lotion at her or something to help with her ashy knees and elbows. Or blame it on the ho-ho-hormones, baby.
  9. Rant: Y U NOT GAY, GAMES?!

    The waiter girl 'Erika' in the game Cathrine is trans. I think they very briefly mention it in a specific part of the game if you talk to certain people. Though they do drop hints like: "I knew her back when she was Eric" and some other hints. She also gets the nightmares that only males get.
  10. Hurricane Laika wrecked my house

    Clean up yo house girl. Messy messy thang.
  11. Aggressive dogs

    Darn americans, so eager to sue someone. All we want is easy money at any cost. Sue for "Pain and suffering" hogwash! You experienced more pain and suffering when you shoved that thick, barbed stick up your ass this morning.
  12. Public Nudity

    I'm a nudist at home. I spend almost 90% of my time at home naked under my robe. Everyone at the house has seen me naked. So often now that they dont even care anymore. lol. Nudity hasnt ruined the kids yet so, yeah.
  13. Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?

    I'm a genderfluid loaf of bread.
  14. .

    Well attraction isn't a choice so simply show the traits your target finds desirable to nab them up. You can get this info from having a convo with them. Its not hard really. Don't be afraid to talk to someone, just remember no matter how nice and sexy they look, they are human so nothing to be afraid of. Hell, most women won't even reject you to shame you (unless she's a bitch and that case you wouldn't even want to waste your time with her). If someone rejects you, move on to the next person. Dating is supposed to be a fun game. I love meeting and flirting with women, even if I don't get sex, its fine because the goal was to have fun, which I'm always doing. Try not to take the game of dating too seriously, it shows and we can pick up the stench of desperation, drama, heavy baggage, etc. Then again, I'm always in open relationships and I don't believe in monogamy. So when women see my ring, they (should) know that I'm in it for the fun and not looking for a commitment. I guess I shoo away the commitment seekers and attract the fun seekers with my ring. Oh wait...this is a Crystal thread. Short answer, get new friends!
  15. Kids annoy me sometimes

    Kids....pffft. I just yell at them or kick them out. If they won't listen, I smack them and send them off. Pain is a good teacher.