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  1. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19497334/ "Easter Egg" custom adoptables! Choose either "Sand and Silk" or "Paint Splatter". First come, first served. Buyer chooses species and gender identity. Will draw all species/genders You will get a simple reference sheet that includes 1 full-body and 1 headshot Examples here http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/monochromatic-dragon/folder/54754/reference-sheets Comment or note to claim
  2. I kind of agree, if venting is only used as an outlet for emotion. But, sometimes speaking something out loud - or in this case, typing it out - can allow one to organize their thoughts and aid the decision making process, or push one to action. Thoughts, when bottled up inside, can be disorganized for certain people. Speaking to someone about them or typing to them allows a person to see those thoughts from a different perspective. But if you only whine about it on the internet because you want butt pats or whatever, then that is unhealthy.
  3. omg, yes http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16988757/ I love your doodles
  4. I have sort of the opposite dilemma. I focus on drawing the full body so much that I actually have trouble adjusting to just focusing on just a headshot view or whatever. I used to be a shitty artist, like 4 years ago, and I was a freshman in college, an ART college! It has taken me a few years of consistent practice and study to get to where I am today, and I would say that my art is just average. My anatomy is "meh" but has gotten a lot better. I still largely rely on references for things like poses but I am getting better at filling in the anatomical details on my own. As stated above, references will be your friend, likely for the rest of your career. Though you will find that you will not need to rely on them as much once you've drawn something enough times that you have a basic understanding of the shapes and forms. For practicing full-bodies, I would recommend doing timed drawings based on references (nude reference is preferable) you can find these on Google or on DeviantART In my life drawing class, we usually started off with 10-20 1 minute "gesture" drawings before moving on to longer poses. Maybe shoot for 15 minutes or 30 minutes for the longer poses. This is an excellent resource for timed drawings http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/ Here is a series of videos that I have assembled that really helped me get started with understanding anatomy
  5. Guys, I HAVE entered just my username. There is a character limit on the form. My un is 1 character too long.
  6. Pretty good so far :T I slept decently despite drinking too much tea and getting horribly sick (this is tru fax!) Basically I tried drinking a ton of my boyfriend's "home brew" for headaches and I ended up inadvertently poisoning myself. Today I watched Citizen Kane in my comic making class. I had never seen this iconic movie so now at last I can say I had and finally get the "rosebud" references! :U Then I had fried fish for lunch but it was a little soggy. Eugh. Now I'm on my shift at the art gallery and nothing much is going on. We just opened up a new exhibition of a local artist who passed away recently. He is totally obsessed with blimps and has them in almost every painting. Over all a really quirky guy, it seems. After work I have a bunch of homework to do, and I have to go to bed early so I can actually wake up at a decent time and make it to my early morning class :T
  7. Yes, I draw humans. If I wish to be an illustrator, I can't not draw humans. I would like to draw them more often.
  8. Thank you very much I might have to close them soon, slots are filling up pretty quickly!
  9. Well I would consider that. I guess I'm not interested enough to actually do effort though :U
  10. This offer is closed for now. Thank you for your interest! Hey guys, I'm doing some inexpensive pin-ups. Mostly just because I enjoy making them. Full info below More examples here too http://www.furaffinity.net/user/monochromatic-dragon/ If you want the result shipped to you the shipping is +$2.50 for US shipping. International shipping will be calculated separately FORM: Character reference: SFW or NSFW: Gender: Species: Choice of paper color: Shipping?:
  11. I've always wanted to go back and watch some of the early episodes but they are always playing the crappy new stuff on TV
  12. Just re-launch it as the adult cartoon that it was originally meant to be :U
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