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  1. Ooh these changes sound fun! And the Skype calls would be cool too!
  2. Gosh your mom can work on her own wardrobe while you work on yours. And I know exactly how you feel. People are always getting onto me about wearing baggy clothes and are always so appalled when I say I don't like jeans.
  3. Oh this familiar argument again. Go eat your $50 an apple organic food with all the other rich people.
  4. How much you want to bet after the surgery they'll keep wearing it like that again?
  5. I dreamed I was riding a bike but the handlebars were actually horns.
  6. Aren't you supposed to wear those for only like a few hours at a time or your whole chest anatomy becomes screwed? I've only seen like one picture of what happens when you have them on for too long and it looks terrible.
  7. Twas a beautiful film, gonna be hard to top this one for sure.
  8. I actually don't like the artifact weapons. I like the extra talents yea but I think they're...cookie cutter-ish.
  9. Ask that again when Legion comes out. None of my friends will join me if I start now.
  10. This needs to be a bingo board for this thread.
  11. Another voice game using vocaroo! http://vocaroo.com/ Like so! http://vocaroo.com/i/s1lEJykg3Eiw First person gives a phrase. Second person says the phrase out loud and gives a new phrase for the next person! Make people say weird things. I'll start you guys off! Say "I like big butts and I cannot lie! But maybe some small ones"
  12. If the world ran off of "suggested donations" no one would pay squat for anything. I mean yea it would be great if everyone did stuff for free but that's not a world we live in.
  13. I think you're missing the point of paying someone for a talent. You're not paying for the mere sight of it, you're paying to tell them you want more and will try and support them for their work! When you pay for a program or something, you support their choices and their ideas. Not just to look at it.
  14. There was an actual movie for Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, do that one!
  15. Even traditional work can lose all its progress... I'm talking to you, coffee/tea/anything drinkers.
  16. At least you know now so you can relax a tad before the final, allowing more focus. But wow that is a crazy grading system they got there.
  17. I think the god from our last movie is going to punish you for this, Dev.
  18. I don't think the dragon would give us a choice.
  19. Bacon, cuz bacon is ruler. And I'm saving that thinger for my 420 day x3
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