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  1. Granted. You STILL can't get laid. I wish to stop procrastinating.
  2. Banned for killing Kaedal to get it to stop.
  3. I'll have your phone, thank you.
  4. I send the Mafia after you. The Mafia's hill.
  5. Banned for holding Chairman Kaga for ransom.
  6. Granted. Nobody appreciates it. I wish to know whether the girl I love loves me back.
  7. I tear down the Scottish flag and put up an American one. My American hill.
  8. Granted. This is not StrangerCoug; this is your significant other. You're dumped. I wish for chocolate.
  9. Banned for sticking my head in the gutter.
  10. (Missed a post, 6tails...) Nolow likes 6tails.
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