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  1. How do we revive dead gay forums

    Hmm Can I advertise the forum on amino
  2. Its Thanksgiving!

    We don't celebrate thanksgiving where I live but I still wish you all a happy thanksgiving.
  3. Rant/Rave: Looking back on your past

    Its totally fine dude I mean nobody is perfect and your rants weren't horrible or annoying, its always good to release your emotions. What I am trying to say is. I forgive you.
  4. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Hmm I guess its my time to kinda say goodbye( for now) I had a nice time with you guys, even though there were some conflicts. These years here were awesome, now I am 18 and got better at Art.(my english got better too) I hope when the activity rises that I can do shitposts with you again -Nova
  5. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Ahh help I see yandere dev during my sleep paralysis.
  6. I heard that on the news. Pretty shitty to give the family an nearly nonexistant amount of money. If that happened here in vienna, they would give the family probably around 100000€. I mean he had a gun in his pants but it wasn't charged. Its not fair, they deserve way more money.
  7. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Ahh okay If its so bad then this drawing guide DIE
  8. Yaa k Totally believable that the wind blew coke into her purse. Happens to me everyday.
  9. I'm officially 18

    You gained a new skill but you need 3sp
  10. It all started with a toothbrush
  11. I'm officially 18

    Yaay happy birthday When your 18 you gain alot of freedom and then you get hit with responsibilities. Also hey, you were born 2000 too yaay.

    Eww exorcise them, i want to be on a con to have normal fun and not constantly have my privacy invaded .
  13. New PC

    Fixed my computer, my bro brought me the graphicscard , an nvidia and ff14 runs between 30-40 fps. Same with other games.
  14. New PC

    Hmm i am getting a new graphic card from my brother today but i guess as long as I don't have a stronger processor its pretty useless. Well atleast i can play some other games with 60 fps.