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  1. The Animu Thread

    Nope its way different from steven universe. Also it existed before steven universe. The gems also have realistic traits from real life gems. Like the main gem being brittle and breaking into pieces every time.
  2. The Animu Thread

    Guys you should also checkout houseki no kuni. Its a hidden gem. There is the anime and the manga. I recommend you watching the anime first and than reading the manga. But yeah,really good. Its an CGI anime but extremely well done.
  3. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Bullets flying everywhereXD
  4. Things that you hate! v2

    I hate how my printer is shown offline even though its on and the wireless mode activated and i can't scan my drawings. Bitch is lying
  5. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Currently playing skullgirls on my phone. The game is pretty cool.
  6. Gay people have magical powers
  7. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Something is really wrong with me when i draw the fictional character i have a crush on or not.
  8. Rave: Proud of myself

    So today we had a Christmas party in our school and there were different stations were you could do different things. So you could also sing karaoke and alot of students sang, on a stage kinda, the room was pretty filled. Well i sang too, i was like" I don't want to be introverted so much and want to be free". So i went onto the stage and sang jump up Superstar from super mario Odyssee. Everyone clapped and cheered on me, i didn't sang well but it felt really good. That confidence but felt amazing. I am thinking about training my voice.
  9. guise i want a pet

    I forgot also to mention axolots. They are really cool and seem to be easy to care as long as you do everything right.
  10. guise i want a pet

    You could yourself also sone planarias. They are aquatic worms and you can torture them. If they are cut apart into two parts than both parts turn into two worms.
  11. guise i want a pet

    Reptilians are pretty expensive Maybe you want Chinchillas . They are really kyot