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  1. I love this new language. I need to learn it
  2. So you may have heard we have a burka ban in austria. Well besides the burka, everything that covers your face(chin to hair) is banned. That law actually also includes furries here in austria. Goodbye furrwalks.
  3. Why are deers so fukin dumb. Like they always cross the train tracks when the train is infront of them and they get hit. Not even hedgehogs are that dumb.
  4. Anybody else here watched Made in Abyss.
  5. Bih and we never ASKED you to come to this forum and rant about your edgy phase and hate for humans. Like for gods sake, did you really think we normal beings would support your edgy thought. I THINK THE FUCK NOT . You have luck that you still have your weave because I would have snatched it long ago
  6. In this forum thread, someone posts a video and than you have to watch it and post a tag yourself comment. Example of such a post: Person 1 :Tag yourself : I am the girl falling down the mountain Person 2: I am the mountain Person 3: I am the girls pants. You probably all understood it so lets go Tag yourself: I am the window
  7. I love deer meat getting tenderized by trains. So delicious Jk
  8. My only problem with amiboos is the price. 15€/$ is way too expensive 7 or 10 €/$ is okay but 15 is legit overpriced.
  9. Yes i find pizza „dleicoius“ too
  10. Wow go fuck yourself OP Saying people deserved to die during Irma is disgusting They lost their families and friends. You OP gained the title as most disgusting human being that ever existed.
  11. My first school day was fine, we had like only 1 hour school and the teachers only talked about something. I kinda missed my classmates, i got lonely over summer holiday.
  12. I could have made this thread earlier but whatevs. For everyone who still visits school. How your first day? Was it awesome or bad. Did you miss your classmates etc? I am already thirsty for your answers. :3
  13. I am kinda hyped for the new dissidia. Now back to Tera spamming geyser and tornado
  14. Chopstick having the word chop in it but you can't chop with them.
  15. Our neighbour never takes her packages that arrive and we always have to keep them until she comes. What a skank, she never greets us or anything. We are never going to take her packages for her again. It can't be that she is never there to get them.