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  1. You better be spending less time talking and more rubbing that jam on me
  2. dogit


    Hay all you fuzz faces, scale heads and um...other (: So Im dogit, I like allllll kids of stuff, films, games, cartoons etc. hope to see you all about (:
  3. I was hear a bit back when it was FAF, only just got an account hear. You can fly, flying is the coolest
  4. I bet if I could hear you speak it'd set off my ASMR (:
  5. dogit

    change a word

    Tumblr is Jam *but its not coz it is not very good, and jam is good, very good
  6. Dose that blue light just like...follow you around?
  7. Ban for owning a labcoat in the first place,
  8. Yo..ur....hi ._ . So as just like the good Dr I also started off as your everyday dog with a rather uninspired design. I have now evolved in literally no way at all (: (I'm still dam great, don't forget it)
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