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  1. Another waste of talent that could be doing something decent. Not going to knock the work they put forth but their topic is pathetic.
  2. The Dick-Boy? Yiff-Boy? Damn it now i have this horrible image and most likely someone is making it now... I hate the internet at times.
  3. I welcome you Weasel, The Stoat is pleased
  4. Meh.... Not thrilled not hating it, at least I didn't cringe like I did with the trailer of Zootopia. That just had we want R34 of the Characters, and they got it the day the trailer was shown, people were already jerking off to it
  5. The Tree Weaver and the Mortani Concept Art The Mortani are the race that led to the Weavers and much more ancient
  6. I do this all the time, I lost count how many times i restarted Fallout3 and Skyrim.
  7. No one pays for such or gives the fame people see so they resort to small crappy MLP porno cartoons or Terrible Furry porn shorts that make you cringe with their low quality and huge page hit number. I'm all for popularity and such but over shitty animation as if its worth something I can't really understand how that is FAP worthy or worth sharing.
  8. That factors in too, the child like mentality really doesn't help. Being a furry fan doesn't mean you devolve into an infant
  9. The only reasons furries are made fun of is made fun of is that socially its bad to make fun of other people's race or religion but it's ok to make fun of freaks in fursuits. So they will since they can, and its an outlet for hostility they can't vent at others who they want to but would be berated for it. Also Furries are their own worst enemies embracing the fetish lifestyle like it's normal for everyone and then wondering why you are treated like freaks. Only you think everyone should be equal and accept everyone freely. That is stupid, there is no utopia and no perfectly unprejudiced people, even so called SJWs are so blind to their ideals they don't listen to the other side's view to understand them. So they are just as hateful and stupid, claiming to be for justice but only how THEY see it, as they feel they know better then you for your life.
  10. Here we have Nelwin and Nelly asking some questions of a local inhabitant. Nelwin and Nelly, may more pics not sure. Characters © charrio Artist NOTE OK I'm done
  11. OMG I remember this and there was a part2 I believe. I am so getting this
  12. Lucky Bastard, have fun Kick a mutant in the nuts for me
  13. Here we have Nelwin and Nelly asking some questions of a local inhabitant. Nelwin and Nelly, may more pics not sure. Characters © charrio Artist NOTE I am still working on this one, Inks look so bare...
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