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  1. I'm just looking for ways to waste time
  2. Thank you for confirming I wasn't the only one who had to endure the presence of such a demon.
  3. I foolishly went on bigbadtoystore today. I'm now $120 poorer
  4. This is awesome, thank you! Love the expression you gave him.
  5. Here's another one (didn't realize some mistakes until it was too late)
  6. I'm thinking about doing some random sketches. (might not do them all or any) Just post an image ref below.
  7. Here's something to try if you want.
  8. "ghostly ladybug. it loves to play in the mud. it is a ghost." "tiny pink great dane. it has far too many teeth and they are all sharp. it rides motorcycles."
  9. ZOIDS - RZ-046 Shadow Fox
  10. Really should have ran from the man with the rusty old van.
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