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  1. New artist/car collector here! :D

    Thanks! And I'm always open for trades between commissions, it would be fun. Also I noticed you're with Bit-Bite, just wanted to say I've been a fan of their art for a while now too, you both do nice stuff.
  2. Helloh

    Welcome to these little forums! Always nice to see another fellow artist around here. I agree with the above, that's a nice avi, did you make it yourself? I'd love to see some of your drawings!
  3. New artist/car collector here! :D

    Welcome welcome! Lovely art you have there, I'll be sure to give you a watch!
  4. Clean furry art thread!!!

    This thread needs more leggy bois.
  5. Things that you love! v2

    WAGGY TAIL https://twitter.com/Sawolf151/status/887687111289319425
  6. Me IRL

  7. Shower Thoughts

    So it's okay to call a maned wolf a fox on stilts, but what if I call a fox a mini maney?
  8. All Animals A-to-Z

  9. Boop the Snoot

    *Boops the pointy shark snoot!*
  10. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    I don't think I posted any pics of me from Anthrocon yet, so here's me hugging a maney suiter.
  11. Castlevania Netflix series

    Wow, the Goat-Fucking Scene actually made it in, nearly word for word, almost 10 years later. What a time to be alive. But at any rate, this series is shaping up to be quite enjoyable.
  12. All Animals A-to-Z

  13. Post a pic of your gaming setup.

    Nothing fancy, receiver is a Yamaha 5.1 HTR-6130 with the included Yamaha surround speakers and 100-watt subwoofer. The two big front speakers there were some Sony things I can't remember exactly, picked them up at a thrift store. They were nice for music but didn't balance well with the surround sound, so I wound up using those for something else and stuck with the Yamaha speakers for my setup.
  14. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    I forgot I had this picture of me, from a couple years ago when I painted my car.
  15. Boop the Snoot

    *Boops the otter with my stilt*