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  1. When my xbox one controller decides to randomly disconnect for no reason, which happens alot.
  2. The removal of the free app of the week on the App Store.
  3. I almost didn’t have enough money to buy a game because I set aside most of my money for specific games I want so I would have enough for them and then forgot to bring that money. Irony
  4. This thread is for sharing any extra game codes that you have.make sure to let the poster know that the code is used up so they can edit their post to reflect that. Here is one I have for South Park: the stick of truth on Xbox one xhj3k-q9htd-7yx3kj4f9k-x7cmz
  5. In any game where I can name something living that isn’t me (like enchanted arms) I almost always name them after Pokémon.
  6. One of my teachers gives out so much homework that I don’t really have time to actually study and it’s affecting my grades in both my classes.
  7. Why comic books put random words in bold.
  8. Having to brush my teeth every time I eat because of my retainer
  9. So I almost got in big trouble for being in the gym building without having a class there even though it was apparently fine before. I even asked to see if any student could use the locker room before. I was also stopped by school security for a talk and to show them my student id. Now I'm kinda scared to go anywhere/do anything that doesnt have everything to do with going to my classes.
  10. Had to give a 8 minute presentation in class today, witch was probably the longest I have talked in my life. I got all sweaty during it and now my voice hurts. I'll have to have a whole class thats all about speaking eventully and I'm not looking forward to it.
  11. Me after I got my braces off
  12. Look at what I found in a card pack
  13. Now I have a actual reason to not have zelda in the switch all the time
  14. Got my braces off today