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  1. Things that you hate! v2

    Text that is so tiny in games that even if I lean forward and squint, I still wouldnt be able to really make out what it says. This isnt limited to text either. In stardew valley, I had to get up and move right next to the tv in order to see what eye color I was choosing,
  2. Things that you hate! v2

    I cut the roof of my mouth somehow and now it hurts to eat.
  3. toad affinity forums

    At least we can communicate effectively this time.
  4. Things that you love! v2

    I like how the Gamecube's menu gives off a "you have no idea how alone you are" vibe.
  5. Things That You Don't Understand!

    I looked it up and i'm pretty sure i'm not one.
  6. Things That You Don't Understand!

    I just eat about the same amount of mostly the same food everyday. I also eat alot of fiber.
  7. Things That You Don't Understand!

    I dont understand why some people just shit whenever and on whatever toilet that happens to be closest to them instead of having a set scedual for that sort of thing.
  8. Things that you hate! v2

    The thing that the doctor puts on your arm that just keeps getting tighter and tighter untill it feels like its going to squeeze your arm to death.
  9. Things that you hate! v2

    I accidentally got up an hour early this morning since I could only see the minutes on my clock from how I was laying down.
  10. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    My 2-3 hour class got cancelled (presumably forever) so now I only have to keep up with just one normal length easy class this time.
  11. Things that you hate! v2

    Season 2 of Miraculous Ladybug on Netflix was delayed for another few months, Again.
  12. Things that you hate! v2

    When a poster has something on both sides and I have to decide on which image to show and which to hide.
  13. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Today’s family circus comic looks like a pokeball with the way that speech bubble is in between those two panels.
  14. The Consumerism Thread

    Got this for only $5. Now I have 9 of the Pokémon movies.
  15. Things that you love! v2

    The commercial episodes of the nostalgia critic are my favorite ones.