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  1. Fallout 4 Thread

    Yea but they have confirmed that they are already working on the next fallout.
  2. Anyone play forza 6?

    so dose anyone play forza motorsports 6 on the xbox one?
  3. if your drifting make sure you are driving an 86
  4. What's your sexuality?

    actually I'm a tri gender pyro fox from the forest planet..... no but in all seriousness yea I'm a guy and guess this is true and even if it wasn't I'm happy with who I am.
  5. What's your sexuality?

    I'm bisexual but I have a male pref but I think that's because I find it easier to both talk to and be around men more so then women.
  6. 1000 Ways To get Kicked out of Stores

    Sniffing peoples butts and insisting you are a dog.
  7. What do you drive?

    I drive a 95 Chevy Silverado shop truck I've been working on it since late 14 I just got it running about a month ago and I just put it back in the shop to have them do engine work on it.
  8. Things that you hate! v2

    I wasn't talking about transgender people I have no problem with them I said sona as in fursona so yea I agree with you as that's what I was trying to say if you and your sona are trans then that's fine I have no problem with I just feel the if your sona has to have ever appendage under the sun then that's fine do what ever as I said I am a random person on the Internet what dose it matter what I say. But I never ment to hurt anyones feelings if I did I'm sorry but i still don't like herms.
  9. Things that you hate! v2

    Herms.... Just herms I hate them it feels like they are everywhere. I feel like when someone makes there sona a herm that it's them trying to be original and. Idk I just find them super annoying. But who cares what I say I'm just a random person on the Internet. :P
  10. Street VS Track

    My people are not the smartest for that I am sorry.
  11. I have Initial D extreme stage for the PS3 it's good but Wangan Midnight is harder in my opinion with the stupid engine management aspect. the A.I is already hard to beat add in the fact that your doing 200+ mph on open road dodging traffic and they fact that you can't keep the pedal mashed because if yo do the engine will blow. i have owned that game for a year now and I still haven't beaten it.
  12. So what is your favorite racing games? my favorites are Import tuner challenge xbox 360 NFS Pro street 360-ps3 forza horizon 2 xb1 forza motorsports 2-6 Xbox 360-XB1 motorstorm 1-3 PS3 tokyo xtreme racer 1-3 PS2 Tokyo xtreme racer drift 1-2 have yet to play chain reactions PS2 and finally C1 racing battle grand prix. PS2