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  1. Maya

    cars are dumb

    fucking lizard people
  2. Banned because Rage is a shitty game
  3. Maya


    I thought I did pretty good on that one :c
  4. Maya


    Neither of them could fix the machine, no matter how hard they tried. No one can.
  5. dr who sucks now i miss being excited for the new episodes
  6. Auckland, New Zealand. Fight me, Calix.
  7. Maya


    I gave into this meme. God I love Papyrus.
  8. You use a gif icon. I like gif icons.
  9. I don't have many pics of this girl as I changed my sona when I came out as trans. Old sona is a dolphin. Hella cutie. Also, until the spoiler glitch gets fixed or we get an actual bbCode editor, I'm gonna have to DP on this one. Hahahahaha the forum just has a really stupid way of doing it lmao SFW: NSFW:
  10. Yeah, this indeed is a huge problem. Sure, bbCode can be clunky which makes clunky at best but not being able to refine my coding is making some posts impossible for me. If we could implement a feature which makes it possible to switch between a bbCode editor (as default) and a "preview" editor, a function the vast majority of forums have, it'd make the experience a hell of a lot more user friendly. EDIT: Okay, so after a "happy" accident, if you can call it that, I've found that you can in fact spoiler only a part of a post. However, it must first be done by making the spoilered post separately from the part of the post without spoilers; the forum then detects one post after another and merges them. In essence, this means that if users want to make a post with a single spoiler in between their regular text, it requires the user to triple post.
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