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  1. ... My reading comprehension sucks. You're completely right about that.
  2. To be fair, the people that search for visual novels are usually the same that are fine with hypersexualised characters. The vast majority of the products in the category seem to exist entirely for the purpose of getting people off. For that reason, you could probably think of it as fan service.
  3. Meh. What other people spend their money on isn't my business. If they want to throw it at a Flash animation, who am I to judge? I do think it's fairly ridiculous, since the bloody template files are right there. You have them. Right there. You can probably commission someone for 40 bucks to do that for you, and as an added bonus, you don't even have to share it with anyone else! So... Yeah. Fun publicity, that.
  4. Jesus, what a stuck-up muppet. I actually thought he had a vaguely interesting idea, but his attitude is right up there with all the rest of the "I am not subjected to your mortal laws, and thus you should be happy that I grace your pathetic existence with my GLORIOUS presence!". Though if people have been harassing him, that's rather juvenile, but also par for the course.
  5. The entirety of DOOM is only 11MB, isn't it? How many bloody .wads do you have?!
  6. ... Yes, but keep in mind it's North Korea.
  7. Heh, saving up for a car with a job at Domino's? He'd be running the entire business by the time he can afford one. Get some service cards for public transport, assuming you can. Over here, you can usually get unlimited travel for a set fee a month, or a hefty discount.
  8. Does that mean we can call them Nukorea now? I don't think their acquisition of nuclear weapons is half as much a threat as their apparent underground nuclear testing networks. What, are they gonna shoot a damn nuke into the core of the planet? Instigate earthquakes in China? Build an underground evil supervillain lair?
  9. Huh. That sounds pretty nifty. I guess I need to check that out at some point.
  10. I sure bloody hope so. Maybe the market departments at Konami haven't yet been infected by the bacteria known only as S. Tupidus.
  11. They know exactly what they're doing. They're salting the earth and making sure that no successor can revive the franchise. They're going to be turning the entire thing into a pachinko goldmine. The sad truth is that it's probably going to have a bigger profit than Metal Gear or Castlevania ever did as video games.
  12. Chronological format? I... know very little about the game, but that sounds like some time travel hocus pocus.
  13. I think you're using the word "fixing" very liberally here. There are anti-drug activists that fix more than Adobe.
  14. Not to mention the fact that the price doesn't match the quality. Yes, their software is good, but it's not good enough to warrant the ridiculous price-tag.
  15. I noticed that I had Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition sitting in my library. Apparently they gave it to anyone with the standard game, so that's a pretty nice gesture. Decided to install it and play it through on the highest difficulty. I've often shied away from doing that, thinking the frustration would ruin the experience, but I'm finding the contrary to be true. Getting your ass handed to you by a mini-boss, only to rethink your approach and obliterate the bastard is incredibly satisfying. And visual upgrades to the game are pretty nice, too. Better lighting and certainly much better textures.
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