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  1. havn't been on here in a while i just rechecked FAF as well and was like "da fuq"
  2. Ikrit

    The Animu Thread

    hype for overlord season 3!
  3. plague dogs if you really want to cry like a bitch
  4. Ikrit

    The Animu Thread

    97 berserk is still my number 1 vote for best anime, even the dub is good. this CGI shit kinda pisses me off
  5. i saw cute sneks at the pet store while getting dog food i want one so bad D:
  6. just get a bearded dragon, they are pretty common pets
  7. i like dogs and puppies! but im actually thinking about making a African wild dog fursona
  8. yea sure people do awful things but everyone and everything is going to die anyway so why beat yourself up over issues you can't control?
  9. i have been a major MMO player since the mid 2000s, and I can tell you this is nothing new. i started to get into MMOs back when they popped out a new one every week, and I've dipped my hand into a lot of em, and you know what? there where only a few that weren't complete garbage. and they are at their core, the same game with a different skin. usually the only difference would be that one game would have a small slightly unique feature that had minimal impact on actual game play. perfect world was all like "woah! look at our customization! and we got flying!" but it was still a generic Asian MMO. another tab targeting skillbar grindfest. Nowadays they are just replacing the hardcore tab targeting that had massive skillbar management that was popular in the early days of MMO with the new soft tab targeting mild action gameplay, where you usually only have 1 skill bar with just a few skills that you actually get to aim in a direction, instead of you're character aiming for you. throw in a cheesy dodge mechanic every once in a while, just another skill. GW2 is a good example of this kind of game play. the biggest issue with MMOs is that people keep thinking that MMO and RPG are a perfectly natural match for each other, but in reality, it's a delicate relationship that quite often fails. An MMO needs to encourage group play to be a truly fun multiplayer experience. If i can beat the game all by myself, then in reality it's just a shitty generic RPG. this is why i considered EVE to be one of the greatest MMOs of all time.
  10. watched em long ago thought that it was one of the most adorable things ever <3 dog puns
  11. Ikrit

    The Animu Thread

    it's a very non stereotypical anime that makes it easier for westerners to watch, it helps that it's also has a medieval European like setting. the original 1997 adaptation is the prologue of the manga but works pretty well as a standalone series. there are a few key details missing in the anime that are in the manga that helps you understand some of the smaller details and scenes. but i guess there's a limit to how much rape you can fit into an anime
  12. Ikrit

    The Animu Thread

    decided to watch the original berserk, was amazing
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