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  1. The Pokemon Thread

    Wehh...I wanna play, but the boyfriend ordered our copies online so they'll be in his mailbox tomorrow, but I won't see him until Saturday...
  2. The Consumerism Thread

    Here's where it's originally from if you want it: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1ff5/?srp=2#opi2236710340 Knick knacks? I know my local Gamestop sells tablets now (probably used). They definitely have more non-game items (as in not game discs/cartridges), like blind bags, figures, toys, and plush, but they're still mostly game themed (like the Link Figma or Pokemon plushies).
  3. The Consumerism Thread

    Found this lovely bag at Gamestop on sale for $25 (and while i was there i also bought lego harry potter for the wii ;p )
  4. from the galaxy, meow

    finished up the pokemon 17 days until new games o_o
  5. from the galaxy, meow

    since i mentioned buttons in another thread... i don't think i've shared much of my button drawings here? side note, i'm super bummed an event i was going to sell at this past weekend was cancelled...it was gaming themed and i was really hoping to sell off the last of my pokemon go buttons =_=;;;
  6. AnthroCon 2017 Button Contest! (Cancelled)

    If the toilet or peenix button (or any other design) doesn't win and anyone wants one anyway, I could pop them out with my button maker. It's only 1.5in though, not 3 like the winning button will be.
  7. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    :3 well, i did design her in my likeness~
  8. from the galaxy, meow

    pokemon hype hit me again @_@ just a wip, will probably finish it up tomorrow
  9. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    ;b this fall anime season is a good season for fujoshi, just sayin'.
  10. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    ...yes. for realsies though, it's not in the picture, but my sweater says "fujoshi" on the bottom, which means "rotten girl"
  11. from the galaxy, meow

    i totally lost steam on doing inktober...
  12. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    kawaii on the outside, rotten on the inside
  13. The Consumerism Thread

    in case my inktober drawings weren't obvious enough... oh, and this sweater
  14. from the galaxy, meow

  15. from the galaxy, meow

    yesterday and today's inktober doodles