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  1. (No one saw I'm here. 'Kay?)
  2. That tree has a suspicious amount of freedom.
  3. Listen to Gator. This is stalker 101... uhm... I mean, bird watching 101.
  4. If they shave off chunks of your flesh that means you will become lighter, thus run faster! It is a win-win.
  5. Find someone who runs around the same time. Give them a knife. Run. Record achieved!
  6. That's... kind of the whole point of a fridge. Too leave stuff in it until someone eats it later.
  7. Why am I reading this forum again?
  8. It looks really nice so far!
  9. The Gods demand virgin Discord chat sacrifices. You wouldn't want to fall behind on the quota and incur their wrath, now would you?
  10. All I can offer is an internet hug. No. It's time for HHM protocol. Hitler Hyena Mod. :V
  11. Stay safe. And yes, the atmosphere is tense. It needs atmosphere massage. Quick! To the massage mobile! *Batman sounds*
  12. My deduction from your described route. You have a toilet next to your bed, and a computer facing the toilet. ...every lazy persons dream. :V
  13. You guys are all awful. Terribly, terribly awful. And I love you all for it.
  14. It's just your inner transformation kink trying to burst out!