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  1. Super Banned for not noticing my absence
  2. When Caledonian was a young'un he always rammed himself off a cliff
  3. granted but it is now legal as of today then becomes illegal tomorrow I wish I knew what I wanted for X-mas
  4. Granted but now you forget how to I wish I didn't attract the majority of stereotypes at school
  5. The conflicts that you fight with your self is not as bad as when you have conflicts between your friends and you cant help at all.

  6. sorry its just I got so mad when I heard kids making fun of what happened and in class kids were playing a game called counter-strike as the terrorist laughing and joking saying "I'm gonna blow you up like Paris" i just couldn't take it I had to release what I thought one way or another.
  7. Hey not sure if this is the right place for this or if someone already posted something about this so im gonna do it. As some people know there were bombings in Paris taking the lives of many. There were so many losses many children hurt killed or orphaned. A father even through himself over a bomber to try to dampen the blow. How many people do you know would put up their own lives to save not only their children but everyone else. In america we hardly have those selfless few. instead of trying to help they take out phones and record whats happening or what has happen. No Paris is strong and united even though they lost many family members and friends they still stand strong and fight against I.S.I.S they are filled with a passionate fire that for Americans is short lived. I wish I could praise them for their bravery and courage. Sadly no praise for this wouldn't be necessary if there wasn't so much hate and war spreading everywhere. Sadly its as most people say it's only human intention that we want to start fights for everything. If fights turn in to wars and more innocent lives are taken people un-involved are killed for no reason then this is a place I don't want to be in anymore. I wish it didn't take big disasters like this to bring the gravity of the situation to most people. I just wanna see that people can help to protect others before things go wrong like this. I just hope that even though their are people supporting Paris now they will continue to support them in the future instead of throwing it away like another trend.
  8. ughhh this is what i get for not reading all the forum games, sorry meant no harm by it .....
  9. I remembered this game from the old forum not sure if i created or not... Anyway the point of the game is to continue the story by giving four words at a time. Ex. Person 1: Once upon a time Person 2: There was a fur (etc.) i'll start off My name is Furmental
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