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  1. Well I decided that what I asked for in this topic mat have been too much to ask for free, so... I have $20 and was wondering if that would be good. Just a single character pic, one pose, color preferred but not necessary. I can pay via PayPal.
  2. Fixed. Figured out how to add images. Thanks. :3
  3. Not sure if I'm doing this right... I'm new to the fandom and would like a picture of my fursona done. I don't currently have any, so it would be based off of only my description. Ivan is a crowned lemur. He has the normal male coloring, like so: His eyes are the same color as well. He is 23 and around 5'10. He isn't skinny- he has some bulk to him, a little muscle and a little chub, but he isn't fat or a bodybuilder. His head hair is black and short and slightly messy, and he has facial hair- a chin strap and goatee, which is an orangeish color like in the lemur photo. Also, if his tongue is showing, he has a forked tongue. His ears are both studded with small diamonds. His tail is fairly long, but hthat's normal for lemurs. As for clothes, I'd like him shirtless and barefoot, but the bottom of him to be wearing what a samurai would wear. Like this: I hope the picture isn't too complicated. If you think it is, the clothing can just be pants. Thank you for reading this. :3
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