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  1. P.S. that was me hinting for somebody to change my name to Azu pls PLS
  2. Azu is vital to my existence, despite my inactivity
  3. Milo's whole shtick is shock value. He thrives off of the attention he gets by putting out repulsive and shocking statements. It's best not to give him much attention.
  4. Azu


    When your only selling point for your game is the fact that it involves furries, you know you're doing something wrong.
  5. Awman. You guys are actually too kind. <3 I legitimately thought I wouldn't be welcomed back after my stupid outburst.
  6. BREAKING: Phoenixed's most forgettable, unremarkable brown lizard returns! HaaaaAAAAH. Well, it was actually more like half a year, but still. Not too far off. Some may remember me. Some may not. I was pretty active in the mid to late portion of 2015, before dropping off of the community in 2016. I struggled with some pretty nasty anxiety issues, which lead to me abandoning this place out of some (what I perceive to be) untrue assumptions and general paranoia. I ended up treating people more poorly than I'd like to admit, and for that, I apologize. Either way. I'm doing quite okay now. Sorta. Kinda. Anyway! I guess I couldn't stay away forever. Please don't hurt me.
  7. Chiming in, since a bud linked me this thread. The Discord groups are an absolute cesspit. Which is pretty reflective of the forum itself. In the primary Discord group you've got edgy /b/ rejects intermingling and trying their absolute hardest to be edge-lords. Then in the 'totally-selective-'true-phoenixed-users' group (which I deeply apologize for creating), you've got toxic, smug, gossipers circle-jerking. Pretty sure there's also a third, or even fourth one out there somewhere. The fact that this community is so fragmented shows how much of a disaster it is, really. The constant bitching, the smugness, schoolyard-esque talking behind other's backs and hive-mind attitude of Phoenixed would be enough to drive anybody insane. Let's not even get into the disgustingly intolerant and overly hostile views that some members share here, and the constant like-whoring that goes on in every single thread. It's a pit of negativity, and I was unfortunate to find myself dragged in with it. With all that said - I'll always consider Phoenixed to have been a waste of my effort and time. I sincerely regret ever providing for this community in the first place, and staying for as long as I did. @Eggdodger @6tails @Amiir @Lucyfish @Mentova - You guys are a-okay. Thanks for being some of the few positives that came from me joining this community. Okay, we good now. There's my proper, overdue 'goodbye' to this community. Sidenote: I sure did love returning to the group after a two month long 'break' only to be tossed to the side and trodden on by certain members. (Shoutout to @Liovaire for being a massive jerk.) Also, holy shit staff, fix the logo's background color conflict with the layout already. Its been like six months
  8. I both welcome and say goodbye to you.

    A shame you're leaving so quickly, but I understand.

    1. Azu


      Now you've got the chance. Hello, person

  9. Jesus Christ. I'm not even going to bother. I come back for a couple hours, and already I've seen enough. There are some truly disgusting people on this forum. I'm definitely out.
  10. Azu


    Pretty much summed up all my posts into one, hah.
  11. Azu


    Well, I mean. It's not my fault that you were unwilling to accept reality. See ya.
  12. Azu


    Completely besides the point. What I'm getting at is that there is no need to exclude these users based on their sexual interests, when far more extreme kinks are accepted on the site. It actually is oppression, believe it or not. My main concern is that this continues to fuel the hatred and intolerance of cub-lovers and non-acting pedophiles, and promoting seeing them as outcasts, when they absolutely shouldn't be. They're just like us, with different sexual desires, and yet we shun them away because we find their kinks 'gross' and 'wrong'? All you need to do is blacklist it, and you'll never even see it, and then everybody's happy. As I've said, this can apply to literally any other fetish. What it boils down to is kink shaming, discrimination and an unwillingness to think outside the box, usually caused by the sheep mentality and peer pressure we've seen throughout the fandom recently. I honestly would not be complaining if FN decided to ban all 'extreme' kinks from their site, but the fact that they cherry-picked this one particular fetish, which make up a small, but significant portion of the fandom really ticks me off. They may have had good intentions, but this was just a half measure that comes across looking like unjustified discrimination.
  13. Azu


    You could argue that about literally any kink or fetish. Just replace the word 'pedophile' with erotophonophile, raptophile, podophile, etc. Anything with a 'phile' at the end of it, just to make it sound evil and immoral, right? I believe that kinks should be accepted, regardless of how extreme they may be. The only condition being that they don't hurt anybody directly, and are kept strictly as fantasy - which the overwhelming majority are. Whether you like it or not, there will always be some bad eggs, but to shun away anybody who may enjoy this, out of the mere possibility that they could act on it in real life, is completely unreasonable. It's comparable to the age-old argument that violent video games will make people violent. It can happen, but the likelihood is extremely low. Banning it, and forcing it under the rug only makes things worse for everybody. It will continue to divide us as a fandom, and promote a blind hatred of cub-lovers and non-acting pedophiles. Both of which do not deserve any hatred what so ever. Ultimately, nobody is expecting you to like cub porn, just to realize that it's a reality of the fandom, and that it should be accepted as much as any other 'extreme' kink.
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