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  1. When I make a post either positive or negative without knowing the whole story. A forum is a bad way to communicate with people. If anyone needs me I'll be spamming bread puns in Discord.
  2. No, mostly cardigans. All in all he was a pretty good teacher.
  3. Worse, he was a gay atheist D:
  4. Did they make friends with each other? Don't leave me hanging.
  5. We did that with rats. The one I got was pregnant :c Still, interesting stuff! Learning about dissection was enjoyable.
  6. Ooh something is happening here :3c Speaking of, you cannot write such poetry and not expect me to fall weeping at its beauty ;~;
  7. I'm not drunk, but this sure is shitty. For Memecoon: ZERIGBY GEDDIT? HAHAHA
  8. We'd just find other reasons to be good and bad to each other. Glory for God is just a form of greed that lead to crusades, wars, terrible crimes. Love makes us be kind to others, the Christians are taught this as a most important belief - 'love thy neighbour'. Without this religion stuff, we'd still find ways to express greed and love. The flags and cultures would be different sure, but we'd still be the same people inside.
  9. BREAK ON THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE Good luck with all that jazz (and other genres too probably), poodle boy. You've been missed c:
  10. I can't tell you how to live your life, but please at least consider not drinking right now :c
  11. Dont go down that road, coffeebro. It feels good while your drunk but eventually it will undo any progress you've made.
  12. I got off my loafy butt and did things. Cleaned the house, did the laundry, learned how to iron, ironed the laundry, MADE BROWNIES.
  13. Welp, it was a good idea at the time. Hard to compete with tumblr, twitter, and whatever else is out there.
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