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  1. Just a small thing, but it's not Actually San's theme. It's the players theme when San's has to fight the player. At least that's the popular opinion anyway. ALSO here, have a thing. This guy does some awesome voice acting for the skelebros and all the Undertale characters. Personally, I just love the game all the way around.
  2. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for when commissions reopen feel free to comment below, dm me, ect. Until then I'll hopefully have some space in a week.
  3. Thank you both, I am trying, and I think I'm going to try medication again. Not that I've ever done self harm, but the thoughts of just wanting to be dead have been increasing a lot lately, and I know I have a lot to live for. My commissions are SLOWLY but surely picking up, and that puts me one step closer to my goal of providing for myself via art only. I'm actually really proud of myself for stepping up to be the mom I felt I wasn't meant to be. I really can't give up. I have a lot of people who count on me.
  4. The reason people do this and are advised to do so is because it creates activity on the channel, which youtube then translates as activity on the channel and boosts the page for the front page and the related pages. Which then creates more traffic on the channel for views. Big youtubers are paid through adsense and with people watching those ads, even just the 5 second skip clips, it boosts their numbers and puts them at the top of Youtubes list of, "hey you might like this." So really no, I don't find it annoying. It's part of the job.
  5. Here is how I celebrate the Skeleton War, and also start my Inktober stuff
  6. Before anyone starts anything, yes, life is unfair and I completely understand that, I just am at the end of my rope. (Also many run-on sentences can be expected) I hate that everything in my life seems to be in shambles. My 1 bedroom apartment has 2 adults and one toddler staying in it, but I'm the only adult paying the majority of the bills because the other is a friend who needed somewhere to go, and I have no money saved because I can't make enough at my job to save more than $5 a week. I keep trying and trying to go for commissions, but because I'm a sfw artist people don't seem to care about it. I have tried IG for a year and the two commissions I did make for someone I sold them for the price of one. I've been on FA and DA. Not to toot my own horn, but besides lack of backgrounds I know I have a decent grasp on anatomy and whatnot. I'm trying to get better at other species when it comes to anthro and feral, but I also kind of try to avoid same faced humans. I work and work and work and it's like getting nowhere. My mother had an emergency double bypass surgery 5 weeks ago, and for a good while she was raising my almost 4 yo son (as in I had little to no influence in his being raised, which was my choice) and I've now become the full time parent I've always been afraid to be, because I am not a kid friendly person, but at least I know I am trying. Just these few weeks I've gotten used to what I need to do for his health, even though my health mentally is draining. That bothers me as well. I know I need to be around people who are going to build me up, tell me they are proud of me on a daily basis, and I might even need to go back to medication. If I do I have to worry about remembering to take it, because if I slip up just once and forget my dose I royally screw up my system and turn zombie. With my job I cannot afford that. I am the backup they call when someone doesn't show up, or calls out, or needs something extra done. Yet I'm "not mature enough" to be considered a lead or a manager. I know how to work more areas in the store than the managers do. I know how to do some of the manager things, because I just watch people. I have been given more tasks to take on because they trust me, and I'm not the only one, but I could seriously screw them over by just walking out the door because when all the managers leave I basically get to be the manager. I put up with a lot in my job, and I finally had a talk with my GM about needing a raise, because currently I am making less than the newest people he hired, but I def do way more. Gosh I know that seems like I'm arrogant above, and I'm sorry, I'm just so fed up that at every turn I am sliding further down the rope and I can't seem to climb up.
  7. Is it possible to set the timer for certain parts of the forum then?
  8. I would be interested, but just so you know the minimum amount you are allowed for budget is $5. If I were to draw I would ask $8 as it would be a digital headshot. I would send you a file much bigger than the normal avatar size, but would also send you the normal FA size. It would be something closer to this:
  9. I would love to contribute or I could make my own thread if you would prefer. I do a a lot of water color and marker drawings.
  10. Rule suggestions: Don't take up the entire canvas Don't draw over other users images unless you and the other person have agreed to collab Obvious one, if it's sfw only, no nsfw. If you leave the board/room/canvas let those in it be aware, this prevents users from having their images erased (or have a set amount of time before the board erases?) Idk, I tried to remember some rules from when I used to be in Nicco's PChat
  11. I've never done a multi style badge before, but I would love to try: I'm offering half busts at the price of $15-18 USD for Copic Marker : X $15-20 Waist up for water color : X I have ATC that are about the size of normal pokemon cards that are $10-15 but I'm not sure if I can fit 5-6 characters on there without providing minimal detail. However I could just as easily draw a digital badge for the same price if you wanted to print it yourself.
  12. I totallly didn't know that, and I have the game guides. lol, I haven't even bothered to finish playing x and y, I still have to beat that and AS
  13. Ahhh pokemon, the game series that i will drop every last dime to get, and never finish the game since gen five. Seriously i own/have owned 2 copies of each gen, the middle of each gen, and the remakes, and i've just gotten o where I will get up to the final bit of the game and just quit. But I have carried my pokemon over from the original saphire and ruby to the new versions.
  14. How about roomates who say they will do they will do, and then they don't do and don't do. My house is a wreck right now.
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